Chapter 13: The First World (13) [Part 2]


“What you said is right. You are really a thoughtful and open-minded girl.” Chu Wei squinted her eyes a bit while drinking. This time, she didn’t shy away from Ji Mo and looked at her directly. Since Xiao Ji is not disgusted with a relationship like that, perhaps she still has the chance?


“Xiao Ji, do you have someone you like?” Chu Wei asked, “I remember that there seemed to be many people chasing you.”


Ji Mi froze for a second and said in response, “I don’t have anyone I like. As for those people who courted me, I rejected all of them.”


Her mind was still occupied with the thoughts of surviving every day, and she had no time to think about those extravagant things at all.


“Oh, is that so.” Chu Wei’s mood dropped a little. She thought of the fear Du Libing left in Ji Mo, and felt it was because of this that Ji Mo didn’t dare to have anything to do with men. “Xiao Ji, can you accept if the other party is a woman?”


Ji Mo was perplexed for a while. She turned to Chu Wei, and saw the other party’s slightly red cheeks. She thought that she was drunk from drinking and maybe started to talk nonsense after seeing her friend being a happy couple with her wife.


“Why is Dr. Chu suddenly asking this?”


“Nothing, I’m just curious.”


Ji Mo’s mind spun for a moment, “This question is not about accepting it or not, but a question of liking it or not. If you like a person, of course you can accept it. Then, if you don’t like a person, you obviously can’t accept it.”


“Xiao Ji, what kind of person do you like?”


Ji Mo felt that Dr. Chu turned into a curious person after being drunk. However, this is Dr. Chu, she had no choice but to take care of her.


“I have no idea. I never liked anyone.” Ji Mo was also very confused. She didn’t have the time to develop feelings for others, and she also never thought of falling in love with others.


In her past life, after the end of the world arrived, she became accustomed to seeing cases of the weak being the prey for the strong. Every time a man with strong ability appeared, countless women would flock to his side, wanting to be his pets and playthings. Then if a woman with the same strong ability appeared, there would be many little boys who were willing to follow her, allowing her to beat and scold them with their knees bend.


She used to have many suitors, many of whom had awakened abilities, and who asked her to follow them arrogantly with the promise that she would be the oy woman by their side. Thinking about this now, Ji Mo couldn’t help but feel disgusted. If she refused their offer, they would belittle her and the people around her would stay away from her. As a result, she could only leave the team and survive by herself.


She doesn’t want to die, but she also doesn’t want to live by selling herself, and living like a dead person similar to the other people at the end of the world.


She fought for her life because she disliked the cruelty of the world, wished to see beautiful scenery, taste more food, and do more things she liked.


After experiencing life where morals no longer exist, it was simply impossible for her to have such wishful thinking again.


Chu Wei sensed her emotions. It seemed that Ji Mo didn’t have any interest when it came to this aspect. She sobered up from her slightly drunken state.


“Xiao Ji has no plans for the future? How about plans to get married and have children in the future?”


Chu Wei initially thought that the worse outcome she could get would be that Ji Mo was against relationships between women, but she didn’t expect that the worse outcome would be the matter of finding a partner. The other party simply didn’t think of being in a relationship.


“At least I don’t have that idea at the moment.” Ji Mo silently took a quick look at Chu Wei. The side mission was still there, and she still had to keep an eye on Chu Wei for the rest of her life, worry about her safety every day, so she didn’t have time to think about other things.  


Chu Wei had the feeling that she would be drowned by her eyes. She patted her shoulder, “Is it because the previous incident left a psychological shadow on you causing you to reject the idea of being together with another person?”


“Not really.”


Ji Mo disagreed, “As of now, I can’t see the good things it would do to me if I ever had a partner. Besides, it’s so troublesome.”


Ji Mo thought so, starting a family is just too troublesome. With all kinds of troubles added up, she simply did not have time to complete the side mission.


When the time comes and she really forgets about Dr. Chu in order to take care of her family, that would be bad.


Even if the side mission didn’t exist, she still wanted to help Dr. Chu gets out of the road of being a villain. After all, she helped her so much.


“Xiao Ji, if you met someone and you two liked each other deeply, would you choose to be together?” Chu Wei asked with a hint of expectation.


Ji Mo sighed in her heart. The drunk Dr. Chu is really talkative. Perhaps it was because she usually doesn’t talk much with her patients, her heart became a little lonely.


“Only when you meet them will you know that most people will never have a chance to stumble upon such a thing in their whole life. Besides, I’m not interested in love or starting a family.”


Chu Wei’s heart turned cold.


After drinking a glass of wine, Chu Wei felt a little warm in her heart. Then she became a little annoyed. Isn’t this her personal choice? She can’t force Xiao Ji to choose her.


“Dr. Chu, are you having trouble with love?” Ji Mo said with a serious face, “You can share it with me. Who is disturbing Dr. Chu’s heart? I’ll help you analyse the other party. You’re so good, so you have to pick a good one.”


Chu Wei drank many glasses in one go, and ended up drunk on Ji Mo’s shoulder.


Ji Mo patted Chu Wei’s red face and finally supported her and left the cruise ship. Luckily, she was doing some training every day.


Sitting on the driver’s seat, she threw a look at Chu Wei who was behind her. “444, Dr. Chu looked like she was in love with someone. If she can be with the person she likes, will she give up killing sick men?”


System No. 444: [Based on my analysis of you humans, when humans experience love, they would be willing to sacrifice some things. Maybe this is a breakthrough. Host No. 44, you should find the person Chu Wei likes and help them get together.]


Ji Mo said, “Hey, it feels like things have gotten a little easier.”

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