Chapter 13: The First World (13) [Part 1]


For the days that had come, Chu Wei spent a night at Ji Mo’s place every day.


Chu Wei thought that Ji Mo would feel scared if there was no one with her. After a few moments of thinking and worrying about it, she decided to simply spend a night at her place every day.


Ji Mo felt that her act of pretending to be weak became too much, causing the kind-hearted Dr. Chu to worry about her. Regarding this, Ji Mo felt a little sorry for Chu Wei.


A week had passed. She needed to tell Chu Wei that she was really alright. 


“Dr. Chu, the feeling of being spied on already disappeared just a few days ago. This week is really troublesome for you, as you need to go to and from my home everyday.” Ji Mo initially thought that her expression should be enough to let at least a grown man understand what she meant, which was to let Chu Wei not worry too much about her.


Unfortunately, when these words passed on Chu Wei’s ears, the meaning was directly changed. She thought, Does Ji Mo feel that she was troubling her and is feeling sorry?


“Are you sure? You didn’t have the feeling of being watched anymore?”


“I’m sure, Dr. Chu. If I do, I’ll make sure to tell you about it. Besides, I’m most afraid of that kind of villain.” Ji Mo’s face turned solemn. Without much surprise, Chu Wei believed what she said again.


Chu Wei thought inside, perhaps the sick man this time learned that Ji Mo didn’t live alone, and chose to give up making her his target. Anyways, Chu Wei still felt that sharing a bed with Ji Mo every day was very good. It’s just she was a little afraid that Ji Mo would sense something wrong. In addition, the right time hasn’t yet arrived.


Maybe she could try some not-so obvious way to test Xiao Ji’s perspective on the love between two women.


Such relationships indeed existed in her social circle, and she was intending to find time to take Ji Mo with her if one of her friends arranged a gathering party. She would then grab this opportunity to see if Ji Mo could accept it.


Chu Wei went over to Ji Mo’s house more frequently than before. However, she would go home when the sky turned dark. 


Chu Wei had a feeling that God was giving her a helping hand. One of her girl friends who had a relationship with a woman invited her to a birthday party on the day of Saturday. Fortunately, Chu Wei didn’t have a duty on that day and had free time to go there.


On the day before Saturday, she told Ji Mo about it after picking her up from work, “Do you have plans for the two days of the weekend?”


“No.” Ji Mo shook her head. She still had the fate of the small cannon fodder, so she was especially careful this time and didn’t go out of the house if it was not necessary.


She still thought that System No. 444 was a defective system. Two days ago, the system told her that her fate as small cannon fodder was not lifted, and that some unpredictable things may happen in the future. The system gave her many examples, almost causing her to be crazy.


“I have a friend of mine who will celebrate her birthday on the weekend. Let’s go together when the time comes. Aside from the company’s team building event, you probably haven’t gone to a party for a long time, right? The venue that my friend reserved this time is good. It’s on a cruise ship. Over there, you can see the scenery of blue sea.”


Still afraid that Ji Mo wouldn’t agree, Chu Wei added, “I will inevitably drink when that time comes. After all, we’re all old acquaintances, and we know the rules. There is no one in the party who didn’t drink in the previous parties. If you can go with me, I can drink without worrying about anything.”


What else can Ji Mo do? Chu Wei had already said a lot of things and her life had been handed to Ji Mo for safekeeping.


One reason was because she can take care of Chu Wei while she’s drunk, lest someone take advantage of her. Second, Chu Wei obviously can’t drive while she’s drunk, and she can drive for her. The original owner had a driver’s license in her hands, and occasionally drove the company’s car. There was no problem with driving a car, and the driving skills were not bad.


Dr. Chu helped her so much, how dare she refuse such a small matter?


The next day, Chu Wei sent a dress to Ji Mo early in the morning, and took her to style her hair. After finishing these, Chu Wei drove Ji Mo past into the alley.


The birthday party this time was a private one. Few people were on the cruise ship, and all of them knew Chu Wei.


Upon stepping inside the venue, Chu Wei said to Ji Mo. “Hold onto my arm so that you won’t get lost.”


 Ji Mo thought that what she said made sense. She was also a little scared of getting lost and encountering some things that might cause her harm.


The birthday party officially started. Ji Mo froze when she saw two women hugging and kissing each other eagerly. But she quickly recovered after a while. Not to mention after the end of the world, even before the end of the world arrived, relationships between two women were not uncommon. Before the end of the world, same-sex marriage was already possible.


Chu Wei stared at Ji Mo the whole time and saw that she was merely surprised, and didn’t show any tiny bit of disgust. It looks like she could still accept it. Chu Wei heaved a sigh of relief.


“I used to think that they were just playing around. Didn’t expect that they would be married in the future.” Chu Wei said with a low voice to Ji Mo, “They have been together for many years now, but their relationship is still the same as when it just started. No, it should be said that they have become more sticky than before. Xiao Ji, you seem to be a little more receptive than the average person.”


“This is someone else’s business,” Ji Mo opened her mouth carelessly, “Besides, as long as you like each other, gender and age don’t matter.”

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