I became the wife of the deceased Grand Duke.


Volume 1




A heavy silence fell in the Grand Duke’s bedroom.


The people who came as witnesses of the first night looked at the bed with the curtains drawn with worried eyes.


After all the preparations were finished, they had been waiting for the first night to begin, and for about 20 minutes, there was no movement inside the curtain.


‘Is Grand Duke Calix trying to refuse the first night ceremony?’


Witnesses recalled conversations with the Grand Duke’s butler, Jensen.


<The Grand Duke refuses to accept the first night ceremony.>


Butler Jensen said that Grand Duke Calix was angry because he couldn’t hold the first night in front of people. It was said that the Grand duke’s residence had been frozen for several days, as if the northern cold had hit the grand duke’s life.


<Did you explain the situation well? It’s an unavoidable circumstance.>


<Yes, you explained it well, and the Duke also understood and accepted it.>


When asked by the prominent village elder among the witnesses, butler Jensen responded.


<But why?>


Butler Jensen hesitated, wearing a perplexed expression, in response to the elder’s question.


<It’s because it’s discomforting…>


<I understand. Even if it’s an unavoidable tradition, it can be burdensome knowing that people are watching.>


The other witnesses nodded in agreement with the elder’s statement.


<Why don’t you reduce the number of witnesses watching?>


<Let’s watch the first night from as far away as possible.>


<How about putting two thick curtains on all sides of the bed?>


Witnesses scrambled to give their opinions.


Butler Jensen, who had been listening to the witnesses, opened his mouth with a face that said he couldn’t do it anymore.


<The Duke isn’t doing it because of those issues.>


<Then what is it?>


<The Duke… He said he dislikes it because he feels he won’t be able to showcase his skills properly. You all must be aware that Duke Calix recently went on a hunt against the Martians and got injured. Due to the wounds, the Duke’s body movements are restricted. That’s why. It’s because he feels uncomfortable not being able to demonstrate his splendid night skills and moderation, and instead, he would appear as an inexperienced novice during the night… and he dislikes that.>


— Hessite’s prodigal son, a lunatic freak. My pride is hurt if I don’t meet the expectations that my rumors have raised expectations because of my rumors. Isn’t it?


When butler Jensen relayed what Duke Calix had said, sighs could be heard from all around.


It turns out that it’s not because he finds it uncomfortable to have someone watching during his intimate and secretive moments with the bride, but rather because he feels he won’t be able to showcase his skills in bed.


Indeed, Duke Calix!


The witnesses wore expressions that indicated they understood the rumors and burst into hollow laughter.


Liam Calix von Hesiate.


He was the first prince of the Hesiate Empire.


As a prince, he arrived in Calix, the land of the Martians located in the northern part of the empire, several years ago.


One day, he suddenly declared to his father, the emperor, that he would give up his position as a prince. After that, he wandered around the empire like a vagabond, indulging in a libertine lifestyle.


The prince carried rumors with him wherever he went. Rumors spread in the villages he visited, claiming that he left behind enormous amounts of money and that he had dozens of women in his embrace.


For some reason, the prince, who had been living recklessly, suddenly headed towards the Calix territory in the north.


Calix was a forsaken land of the empire. The frozen and frigid land, occupied by the Martians, did not allow human settlement.


The imperial army had fought fiercely against the Martians for decades, but seizing the land was not easy.


However, the prince, who headed to Calix all of a sudden, managed to conquer the land within three years.


Those who witnessed the Duke of Calix slaughtering the Martians trembled as they spoke of it. The beautiful prince with jet-black hair that seemed to swallow darkness, and dazzling golden eyes were cruel and ruthless. With lazy eyes, he wielded his sword and effortlessly cut down the Martians, wiping the blood-soaked faces with a casual flick of his sleeve, as if it were nothing, and laughed.


The prince, dressed in blood-stained armor, laughed so wickedly, yet he was beautiful and equally terrifying.


After defeating the Martians and claiming the territory, the prince stayed in the castle where the lords used to live.


