After waiting for a long while, there was no sound behind him so the young master thought it was strange, “Why aren’t you singing?”

W-w-what kind of scheme was this?! With such a tough example taking the lead, Lei Lei did not dare to sing anymore and could only say, “Actually, I can’t sing.”

The young master was speechless.

Lei Lei remembered something, “Who’s He Tai Ping?”

The young master calmly replied, “Leader He.”

“The leader is the highest rank?”

“The leader rules the world and commands all the lords. The stability of the martial arts world ensures the peace of its people. It is a heavy responsibility so naturally it is no small matter.”

Lei Lei said, “Oh,” then said nothing else and calculated secretly.

Bumping along for two or three hours, it seemed that her body did not know how to ride a horse. She could not adapt to it at all. Lei Lei reluctantly endured it. It was not until noon when the young master reined in his horse and they stopped in front of a roadside tea shop. Butler Zhao and the two other servants had been waiting there for half the day. Seeing the two of them coming, they suddenly caught a glimpse of her paws hugging the young master’s waist. Their faces all showed indignation simultaneously.

The young master pushed Lei Lei off the horse.

Lei Lei was already disoriented from being thrown. She looked up. There was a tall sign next to the door of the small shop and on it was inscribed “Zhong Hua Wu Yan Tea Shop” in large black characters.

Zhong Hua Wu Yan Tea Shop?

The name of this shop was really weird. Why did it sound so familiar… Lei Lei was secretly surprised but her mind was helplessly and busily taking in everything new and she did not have time to contemplate. When she came to her senses, she had already followed the others into the shop.

The shop was not big but business was good. There were only eight tables and seven were filled with guests. Lei Lei looked around and soon found the charm – there was a beautiful proprietress sitting at the counter.

Seeing the young master, the proprietress immediately stood up. She brushed her hair, winked and smiled, “Speak of the devil, everyone’s finally here!”

The young master frowned, “A tea shop?”

“This small shop originally sold tea, but in fact, we occasionally sell some cheap food and drink. The guests who come and go often know this,” the proprietress said as she came out from behind the counter, swaying side to side. She complained, “For dozens of li around this area, it’s all Xi Sha Sect’s territory and their taxes are heavy. Young Master, except for us, who would dare open a shop on this road?” Then she showed a pitiful appearance and lowered her voice, “It’s not easy to make a living these days and besides, many merchants travel here and it wouldn’t do to not have a restaurant here. It’s convenient for us to secretly sell meals.”

Financial matters were out of his control. The young master nodded to express his understanding.

The proprietress was relieved. She smiled and said, “Butler Zhao has already ordered a tableful of food. Everyone, sit down first, sit down!” She turned and shouted towards the inside of the shop, “All the guests have arrived at table eight, hurry up and serve tea!”


The shop was very efficient and a tableful of “tea” was quickly placed in front of them. The green and white vegetables were very bland and crude. Only in the middle was a half of a fragrant roast duck, glistening with oil.

Everyone began to eat.

The few tables beside them were full of guests carrying knives and swords. While drinking alcohol, they gossiped about new happenings within the world of martial arts. Lei Lei found it interesting to listen to them.

Suddenly, a low voice came from the next table over, “This time, the information is right. Someone in Bi Shui City is going to auction the longevity fruit. The highest bidder will win. The auction will be held on the first night of the new year!”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone at the table was stunned, including Lei Lei.

“Is this true?”

“It’s true, it cost me 10,000 taels to buy this information!”

“Who sold this information, is it really credible?”

“I haven’t seen the person either. I just sent the money to the designated place to try it out. Who would have thought the person would actually leave a note…”

Suddenly, someone coughed, “Brother Wang!”

The person who spoke earlier also realised that the current situation was amiss so he shut his mouth with tacit understanding. The others hurriedly and loudly changed the topic.

What kind of treasure was the longevity fruit for so many people to pay for information about its whereabouts? Lei Lei thought it was strange. The young master, Butler Zhao, and the others had unpleasant expressions. That person had also approached Master Tie but fortunately, Master Tie was upright and selfless and had reported this matter. Now, listening to these people, it seemed like this had happened not just once. A message sold for 10,000 taels. That person could make a lot of money by just selling information and an auction for the longevity fruit was very tempting. At that time, the heroes would surely gather in Bi Shui City and it would be inevitable for members of the demonic cult to be mixed in. That person only cared about profit but had never thought that once the longevity fruit appeared, it would not be a simple matter of buying and selling. It would surely attract crowds that would contend for it, which would breed chaos. If it fell into the hands of the demonic cult, it would be even worse.

“Young Master, is that…”

“Master Tie will report this matter to Leader He. We’ll discuss it further after we return to the village.”

Everyone nodded and turned their attention back to the dinner table again, only to find out that the half roast duck had disappeared. Simultaneously, they all cast their eyes on Lei Lei. Seeing this woman being very refined and eating rice in small bites, they suddenly found it strange and were confused about where the duck went.

After eating, everyone went outside. Suddenly, Butler Zhao’s exclamation sounded from behind.

“What?! Such crude and simple dishes cost nine taels and eight coins, is this a black shop?!”

(TLN: Black shops, “黑店”, are shops that scam people, often opened by gangsters and the like.)

“Hey, your words are too unpleasant, old man. Our small shop has always been innocent,” the proprietress patiently explained, “Look, old man, here are the bill details. Although the other dishes are crude, that half roast duck is the real deal!”

Away from home, Butler Zhao had always been responsible for manager accounts. He felt cheated, “Half a roast duck costs five taels?”

The proprietress said, “Five taels is cheap. This is the ‘Su Su Roast Duck’ famous all over the world of martial arts. Have you heard of it? Su Su Roast Duck is a must have food for both home and travel! Young Master Qin Liu Feng praised it personally in front of people! The shop only prepared half of it for you because we’re out of stock!”

Su Su Brand Roast Duck? Lei Lei could not help but turn her head. This name sounded familiar…

Knowing the reputation of the roast duck, Butler Zhao fell silent. He took out a silver ingot, “Here, ten taels!”

The proprietress’ eyes flickered and said awkwardly, “Our small shop doesn’t have change…”

This sentence immediately made Lei Lei remember. While lamenting that the proprietress was really an expert in making money, she began to seriously doubt the credibility of the Jinjiang Time Traversing Corporation. They said how they designed carefully, but this martial arts world is what they made. Forget about the pirated version of “The East Is Red”, even the names were so cheap. Zhong Hua Wu Yan Tea Shop, Su Su Brand Roast Duck. That Ms Zhong and Ms Su actually registered trademark properties here!

Butler Zhao’s beard shook and he practically jumped, “You opened a shop, but don’t have change?”

The proprietress rolled her eyes, “Can’t you see our business is doing well? How about you wait, if there’s change I’ll find you.”

Butler Zhao was stunned.

The young master turned around, “Forget it, let’s go.”

The proprietress immediately beamed with joy and her eyes curved, “After all, this Young Master is generous and unlike those who are stingy. Young Master, take care, remember to come back next time!”

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