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Elena frowned as she looked at Ren’s uniform coat. She felt like she wanted to throw it out right away, but she couldn’t do that because she didn’t know when Ren would ask for it back.

Let’s just keep it for now.

As Elena hung the coat on a hanger in the closet, she noticed Ren’s name tag on the left chest. She removed the name tag without any concerns and grabbed it tightly with her small hand. She threw it into the trash to see if the resentment she felt earlier would be resolved and only then did she come out of the recording room with lighter steps. The rain-soaked clothes weren’t dry yet, but when she left the library, the sunlight was shining as if it never rained.

Anne was amazed to see Elena when she came back to the dorm.

“What the hell is going on, lady? No, why did you hurt your leg again?”

Beyond the torn stockings, the skin of her knee was peeling and blood was surfacing. It was a time when a scar on the body is considered a shame to the woman, so Anne brought an emergency medicine kit out in a hurry.

“It was raining and I fell.”

In case Elena was sick, Anne carefully sprayed disinfectant and applied ointment. Elena, looking down at Anne, mentioned May, who wasn’t there.

“This is all because of May. I think I am unlucky for a day because of her.”

“Because you are. She was so careless.”

Anne sold out May. At the same time, she didn’t forget to appeal to Elena and coaxed her, “I’ll go down and get warm water. You will feel better if you take a bath.”

“Of course. The only one I can count on is Anne. Then, I’ll bother you to get it ready.”

Anne smiled and left the bedroom to warm the water. Soon, Anne said it was ready and took Elena to the bathroom while taking care of her.

Soaking in hot water and coming out made Elena feel better. When she drank the tea Anne had served, the accumulated fatigue went away. However, not all the emotional pain from her last life had disappeared.

I didn’t expect such a meeting.

Recalling the past, Elena laughed as if she were in pain. The past days when she would wait for him without weakness were very painful to think about, but today, she saw Cladios looking for Cecilia first. Even though it was all in the past, she was envious. She felt so pathetic that she had ever intervened between those two.

Everyone is happy when I’m alone. Just me.

When she pushed herself to become a villain, she felt at ease. Now, she was convinced that even if she did encounter Cladios, she would be able to act with confidence.

Elena, who finally found peace in her mind and body, turned her head. As time passed, the sunset brought the dark sky. It was that time that May, who had been kicked out, returned to the dorm.

“Where do you go? Go up and beg for forgiveness from the lady!”

Elena heard Anne’s admonition downstairs all the way from the bedroom on the second floor. It was funny that she held onto Elena’s trust and grabbed May as if she were a rat.

Before long, a knock was heard.

“My lady, this is May. I’m coming in.”

May carefully opened the door, looked at the bottom of the stairs to see if Anne was eavesdropping, and stepped into the room.

“What happened to you?”

“Here you go.”

May handed over the parchment with the details to be reported. Elena, holding the parchment paper, coughed low and suddenly shouted, “Can’t you hear me telling you to go? Get out! Now!”

It’s an act that was promised in advance. Elena deliberately rebuked her loud enough for Anne to hear. At the same time, she gently touched May’s cheek with a sad expression to see if she was hurt by the slap earlier.

“I don’t want to see you, so go ahead and disappear!”

Elena, who had been shouting, nodded as if she was done, and May quietly retreated with courtesy.

As soon as May left the bedroom, she went down to the first floor with a wounded expression. Anne couldn’t dare say anything about her crying appearance, and May was stuck in the room where the maids live.

Elena looked at the report. It would be better to hear a direct report from May, but she would need a justification to continue leaving without being suspicious since she had to go out and do all the work. The most obvious excuse was Elena’s anger.

As expected of her. Actually, it’s more than what I expected.

Today, there were about 10 people who May visited and helped. Those who were suspicious of a sudden favor were said to have not been able to get rid of the wariness once they received help. Some expressed their gratitude with tears saying that a miracle occurred.

Yes, it’s better to pay off debt slowly than cancel it at once. That way, they’ll be more grateful.

May took care of the parts that Elena didn’t even say, Skillfulness was not about missing out on the important parts, it was about even the trivial parts that May achieved.


Elena wrote the word for her initials in the ancient Imperial language. All of the masters of the era, who will be prominent sooner or later, will benefit from L. The favor received will soon be appreciated. When that appreciation grows, it becomes grace that humans can’t ignore.

Elena is planning to show favor to them, not for them to owe her. It was believed that there was only one way to live in the hearts of the masters of the era, which were united with pride. Pride that did not move even with billions of dollars.

Even if they don’t want it, I will do my best. ‘L’ will stretch her hand out to them, so they can be my wings.

The next day, without fail, May was kicked out of the dorm. This was repeated for several days. May, who hadn’t been able to set foot in the dormitory for four days, came back at night and knelt and begged.

“I’ll never make that mistake again. Please forgive me.”

Elena, a little softened, reluctantly forgave her. May said that she was grateful for this chance and started taking care of her again. This was what Anne went through for four days.

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