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When Elena recalled what had passed, she felt heartbroken. She still hated the Cecilia in front of her for taking all of his affection. Even if she tried to tell herself it was useless, the feelings that rushed in did not go away easily.

“You are excessively greedy, Cecilia.”

“Damn, why is our lovely freshman hanging out with him? He’s a freak.”

“I can hear you.”

Cecilia grinned and replied, “I want you to listen. But really, what is between you two?”

“I told you. She is my advisor and mentor.”


Cecilia’s eyes were full of surprise as she turned her head and looked at Elena.

“Uh-huh. I’m being taught a lot about perspective and theory of technique.”

“Wow! Do you mean there is a genius who is better than a genius like you? That’s amazing,” Cecilia was honest. It was in her nature to treat people sincerely.

You are such a good person that I couldn’t even lift a finger to you.

It may be due to her nature, but Cecilia was rejected from the social world. Dealing with people without anger and shouting about injustice, Cecilia was termed a “fox that tried to bewitch men” by the young ladies of the social world. Elena, who was the opposite, overwhelmed the social world and was called the “flower of high society.”

“How do you two know each other?”

“Us?” Cecilia shrugged and smiled lightly as she looked toward Raphael, “I fell in love at first sight.”

“… You fell in love?”

“Yeah. Oh, are you misunderstanding? It was Raphael’s paintings that I fell in love with. He drew so well, so I unilaterally urged him to be my friend.”

Cecilia is noble. Raphael was from a known family of ruined nobles, but his current status was a commoner. Despite the apparent difference in status, Cecilia swiftly picked him up as a friend and he positively responded.

I forgot. After graduation, Raphael was once sponsored by Count Wilhelm. There must have been some sort of relationship like this between the two.

Count Wilhelm is Cecilia’s family. Although it was said that the castle was not the same as before, it was still a prestigious family with a long history and tradition. Probably, the relationship at this time became a scandal and Raphael was supported by the Count.

Elena bit her lips. There was a strong relationship and trust between the two. This, too, was bad news for Elena because Cecilia couldn’t be a sponsor for him like in her past life.

Raphael was essential for Elena’s revenge. His works will transcend the times and his presence, alone, is influential. Raphael must be supported by Elena, not Count Wilhelm.

“You haven’t eaten breakfast?”


“I thought so, so I bought sandwiches. Since there are a few, you should also eat Lucia.”

Cecilia was even aware of Raphael’s habit of skipping meals when he was stuck in the studio. 

They are closer than I thought.

“Come on and sit.”

“Let’s eat together. Cecilia will eat all the food if we don’t.”

“Would you like to tell me whether that is a compliment or an insult?”


Elena felt uncomfortable as she saw the two banter, but she wasn’t immature enough to express it. Rather, she grabbed a sandwich with a cheerful and lively smile unique to a freshman.

“Then, I’ll eat well, senior.”

Elena suffered from indigestion all day.

* * *

There is a saying that money makes the world go round. The more money one gave the guild, the more information they collected. Elena tried to find out more about the people on the list. She laughed happily as she looked at the thick pile of parchment on her desk in the archives.

“The quality of information is better than I expected.”

“The guild member said he paid special attention to them and he wants to continue the deal in the future.”

From the guild’s point of view, the background investigation was a profitable request. As it was illegal, the cost was higher, and above all, there was less human loss compared to guards, escorts, and subjugation.

“Did you hide my identity?”

“There was no mention of Princess Veronica in this request.”

Just like telling the left hand not to know what the right hand did, Elena instructed everything to proceed in secret. May, who infiltrated the Grand Duke and deceived others for several years, was the right person to perform this mission.

“Then, shall we take a look? Lock the door.”

When the lock was put on, Elena glanced at the pile. She read every single letter without missing anything. Elena, who can’t move directly, has no choice but to make decisions based on the typeface written in the documents.

Randol. An ancient architect born in the Renaissance.

Although he was an artist known for jewelry and sculptures, he transformed into an architect a few years later and built the Cathedral of Santa Maria, which will remain in the history of the Empire. It’s not a complex and decorative building, but rather a mathematical proportion and harmony, and is also the first architect to incorporate clear, yet orderly harmony into a building.

He makes a name for himself as an architect, but it’s not for a few years. Now, he is just a poor father who lives by sculpting.

As written in the personal statement, Randol became the father of two children after an accident with his childhood friend, his wife. He lived by scraping and sculpting because he couldn’t throw his livelihood away with children to care for.

A modern architect that the world does not pay attention to. He was good enough for Elena to reach out to him.

Let’s give him a dream of supporting his family as an architect. Let’s give him two rabbits.

Based on the personal statement, Elena took note of what was most necessary for Randol’s life and then moved on. Next up was Christina Marinus.

Revolutionary designer.

It is said that the Empire’s clothing is divided into before and after her debut. Beyond the limited fabric called silk, a new dye technology was introduced to import and produce fabric such as satin, tapa, and chiffon. In addition, it drastically discarded the classic aristocratic costumes that were large and wide and transformed into form-fitting to show the natural beauty of the human body. Elena also enjoyed wearing the mermaid dress she designed, so what more reason would she need?

Debt… Debt… The aftereffects of business failure have been quite large. If you go too far, you will be rejected

She was confident of her success and started a shop at a loss, but she was ruined by aristocrats for deviation from popular materials and styles. There would have been no revolutionary design if Christina had not met her future husband who paid her debts, then challenged the industry again with his full support.

I just need to pay the debt.

Elena didn’t take any of their personal statements in vain. All of the masters represent the times in their respective fields.

You’re being treated like a maniac? I’ll fix that. Science is an unfamiliar field.

Camille, after concentrating on astronomy, invents the telescope because of his desire to see the stars and moon up close. Telescopes that use the refraction of light have had a great impact both in science and in the military. He also develops microscopes.

Huh, to have a son like this become a priest. I’ll need to persuade his parents.

Faith is closer to astronomy than science.

Centonio should not be deaf.

The genius musician, who composed the symphony ‘Aria of the Heavens’ at the age of 16, lost his hearing in his early 20s. After neglecting a chronic disease, he became deaf. Elena was thinking of treating Centonio’s ear.

In addition, Elena did not miss out on the things needed by masters in various fields such as doctors, painters, engineers, and philosophers. The reason she was so concerned about the masters who had yet to see the light was because of her desire to buy their hearts.

People are the treasure.

It is best practice to simply sponsor them and trade their finished art. She can earn more with an investment, but that’s all. Elena wanted more than that.

Cultural impact.

Elena literally wanted to lead the era and dominate.

“May, take it.”

On the parchment that Elena handed over, it was clearly written what she needed for each person.

“Go to those people and help them out as written.”

“All of these people?”

“As you can see, they are all in need of a helping hand. Working hard, suffering from debt, poor health… Take care of what they need. If they are in need of money, give it to them. If they are sick, bring a doctor. Can you do that?”

May couldn’t erase her dumbfounded expression. It was normal to do the guild’s request, but now Elena’s words were hoping that she would independently judge and act according to the situation in which May was facing.

“Why? I believe you can do it well enough.”

Elena’s smile contained absolute faith and trust. May didn’t know what the hell she saw in her, but the belief and trust placed in her made her feel sheepish.

“Yes, I’ll try.”

“Okay, come back when you have done everything. It’s not a matter to be dealt with within a day or two, so I’ll set up an alibi for Anne.”


Elena smiled as May looked at her once more wondering what she was talking about.

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