“Hmph… Bellamy…”

He seemed to study me for a moment, then aligned the tip of his penis with my vagina.

“Rose, if you don’t like it, just tell me. I can stop.”1 can we all just take a minute to appreciate that bellamy might be the first man in any erotic fiction to EVER say he CAN stop the SECOND she withdraws her consent?? the bar is in hell 

I gave a small nod at his words.

What the fuck, I just wanted him in me right now.

As if reading my mind, he slowly slid his glans in, just as I’d begged. My breath was caught in my throat at the fullness.

Now, wait. He’s not even in yet and this is what it feels like?

“Ugh! Oh, brother… I don’t think this is right, hold on…”

I squirmed before he could push the tip in, and he gently pressed down on my legs. Then, he pushed the tip all the way in, and the tears started rolling down my face once again.

“Hmph… that hurts…!”

“It’s okay, I’ll stop right now.”

Despite his promise to stop if I didn’t like it, he kept putting the tip in2 i said he was the first man to say he CAN stop not that he WILL stop and out until I got used to it. Even as the giant pillar slid in and out, I was busy enjoying this filthy scene.


But the pain wouldn’t go away.

“Oh, it won’t go in… Ugh!”

There was no way something that big could fit inside of me.

I looked up at Damian with tears in my eyes and released my grip on his penis. He moved closer, sticking two fingers in my mouth and moving them around.


Then, just like earlier, he grabbed my breast with one hand and squeezed hard. My hole slightly loosened, and Bellamy, sensing that, shoved his cock all the way inside of me in one swift motion. He didn’t even give a warning.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as the pain seemed to split my body in two.

“… Ugh!”

There, it’s in. The big thing is all the way in me…

My vision blurred as I momentarily screamed. The hole, which had barely allowed Bellamy’s touch, tightened its lining even more than before, and his brow furrowed.

“Rose, you need to relax.”

“Uh, how do I… hmmm…”

I gripped Damian’s arm in front of me. He stroked my cheek and pressed my tongue firmly with his two fingers.

“Ha, ha… it hurts so much… ugh…”

“Sis, breathe slowly.”

Damian mimed taking a deep breath in front of me, and I mimicked his actions, slowly relaxing. But the sight of Bellamy’s penis poking in and out under me, and the pain of it, didn’t allow my tears to slow.

Bellamy saw that I was struggling and tense, leaned down, then took my breast into his mouth. He caressed my nipple with his tongue, stroking my back from top to bottom several times, trying to calm me.

After a while, as I grew accustomed to the size, Bellamy began to move little by little. His large, hard penis slowly slid in and out of my vagina, from the entrance to the innermost part.

It was difficult at first, painful, but I got used to his constant movement. It was the only reason why Bellamy had taken so long to release, but if he had just plunged in… I could only imagine.

My hips were starting to loosen up, thanks to the stimulation that their touch spread throughout my body. I felt like I was going to die from the pain, but my inner walls loosened as he thrust back in, then the pain turned into a pleasurable sensation.

I tightened around his dick on the way in and released it on the way out. Now, I felt him moving slowly, with consideration, so I moved my hips in rhythm with his cock.

“Oooh… ha… brother, faster.”

I urged him on as the excitement took over me, and Bellamy pulled his mouth away from my breast and straightened up again. His face was like a stranger.

As if he had enough, he picked up the pace of his thrusts inside me. My whole body rocked back and forth as his penis slid in and out of my tight, inner walls.

“… Ha-ha! Mmmm!”

My chest swayed back and forth with the movement, and I could feel the weight of it. As I turned my head to the side in embarrassment at the scene, there was something even worse. I could see Damian’s penis, dripping with a cloudy fluid.

I felt bad for him having to endure such a hard-on when it was also his first time. I let out a high-pitched moan and tried to reach for his cock again, but he blocked my hand.

I looked up questionably as he stepped closer to me, and before I knew it, his thick, large cock was dripping with pre-cum in front of my mouth.

“Sis, can you lick it?”

He wanted me to lick it?

I was embarrassed by his request, but not repulsed. I stared at it in a daze. I had never seen a man’s cock so close before.

I wondered what the cloudy liquid from his cock would taste like as I felt the frantic thrusting underneath.3 it tastes salty besties and its unpleasant

Without hesitation, I grabbed Damian’s thick, heavy shaft and ran my tongue around the tip. The fluid had a slightly bitter taste. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft, curious if more of his arousal would come out if I continued. Even though it was only the top part, my mouth was full.

I’ve seen women in Korean porn swallow their co-stars’ dicks all the way to the root, and I had no idea how they could hold something so long and thick in their mouths. I opened my mouth as wide as I could to take in his cock, then Bellamy suddenly slammed his dick, all the way to his balls, inside me with great force.

“… Aah!”

My head snapped back and Damian’s cock was deep in my throat, tears running down my face. I felt like I swallowed his whole cock, but I was saddened to realize that wasn’t the case. I was just going to lick it, but…


But the sensation of bobbing my head up and down felt good to Damian. I felt like I was going to choke, but I was breathing through my nose and felt confident to continue. My mouth moved up and down around his dick and I refused to let go, even as his whole body shook.

The shape of his penis, with its prominent veins, was clearly felt on my tongue. Damian let go of my disheveled hair and grabbed both sides of my face with his large hands. I looked up at him, tears streaming down my face, while he looked at me with an obvious look of excitement and let out a low moan.

Oh my god… I never imagined I would see Damian like this in my life…

“… Hmph… Mmmm!”

Damian was affectionately caressing my cheeks while Bellamy kissed all over my body, but their movements weren’t affectionate at all.

I don’t know how much time has passed in the midst of the frantic back-and-forth thrusting, and Bellamy seems to go deeper and deeper into me.

My eyes widened at the indescribable sensation pooling within me. My back arched and my inner walls clamped down on his cock. I bucked my hips a few more times before I climaxed.

“Ha… ahhhh!”

Seeing that, Damian slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. When he left my mouth, there was a long string of cloudy fluid, mixed with my sticky saliva.

“… Keuk, keuk, keukk! Haah…”

Unlike me, neither Damian nor Bellamy seems to have finished.

Damian lifted my hand and brought it to his cock, then wrapped his hand around mine and started to quickly move it up and down. As I rubbed his hot penis with my hand, Bellamy grabbed my waist and filled me up once again.

“Hmm… hmmm… ahhh!”

My head went white as Bellamy pounded into the spot that had given me so much pleasure before I could come down from the previous orgasm. Even as my vision blurred, I wiggled my hips in search of more.

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and remember u CAN withdraw consent at any time and if your partner doesn’t listen, it is non-consensual. no means no!!!

  • 1
    can we all just take a minute to appreciate that bellamy might be the first man in any erotic fiction to EVER say he CAN stop the SECOND she withdraws her consent?? the bar is in hell 
  • 2
    i said he was the first man to say he CAN stop not that he WILL stop
  • 3
    it tastes salty besties and its unpleasant
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