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In the original story, Calix’s past is not explored in detail.


The core element of the story is.


‘A mad tyrant in love with his female lead’, not ‘Calix’s project to become emperor’.


So even though I was somewhat expecting it, I couldn’t help but freeze at that murderous statement.


But my instincts told me otherwise.


I can’t stand here and play dumb.


I pulled myself together and answered him.


“I will serve your Highness right on time.”


I nonchalantly stepped in front of him and began to set the meal on the table.


I didn’t really understand.


Even at a point in time far in the past that the author didn’t care about, why would a maid alone be responsible for preparing a meal for royalty?Why?


Is it because they don’t want to die, so they give the job to one person?


Even if that’s true, he’s the crown prince.


Something didn’t feel right.


The Prince laughed, an amused, sounding laugh, and strode toward the table. I quickly pulled his chair back.


His gaze landed on me.


He frowned, but thankfully didn’t say anything more.


It looked like I was over the first hurdle.


I swallowed hard, carefully poured the drink into the glass, took a step back, and spoke calmly.


“Today’s breakfast is a freshly baked croissant with butter from Marilton and raspberry jam. An omelet with cheese. Arugula salad with pink pepper dressing. Finally, the drinks are made with fresh juice from Kanisumis apples.”


As I had learned in my fine dining classes at school, I tried to make it sound as delicious as possible.


Suddenly, in a display of un-royal table manners, he crossed his arms over his chest and glared at me.




Have I done something wrong?


Shouldn’t I have done what I was taught in school?


Or is he just doing this because he doesn’t like the menu?


“Well, if you don’t like the menu, I’ll tell the chef to take it back.”


I politely placed my hands on my belly and bowed my head.


There was silence for a few moments. He eyed the glass I’d poured him a drink in, and then gave me a nasty grin, letting the juice drip into his mouth.


“This again. Whatever.”


The smile on his face instantly turned to a grimace.


Tap, tap, tap.


His straight, outstretched fingers on the table moved in a creepy rhythm, one after the other.


He was staring at me.


The inside of my stomach burned.


I couldn’t figure out what the hell he was thinking with his arrogant head.


“Have they changed their tactics?”


For a moment, I almost glared at him, disrespectful.


What the hell is he talking about?


He looks like he’s in a bad mood.


Then he picked up his fork and shuffled his salad as if he was bored.


I spent that brief moment trying to decipher his words.


I felt like if I didn’t answer that stupid question right here, right now, I’d be guillotined.


Stress coursed through me.


“Your Highness, if there is any inconvenience, I will correct it immediately.”


I replied in a serviceable voice.


I glanced over at him.


Fortunately, he didn’t say anything.


Was I passing?


His face crumpled into a scowl, but he quickly dropped his grumpy demeanor, straightened his posture, and began to eat gracefully.


I immediately took note of his behavioral patterns.


It’s good to know what kind of food he prefers and what his usual eating habits are.


For most people, if they’re in a bad mood at breakfast, it’s safe to assume they’re going to be sensitive the rest of the day.


I wish I could ask him openly, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the right to ask the royal family questions.


Without making the slightest sound, he continued to eat.


A cold sweat ran down my back as the silence lengthened.


It was then.


“What are you?”


With a thud, he rose from his chair and began to trudge toward me.


I felt tempted to question his words.


What am I?


Why are you bothering me when you should be eating!


“I’m Rose, assigned as your bedchamber maid as of yesterday.”


I recited the lines in my head as if they were written in stone.


Then the male lead’s index finger touched my shoulder, and he began to push my shoulder with force.


“Did I ask you that?”


I clenched my teeth.


I didn’t know what to say.


“What are you.”


Suddenly, his handsome face was right in front of mine.


I stopped breathing.


At this rate, my breath would touch his face.


To be honest, I couldn’t figure out the intent of his question.


It was a blunt question, and I didn’t know what he wanted me to do.


But I was the unfortunate one in this relationship, so I had to take the blame.


So, I tried to be creative.


“I’m sorry.”


But I guess that was the limit of my creativity.


In real life, I would have put on a service smile and said.


‘Mr. Customer, I’m very sorry if you’re not satisfied. My manager will be with you shortly.’


And then I’d be done with it, but here, I’d have to take matters into my own hands.


It made my stomach ache.


“Oh, that’s funny. And so?”


He shoved me sarcastically, then turned back to his seat and gestured to his meal.


“Put it away.”


A curse word rose in my throat.


I didn’t deserve this kind of treatment.


“If there’s anything you’re not happy with, I’ll make sure to address it next time, Your Highness.”


I dutifully asked him for feedback, and he scoffed at my ridiculousness.


“It all sucks.”


Oh, I see〜.


Everything seems to suck.


I quickly cleared the table and sincerely responded to his feedback.


“I’ll tell the chef to correct this immediately.”


I placed the tray out the door at the speed of light and began to prepare the male lead’s clothing.


Let’s just get through today.


Anyway, after breakfast, he heads straight to his office.


I only had to take care of the bedroom, so I should clean it up quickly and spend the rest of the time rummaging through the library, a common possessor cliché.


I had to do something.


Biting my lip, I picked up the clothes of the male lead and frowned.


Who the hell is in charge, and why are his clothes wrinkled, dammit.


Am I reading too much into this?


The crown prince’s clothes are being maintained this way?


Does that make sense?


Of course, I couldn’t iron his clothes now.


My fingertips were shaking.


I had already narrowly missed the mark once.


My mind raced.


Why the hell am I possessing this girl’s body, and why the hell is this world asking a 19-year-old girl to do this kind of heavy work. I wondered how old this guy was to be acting like this.


I smoothed out the wrinkles in the clothing with my hands as best I could and walked over to the male lead.


He looked at me with a look of absolute hatred in his eyes, then began to undress as if he was used to it.


Although a little embarrassed by the sudden exposure, I tried to put on a facade of nonchalance and began to attend to him.


Just like in the novel, his body was very attractive.


For a moment, I was mesmerized, but was quickly brought back to my senses by his “what are you doing” look and rearranged his clothes.


“Your Highness, do you have any colors you prefer? For starters, I’ve prepared some cuffs and a coat in fresh colors to match the season.”


His eyebrows twitched, and then his lips curled slightly.


He looked like he was about to say something.


“Do it yourself.”




I quickly began buttoning up his shirt.


He was going to his office anyway, so I figured I might as well undo a button or two.


He’s not exactly a well-groomed man.


“What kind of perfume would you like for today, Your Highness?”


To be honest, I don’t even know if I’m doing my job right now.


It’s Rose’s first time serving the crown prince, and it’s my first time, too. When I was at the hotel, I mostly watched from the sidelines as they dealt with VIPs, but I’ve only done it once myself.


Plus, there’s no way the etiquette is the same here as it is in the modern world!


But something had to be done, so I rummaged through my memories of my current life as best I could to serve the male lead.


“Do I have to say it twice for you to understand?”


“Then I’ll prepare it right away, with an atmosphere similar to the clothing your highness is wearing today.”


Pft, pft-.


A fragrant scent wafted through the colorful but dull room.


Fully dressed, the male lead was absolutely perfect.


And thankfully, he didn’t say anything about my behavior.


He just stared at me in the mirror.


That was when.


There were three knocks on the door, followed by a low, hushed voice.


“Your Highness, it’s Ruel.”


“Okay, coming.” 


With a frown, I looked at the door.


He walked with his long legs and made his way to the door. With a click, the door opened and through the gap I caught a glimpse of a silver-haired, sharp cold looking man.


Ruel Chris.


He was the sub male lead.

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