Chapter 5
After handing over the underwear, I immediately began making the clothes. Since using the phoenix feather fabric would be difficult to process, I gave up on it and put it away. Since I don’t particularly have any fashion sense, the result was only a white T-shirt and loose pants, but it wasn’t bad.
I approached the room with the clothes in hand, and saw the man was sitting hesitantly near the window. It had been about 30 minutes, and he finally seemed to be wearing underwear.
His tired expression as he looked up at me seemed somewhat pitiful and regretful. I knelt down near him and placed the shirt and pants on the floor.
“Um, I finished making the clothes and brought them.”
“You’re… very fast. Is it really possible to make clothes this quickly?”
“Well, um…”
Actually, I had never sewn before, and I also know it was impossible to admit that. So I evaded the question with a vague answer.
Even if I told him the truth about all the phenomena happening on this mysterious island, it seemed unlikely that he would believe it, and it would only make him more suspicious. It would be better to show him when his body had recovered or ask him to try it himself.
I was worried whether he could dress himself alone or not, but even if I offered to help, he might refuse. As I was about to step aside for a moment, the man opened his arms.
…What was he doing? I stood still, confused, and then the man’s expression became even stranger. It was only after seeing his gaze directed toward the clothes that I realized he was asking me to dress him.
Since I had been worried about that part anyway, I immediately put the T-shirt on him. He seemed to have difficulty raising his arms, so I moved the clothes around without saying anything. However, looking at his posture, it seemed like he was used to being dressed by someone else.
It was unexpected. My mind started to wander. Come to think of it, where did this man come from?
I had rescued him and brought him here without much thought, but now that I think about it, both his appearance and the clothes he was wearing were far from ordinary.
Suddenly, various novels and comics that my older sister and brother had introduced to me came to mind. For example, something like a romance fantasy novel…
After dressing him in a T-shirt, the man awkwardly covered his chest with a peculiar expression.
“What an unusually shaped undergarment.”
“Huh? Uh, it’s not an undergarment, just a normal top…”
“Normal? Are you saying that this revealing piece of clothing, which shows skin like this, is normal for men?”
I met his incredulous expression with the same expression on my face. Wait, the T-shirt I’m wearing right now is the same, but he finds it revealing? I retorted with a trembling voice, “I’m wearing the same clothes as well.”
“But aren’t you a female, Miss Yuri? I was a bit surprised to see you wearing pants, but I understand that women have diverse clothing styles. However, if a man dresses like this, people would find it absurd.”
Absurd? T-shirt? Why on earth? I was dumbfounded by his strange words, but if I thought about the idea that had crossed my mind earlier, it made some sense.
While I was in the hospital, my sister and brother made sure I wasn’t bored and let me read comics and novels on their phones or tablets.
My sister liked martial arts stories, and my brother liked romance fantasy stories like me. This island leaned more toward romance fantasy than martial arts, and the man’s appearance was also similar. In romance fantasy stories, nobles and royalty often appeared, so perhaps the man was one of them? Aside from his appearance, the clothes he was wearing and his way of speaking exuded an air of elegance.
And just like the man said, in romance fantasy stories, dresses ranged from covering the entire body to revealing various parts, but men’s clothing was not like that.
…If I gave him these loose pants, he might think I’m a pervert. Instead of trying to convince him, I held the pants in my arms and said, “Um, please wait a moment. I’ll quickly make different clothes. So, it’s fine as long as your skin isn’t exposed?”
“…No, no. I just remembered that there’s only you on this island. You went through the trouble of making them, so I apologize for making rude remarks.”
“Oh, no. Making clothes is easy, and if it’s uncomfortable, I can always make new ones for you.”
“It’s really fine. It’s easy to move in, it’s cool, and the fabric feels soft, so I really like it. Also, you must have thoroughly examined my naked body…”
“What?! I-I, no, I only saw your chest! I undressed you under the blanket!”
“There’s no need to be so flustered… But, it seems that I should wear the pants.”
I didn’t have any intention of putting his pants on for him in the first place! Startled, I stammered, and the man glanced at the loose pants in my arms.
After some time, I let out a sigh, handed him the pants, and left the room.
I leaned against the door, lost in thought, wondering what would happen if I pushed himself too far and he escaped again.
First of all, the man had no intention of hiding the fact that he had lost his memories. Does he want me to be cautious of him? Judging by his desire to die, it seemed to be true.