With the retreat of the Martians, people flocked to the Calix territory, and as they were able to sell the precious minerals that the Martians possessed, the territory became increasingly prosperous.


The residents of the territory wished for the prince to become their lord, and the emperor bestowed upon the prince the title of Duke of Calix.


Although the Calix territory became bustling with people and wealth, the Duke seemed to have little interest in the affairs of the territory.


He appeared dissolute, repeatedly appearing and disappearing with his wild eyes. He seemed to have no interest in worldly matters, and the only time his eyes gleamed was when he slaughtered the Martians.


As the people appointed by the Duke of Calix from the palace took charge of the affairs and management of the territory, it became increasingly wealthy and stable, but the Duke still remained aloof.

The Duke’s confidants and the residents of the territory were worried that the Duke of Calix might suddenly abandon everything and leave. The confidants tried to persuade him by suggesting marriage, but they only received a piercing, lively gaze in response.


However, something unexpected happened not long ago. The Duke of Calix declared that he would get married.


For a while, people had been worried, as the Duke had disappeared from sight after ruthlessly slaughtering the invading Martians in the dead of night. They wondered if the Duke had left them. But now, he announced his marriage.


The bride-to-be is the first love of the Duke of Calix, Cordelia, who is also the daughter of Baron Lawrence.


Although there was a slight mismatch in status between the noble Baron Lawrence and the Duke of Calix, the confidants welcomed the Duke’s marriage wholeheartedly.


From that day on, the Duke’s household immediately began preparations for the wedding. Although the Duke of Calix expressed his intention to skip the elaborate wedding ceremony and only hold the nocturnal ritual, there was still much to prepare.


And today was finally the day of the marriage ceremony. However, the Duke was refusing to participate in the nocturnal ritual, citing a lack of ability.


The lords who governed the Calix territory insisted on performing the nocturnal ritual in the presence of witnesses. It was for safety reasons.


Some Martians living hidden in the snowy mountains of the North were capable of using magic. They could transform into women and infiltrate as brides, only to kill the lord and hide in their chambers. Oblivious to this danger, the lord who was excited about the nocturnal ritual was killed by the Martians, and soon the Calix territory fell under the control of the Martians. There was no guarantee that such an incident would not happen again. They had to protect the hard-won territory with great effort.


As time continued to pass without the start of the nocturnal ritual, an uneasiness appeared on the faces of the witnesses. Just when they thought the Duke would finally settle in Calix, they worried that due to an inexplicable reason, the nocturnal ritual might be refused, and the marriage would not take place.


The witnesses collectively turned their gaze towards the elders, as if urging them to say something.


Under the prodding gaze, he cautiously opened his mouth, unable to resist any longer.


“Your Grace, it has been a significant delay. Let us proceed with the ritual…”


Just as the elder was about to speak in a polite tone… 


“… Your… Grace…”


A trembling, soft voice came from behind the curtain.


The elder quickly closed his mouth. The eyes of the witnesses turned toward the bed, where the curtains were drawn.


The bedroom was dimly lit, with only a candle lit next to the bed, casting a faint glow on the Duke and the bride’s silhouettes behind the curtain.


The Duke sat facing Cordelia and began to undress her.


His large hands grasped the waist tie and pulled it, causing her robe to slide down smoothly.


Her exposed shoulders came into view. The round and delicate shoulders were trembling ever so slightly, perhaps due to nervousness.


The Duke Calix gently stroked her trembling shoulders multiple times, as if soothing her. Then, he embraced Cordelia and laid her down on the bed.


Chu, slurp.


The sound of lips colliding echoed. The sound of tongues entwining intermittently mixed with Cordelia’s occasional moans.




As the kiss continued for a long time, Cordelia let out a breath as if she were getting tired.


Nevertheless, the kiss persisted. As the sound of kissing continued for nearly 20 minutes, an awkwardness appeared on the faces of the witnesses. It seemed that, once again, the Duke had no intention of proceeding with the nocturnal ritual obediently.


At that moment of uncertainty, unable to urge the Duke and unwilling to simply wait, a dilemma arose…


“Your Grace, if it makes you uncomfortable… I can do it.”


