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On top of me, Damian used my hand to masturbate, his cock moving in and out of my palm. The whooshing sound of his cock and the resounding squelching from Bellamy as he drove the tip to root at a fast pace into my wet pussy filled the room.

“… Hah, hah…. Brother… Dami… Yes… Ah! Ah!”

“Hah… Sis, you’re so fucking beautiful right now.”

“…. Uh!”

Damian cursed, but I couldn’t find it in me to care right now. We were all desperate for each other, acting like wild beasts in heat, letting our animalistic tendencies take control.


Moments later, Bellamy groaned as he ejaculated. Hearing his groan, my inner walls tightened around him. It didn’t take long for my sensitive body to reach its peak again. The sight of Damian’s swollen cock, ready to burst, made me think he was about to cum as well.

As if everything that had just happened was a joke, Bellamy went in fast and hard again. Damian’s grip on my hand increased in speed. I couldn’t even react to their movements; I could only open my mouth to moan and drool.

“… Ahh!!”

As Bellamy pushed up against my insides, I felt his penis shoot a stream of fluid deep inside me. At the same time, Damian ejaculated onto my body.

I lost all sense of shame in the ensuing climax and arched my back, spreading my tortured pussy wide open.


My entire body was covered in Damian’s cum, and my pussy was filled with Bellamy’s.

This can’t be a dream, can it? I’m…. having sex with the Orca brothers? That is… with the two of them…

They looked at me as if I was adorable, even covered in cum and tears, then gently stroked my body so I could enjoy the afterglow.

“Sis, ah, open up.”

Out of nowhere, Damian demanded that I open my mouth. I was out of strength, so I didn’t resist when he grabbed my chin and looked all over me.

“I put my cock in too deep earlier. I was wondering if I hurt you.”

Oh, that’s why he told me to open my mouth. I was ashamed of my dirty thoughts, but I smiled, glad he was worried about me.

Bellamy carefully wiped up Damian’s cum with a tissue he’d gotten from elsewhere, then slowly withdrew his penis and slid out of me.

“Ugh… huh…”

I let out another erotic moan as I felt him brush against my inner walls while pulling out. Once it was out, my vagina twitched once again and I felt his cum oozing out of me.

As I leaned my exhausted body on the bed, I felt Damian’s warm body against mine. While I was overjoyed by the surprising warmth, I was horrified to discover something.

“Now, wait a minute…”

Why is he standing up?

At the sound of my panicked voice, Damian stepped back. His place was taken by Bellamy, and their positions were reversed.

Positioning himself outside of my entrance with his thick, long, and erect cock, Damian looked at me like a predator and then gave his angelic grin.

“Did you really think you were only going to eat one brother’s cock?”

I was at a loss for words, then Damian smirked and said, “That would be a shame.”

Bellamy’s semen, which had yet to completely drip out of me, trickled down. My vagina stretched to the limit, finally contracted, and twitched again. Before I could say anything, he placed both my legs over his shoulders and lined himself up outside my vagina, as if the slippery trail left by Bellamy didn’t matter.

“Ha! I-He just went-”

“Discrimination is bad, sis.”

“Uh…. now, wait a minute…”

Damian spoke in a tone that sounded like he was instructing a child, and without warning, plunged his penis all the way into me.

“…. Ahhh!”

That’s where I had just cum from Bellamy’s movements.

Once again, my vagina was stretched to the limit and filled, and since my legs were draped over his shoulders, it felt like he was deeper. After relaxing at the sudden penetration, I welcomed the huge cock back and tightened around him.

“Aaah… Dami…”

Having already been penetrated once by Bellamy, Damian moved effortlessly. He lifted his hips so I could feel his balls against my ass. The pounding, thudding thrusts brought me back to my senses. The thought that I might not be able to continue after repeated orgasms was drowned out by the excitement for the moment.

Instinctively, I reached for Bellamy, his cock swelling just as much as Damian’s while he slammed into me. The first time having sex was hard, but the second time was easy.1 girly rlly just said a threesome is rookie shit lmao 

“Hmmm! Hmmm!”

Knowing the pleasure, I moved more aggressively than before. Even as I was being impaled, I grabbed Bellamy’s dick, ready to put it into my mouth. His cock felt thicker than Damian’s, and the texture of the pre-cum and my saliva was as well.

“Hmmmm, yes, yes!…. Brother….”

“Yes, Rose?”

“Mmm, I… ugh, can I eat this… ?”

I raggedly exhaled, seeking permission. Bellamy looked down at me without answering, then flipped me over as I was still being fucked by Damian.


Damian seemed to catch onto his movements and pulled out his cock momentarily, positioning me as I lay on my stomach. My upper body, which had collapsed onto the bed, was picked up by Bellamy so that I could hold myself up with both my shaky arms.

“Hpm, Damian… again….”

“…. Again, what?”

I wiggled my ass in the air, wanting him to fill me with his missing cock again, my pussy clenching and aching for it. He was as unmoving as he’d ever been, despite just pounding away in my vagina in a frenzy of excitement.

I, on the other hand, had lustful juices dripping out, pussy begging for his huge shift.

As I remained on my stomach, staring at him with watery eyes, Damian slightly flinched, but didn’t seem intent on giving in to me. In frustration. I rubbed my ass against his cock, but he didn’t do anything except take a step back.

“… Hmph… put it in… quickly… huh?”

Bellamy, who was in front of me, ran a hand through my sweaty hair, forcing me to lift my head and look at him.

“Rose, when you ask for a favor, you should clearly say what you want.”

‘Clearly say,’ …. What?

At that, Damian smiled as well.

“Sis, I’m only going to tell you once what you should say, so listen up.”

“… Uh-huh….”

“I want you to put Dami’s cock in Rose’s naughty pussy and fuck me all over.”

Wait, what?

I doubted my ears, wondering if I misheard him when those shocking words poured out of his mouth. Where the hell did he learn that?


Before I could get a word out, Damian rubbed his penis against my clit. Bellamy rubbed his cock against my cheek, wiping the cloudy, sticky fluid.

“Rose, you have to do what Damian taught you, don’t you?”

“…. Ha, but…”

How could I say that… to my brother?

By the way, am I the only one enjoying this right now? I want them to feel good all around. I want this excitement to continue as soon as possible, but the fact that they aren’t budging makes me upset. However, returning to that euphoric feeling is more urgent than my stubbornness. I sobbed and spat out the words.

“Rose’s… naughty… pu… ugh….”

“Sis, I can’t hear you. What?” Damian asked, teasing me with his cock. He usually was such a good listener, but now he’s like a predator trapping his prey.

“Hmmm… I want you… to put… your cock in.. my slutty pussy, er… Dami’s… cock… and… fuck me all over… Ha!”

No sooner had I stuttered out the words that Damian’s cock pierced me. He grabbed my waist with both hands to steady himself and began to piston inside like he was an animal. It was the moment I had been begging for and I was filled with satisfaction.

But there was one more thing I needed. Bellamy wouldn’t let me take his huge, throbbing cock in my mouth yet. I tried to grab it with my hand to take it in my mouth, but he slapped my hand away.

“Rose, do as you’ve been taught.”

These two!

But it didn’t matter now that I was high on Damian’s deep thrusting into my body. I looked up at Bellamy, my eyes drunk with pleasure, and opened my mouth again.

“Ahhh! I… want to… put broth-ugh… Brother’s cock… in my mo-mouth!”

And then he slid his cock into my mouth.

“That’s right, Rose. Take all of it in.”

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    girly rlly just said a threesome is rookie shit lmao 
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