However, he didn’t seem like a bad person. Although we only had a brief conversation, if he wanted to be disliked and made me feel cautious, the easiest way would be to constantly make strange demands and irritate me.
It was similar to what I did to my family. Although everyone said they were fine, I regretted it until I was on the verge of death.
Suddenly, the fully dressed man called me. It took him almost 10 minutes.
As we returned to the room that seemed to have been wandered in and out dozens of times throughout the day, the man finally laid down on the bed. His face was pale, his eyelashes and lips trembled. In addition, I could hear his labored breathing, even if he tried to suppress it. I silently brought a vial of elixir. This time, I opened the lid and extended it to him, but the man gently smiled and shook his head.
“I don’t want to drink.”
“This, this isn’t something strange. It’s like a recovery medicine…”
“Yes, I know. It gave me strength when I drank it earlier. So, it means I don’t need it.”
“Um… earlier, you… tried to escape. If you keep doing that, you’ll end up hanging on the window again…”
“Escape? Didn’t I say I was photosynthesizing? Of course, I’m not a plant, but as a human, I still need sunlight. My actions were only to bask in the sun, nothing more or less.”
He said this with a serious expression while uttering absurd words. His attitude of having absolutely no intention to drink the elixir was firm and resolute, causing me to sigh.
I know from experience that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind accelerates physical recovery. The question about the order was like asking whether the chicken or the egg came first, but anyway, thinking positively was the most important thing.
Of course, this man doesn’t want recovery, but I couldn’t just leave him alone.
Should I take him outside instead? Although it was challenging for him due to various circumstances, in my past experiences, walks and animal therapy were said to be effective for depression.
All the animals I raised were affectionate and gentle. They would undoubtedly be beneficial to this man’s mental health as well. And by exploring various parts of the island, collecting things, and engaging in various activities, he might also feel a sense of accomplishment.
Lost in my thoughts while gazing at the man whose expression had changed again, I made up my mind.
“Open your mouth.”
“Open your mouth. You need to take this medicine.”
“No, it’s not necessary…?”
The moment the man’s mouth opened, I swiftly inserted the elixir into his mouth. Since the animals all had a dislike for taking medicine, I had become quite skilled in this area. With his eyes wide open, the man reflexively swallowed the liquid filling his mouth. When the transparent vial was completely empty, I released him.
The man coughed dryly, and his eyes became red.
“What is this…?”
“I-I’m sorry! But seriously, when your body is healthy, you won’t have bad thoughts. I just… I hope you don’t, you know, die.”
“…Even if you say you don’t want to eat, I want, no, I want to feed you. So, can’t I just feed you directly?”
I received so much love but couldn’t return it before I died in my past life. If I don’t live my second life that came miraculously with dedication, I felt like I could never erase the regret I had toward my dad, mom, older sister, and brother.
So, I tried not to entertain thoughts that could lead to negative actions. Thoughts like feeling lonely, wanting to be alone, getting tired, or feeling depressed.
Talking to myself frequently and taking better care of the animals were some of the actions I did. But after meeting a person, I realized. Maybe I was a little lonely after all.
This man would probably find me really annoying and dislike me. It would be annoying to him that I spoke without knowing his circumstances and said things like he shouldn’t want to die. I was once in a similar situation.
Although some color had returned to his face, he still had a pale complexion. I looked at him intently and said, “For now… Just focus on recovering enough so that it’s not difficult to dress yourself or get in and out of bed, and um… then you can go out of the room and take walks…”
“Why go to such lengths?”
“I-I told you earlier, didn’t I? I just hope you don’t die. There’s no one else on the island, and that’s…”
“What if I do something terrible to you?”
Something terrible? To me? …How?
I momentarily couldn’t understand and blinked blankly, then, I showed my hand to him while recalling the physical differences between men and women, and telling him my differences.
“I-I could break rocks with my bare hands! I can even break diamonds… Oh, well, diamonds are surprisingly fragile, so it’s a bit of a weird example.”
“Um, every time I redesign the garden, I hug the trees and move them. Also, I just remembered earlier, the shirt I usually wore was difficult to take off, so I, um, often tore it. I’m sorry.”
“Tore it…? With what?”
“With my hands, of course…”
“So please don’t worry about me and just focus on getting better.”
After saying it, something feels really strange. What does he mean by doing something terrible? I feel like I was  going crazy because I couldn’t understand. 
Amidst the silence, the man nodded seriously. He did it several times. Could it be that my sincerity got through? 
I smiled happily seeing that.

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