“… No, the master is not sick.”

Ye Youfeng put down his hands and lowered his head awkwardly.

The master’s forehead was not warm at all. It seemed that the abnormal gentleness earlier was not due to illness, but just another way to tease him. 

“Hmph! Then why did you touch Ben Wang’s forehead?”

Of course Ye Youfeng couldn’t tell the truth, so he made up an excuse, “Subordinate, this subordinate finds Master’s forehead beautiful, so I couldn’t help but want to touch it.”

Although the words sounded a bit cheesy, Ye Youfeng knew his master well. He knew his master liked to receive compliments, so he thought it wouldn’t be wrong to say so.

As expected, he saw Ye Qiuliang’s expression improve slightly, but he was still aggressive. “Oh? Just the forehead?”

“… No, the master looks good everywhere.”

“Really? Then why didn’t Ben Wang see you touching my other parts?”


According to this, does he have to touch every part of his master’s body?

Ye Youfeng’s state of mind was shattered. 

His master was simply vexatious.

“In response to the master, this subordinate dares not.”

“Dare you not? Huh!”

Ye Qiuliang sneered, “You dare to touch Ben Wang’s forehead, but you dare not touch other places? Let Ben Wang give you courage. Go ahead and touch wherever you find it attractive. Otherwise, Ben Wang will feel that besides the forehead, there’s nothing attractive about Ben Wang.”


Ye Youfeng was tired.

He was really afraid, but since the master had spoken, he couldn’t refuse.

After hesitating for a moment, he mustered up his courage.

Trembling slightly, he placed his hand on Ye Qiuliang’s head and touched it.

Not to mention, the master’s hair was quite soft.

Once he touched it, he wanted to touch more.

“Are you teasing a dog?”

Ye Qiuliang’s tone was gloomy.

He had seen Ye Youfeng play with dogs in the mansion, often stroking their heads like this.

Ye Youfeng thought to himself, dogs can’t compare to you; you are even more dog-like than a dog.

To be honest, if it weren’t for being the master and showing him kindness, he would have kicked this kind of person away a long time ago.

It’s a serious illness!

“Touch another place.”


Ye Youfeng obediently moved his hand away and touched Ye Qiuliang’s face, then his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, neck, and finally his hand. “Answering to the master, the subordinate is done touching.”



Ye Youfeng continued, “I’ve touched all the visible places. This subordinate doesn’t know if the invisible places are good or not.”

“You still want Ben Wang to take it off for you to see?”


Where did he mean that?

Ye Youfeng sighed quietly. “The subordinate has not finished speaking yet. Although the subordinate has not seen them, I can guess that Master, as a perfect person, must have no unattractive parts. So, the unseen parts must also look good.”

“Well, that’s about right. Keep going.”


Keep going?

Ye Youfeng was in a dilemma.

How to continue this?

Does he really have to touch his entire body?

Are there some places he can touch?

Just when he didn’t know what to do, a familiar voice sounded.

“Oh, it seems I came at the right time. I coincidentally caught you at home.”

The visitor was Gu Lin. He was a master of poison. He was known in the martial arts world as the ‘Poison King’. He was also the only person who had a good relationship with Ye Qiuliang.

“Have you found someone to test the newly developed poison? How does it feel?”

Yes, the poison that Ye Youfeng just brought back was developed by Gu Lin.

It was said that after eating, the body would rot from the inside out. After three days of suffering worse than death, the person would turn into a pool of blood.

Just hearing that was terrifying.

But the person who developed such terrible poisons was very handsome and gentle. There was always a smile on his face, and he spoke softly, treating his subordinates well.

Ye Youfeng looked at him intently, feeling extremely envious.

Why is everyone else’s master so good?

Unlike his master, who was a moody neurotic.



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