‘What? Even Kirios can be shy!’


I chuckled heartily.


The nameless wizard, however, looked like he was about to collapse under the weight of the father and daughter’s warmth. …….


At this point, the statue who had offered me the juice, offered it to the wizard as well.


“Would you like a glass of juice?”




For a moment, the wizard froze in place.


He stared in shock at the statue offering him a glass of juice. The wizard’s pupils shook violently, as if there had been an earthquake.


“Se-Seriously……did you even change the defensive magic formula on the statue?”


“Oh, be quiet.”




Yet Kirios flicked his finger in annoyance.


“Magic Tower Master, you are so-!”


The mage was knocked backwards as if someone had shoved him.


“Someday I will- I won’t let go- I won’t-!!!”


With that shout, the wizard was pushed completely out into the corridor.




The luxurious door slammed shut.


With that, Kirios turned back to me, smiling brightly.


“Let’s take a tour of the tower, kid.”




I stared at the closed door through cloudy eyes, then nodded in silence.


Wizard, I’m very sorry that I have a terrible dad……


* * *


We started exploring the Magic Tower in earnest. It was fascinating and enjoyable in its own way. Except for the occasional scruffy-looking mages who popped up to protest.


“No, why has the structure of the tower been changed all of a sudden?”


“What did you do to the structure, so that the dining hall and the greenhouse are connected?”


Of course, without batting an eyelid, Kirios dismissed the mages.


“Ah, you’re not all little piglets who haven’t eaten in days. What’s with all the squealing?”


The savage look on his face was a bonus…….


‘Eh, don’t you think you’d be kinder to the demons when dealing with them?’


I broke out in a cold sweat.


Aside from that, the Magic Tower was a very mysterious place.


‘Wow, how is this possible?’


I stared in fascination at my surroundings.


I opened the door to the kitchen, which was stocked with all kinds of ingredients, and then continued on to the attached greenhouse where herbs were grown.


Inside the sunny greenhouse, a variety of herbs emitted a pungent aroma.


A watering can flew through the air, watering the herbs.


As I followed the watering can, a staircase leading to the basement was unexpectedly placed in the corner of the greenhouse.


I followed the stairs down, and suddenly I was at the top of a tower.


“Oh my God!”


My eyes widened as I reached the top of the tower.


Sure, it was a tall tower from the outside, but standing at the top, I could see the surrounding landscape in the distance.


Under the azure sky, the landscape around us, which looked as small as a matchbox, was like a painting.


“Wow, I can see the Imperial Palace!”


I exclaimed, clinging to the railing in excitement.


The first thing that came into view was the Imperial Palace, located in the center of the empire.


The roof of the palace glowed golden in the sunlight.


‘That’s the color of Lakius’s hair.’


Pretty hair that shimmers like gold thread. The texture of it, as soft as a cat’s fur, seemed to hover in my hand.


“What do you think Laki is doing now?”


I opened my mouth, nonchalantly.


Kirios looked at me with narrowed eyes.


‘What? Why is he looking at me like that?’


I turned to face Kirios with a puzzled look on my face.




“Kid, you’ve come all the way to the Magic Tower and you’re still talking about that Lakius guy?” Kirios pointed out in a sullen voice.




I guess I picked the wrong topic……. And at a time like this, there’s nothing I can do to make him feel better!


I gave him a big smile, clinging to his arm in response.


“Second Dad.”


The corners of Kirios’s mouth loosened a little at the word “dad”.


I seized the opportunity and quickly added, “I’d really like to see your room, too.”


“Don’t tell me you’re so busy thinking about that guy Lakius that you didn’t pay any attention to my room?”


“Oh, how could that be?” I replied, looking as innocent as possible.


“I have the best dads in the world!”




Kirios put his arm around my shoulders as if he couldn’t win.


“Hold on tight, kid.”




“Huh!” I sucked in a breath.


I’m being surprised so often today!


Sure enough, in the blink of an eye, the scenery around us had changed!


“Did, did we just– Did you travel through space?” I questioned Kirios, my eyes wide open.


Kirios shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.


“Well, it’s not that big of a deal. You can only space travel within the Magic Tower.”


“But it’s awesome!” I exclaimed, pumping my fists in the air.


For once, I didn’t just say it to myself.


There was one area that even the greatest wizards had yet to conquer, and that was time and space. Until, that is, a wizard was born who could control space.


His name was Kirios.


I suddenly remembered my tutor’s face as she was explaining to me about the great men of the empire.


The tutor, who usually didn’t bat an eyelid at anything, looked almost faint as she looked at my chick purse.


‘This purse itself is the essence of the highest level of magic!’


Space-expanding magic, weight-reducing magic, and item-sorting magic.


Just stacking three types of magic and permanently fixing them to things is a very difficult task, and he even cast a space related magic.


For almost ten minutes, she went on and on about how revolutionary my chick purse was.


‘She treated my chick purse with reverence, like it was a holy object.’


Looking at her, I was reminded of my previous habit of casually tossing my purse around…….




Kirios, too, was told that teleportation magic was impossible. It’s too dangerous to involve magic directly with life. It’s the realm of the gods, so to speak.


“How did you manage to perform teleportation magic?”


“Because the magic tower belongs to me.”


After answering that, Kirios suddenly looked down at me with a blank expression.


“Just so you know, teleportation magic is extremely dangerous.”




“I know you’re the smartest and bravest kid in the world, but even if you end up learning magic on your own.”




“Still, don’t even think about casting any spells involving space and time. Do you understand?”




I looked up at Kirios with a trembling gaze.


Look, Second Dad, I think you’re mistaken.


My dads made sure I don’t even have access to the ‘m’ in magic in the first place, right?


That’s understandable, since demons manifest magic with their energy, not magic power.


At this point, I can’t even control my energy properly. I don’t want to learn magic and then have trouble controlling it.


I was nowhere near my dads’ specialties, which were swordsmanship, magic, and divine power.


And even when he told me, ‘Don’t even think about casting spells involving space and time’ …….


‘Isn’t that like telling a child who can’t even walk that flying is dangerous?’


However, it wasn’t like I didn’t know how overprotective the three dads, including Kirios, usually were of me.


“Yeah,” I replied meekly. “So, this is the Second Dad’s room?”


“Well, it’s more of a study, technically,” Kyrios shrugged.


Where I stood now was a room that resembled a giant study –  a cross between a bedroom and a laboratory.


Wide windows flooded the room with sunlight, and an armchair I could sink into.


A large walnut desk was covered in papers and magical texts. The papers on which I had been drawing haphazardly were folded and scattered across the corners of his bed.


A couple of pens, with their ink dry, rolled haphazardly across the desk.


Kyrios felt a little embarrassed in retrospect.


“Well, it’s not usually this dirty.”


With a flick of his hand, the papers flew away and settled into a neat pile in the corner of the desk.


Books snapped into place on the bookshelves, and pens snapped shut and stuck neatly into the writing utensil organizer.


This guy is a world-class mage, but is using his magic to keep his desk organized.’


Isn’t this a waste of talent?


And then.


“What is that?’


There was a picture frame hanging on the wall at the head of the bed, the most visible part of the room.


But the picture in the frame…… somehow looked a little familiar, right?


I took a few steps towards the bed.


At the same time, I blushed.



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