I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Diet1pronounced dee-yet, let’s break off our engagement.”

Without any hint of regret over this decision, I was able to confidently speak up. Even if there was a lingering attachment in the room, I had to break off the engagement with this bastard.

I lifted the teacup to display a sense of composure and pretended to gaze at Diet in a contemplative manner.

With a sly smile, he maintained his usual nonchalant demeanor.

Still, I thought he would be somewhat surprised… Well, it’s fortunate in a way that breaking off the engagement seems easy like this.

Sipping my tea, I awaited his agreement to come from his lips.

“That won’t be possible.”

But he betrayed my expectations miserably. I barely swallowed the tea that almost spilled out.


“I don’t think breaking off the engagement is an option.”

He spoke decisively, as if to prove that I hadn’t misheard him.

…The man who wants to kill me refuses to break off the engagement.

How on earth should I accept this?

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    pronounced dee-yet
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