Cordelia shyly spoke as she straddled the Duke’s body.


The eyes of the witnesses widened. Although Duke Calix had mentioned being physically uncomfortable due to his injury, to see the bride riding her husband’s body for the nocturnal ritual…


The witnesses were taken aback, and at that moment, Cordelia began to remove her thin nightgown.


With a rustling sound, the dress made of thin straps fell from her body.


With round and delicate shoulders, voluptuous breasts with elegant curves, a slender waist, and shapely hips, her beautiful feminine figure was fully revealed behind the curtain.


Cordelia, sitting on top of the Duke’s abdomen, leaned forward and captured his lips.


The sound of lips colliding echoed, followed by the sticky sound of saliva mixing together.


For a while, Cordelia’s lips, which had been exploring the Duke’s, moved past his thick neck, angular shoulders, and firm chest, and onto his well-defined abdomen.


Her lips, which were firmly sucking on his strong abdomen, moved toward his legs, and a suppressed moan escaped from the Duke’s mouth.


The witnesses watching were wide-eyed, as if their eyes were about to pop out.


Cordelia’s provocative actions, digging between the Duke’s legs with a slapping motion on her buttocks, seemed excessively sensual.


As the sound of her lips exploring between his legs reverberated, the faces of the witnesses began to blush. Some witnesses let out awkward coughs, seemingly embarrassed.


The squelching sound of flesh being sucked filled the room as Cordelia, who had been exploring the Duke for a while, raised her upper body and straddled his abdomen again.




As if trying to match their bodies, Cordelia raised and lowered her hips and suddenly let out a high-pitched moan, trembling.


Waiting for the pain to subside, she hesitated for a moment and then started moving on top of the Duke’s body.


Moving cautiously as if inexperienced, her long flowing hair fluttered, and her nipples swayed gently against her tightly pulled chest.


Cordelia swayed her waist back and forth and smoothly rotated her hips. Her beautiful body moved on top of the Duke’s like undulating waves, tracing graceful curves.


His hand, which had risen, clenched the breasts of Cordelia, who was performing waist movements. The Duke fervently kneaded the uplifted breasts, and the white flesh in his hands kneaded like dough.




Cordelia, trembling slenderly from the stimulation, placed her hand over the Duke’s hand that was holding her own breast. The two hands overlapped, stimulating the breasts, and causing her voluptuous chest to sway.


Cordelia tilted her head back and let out moans. The sight of her rubbing her breasts frantically with her hands while performing waist movements was irresistibly provocative.


The Duke’s hand, which was touching her chest, grabbed Cordelia’s waist. As he shook her waist as if to speed up, Cordelia’s movements became faster.


Cordelia moved fiercely on top of the Duke, shaking her waist and buttocks wildly.


“Ah, ah, heuk.”


The sound of new moans and the loud sound of flesh colliding filled the bedroom.


The temperature inside the bedroom rose hotly due to the moans and passion of the Duke and Cordelia.


The expressions of the witnesses, who had been trying to hide their emotions and watch with poker faces, began to crumble again. Some of them couldn’t bear it and closed their eyes tightly.


“Haa! Hng!”


As Cordelia moved frantically, she let out a high-pitched moan and fell forward onto the Duke, collapsing on top of him.




The Duke also let out a rough breath.


As they caught their breath, the silhouettes of the two fluctuated on the curtain. When the moaning stopped, the bedroom was engulfed in silence.


Amid the tranquility, there was a sound of fabric tearing, “rip.” A white cloth was thrown out through the curtains. It was a cloth stained with blood, evidence of their nocturnal activities.


The witnesses, after confirming the cloth, began to quietly exit. The cautious sound of footsteps continued as they left, and then there was a “thud” as the bedroom door closed.


As Cordelia confirmed that the witnesses had left, she hurriedly got off the Duke’s body.


With no one watching, she covered her exposed chest with one hand and picked up the clothes that had fallen to the floor with the other.


Her hands trembled slightly as she quickly dressed. Her cheeks were flushed as if they were about to burst with embarrassment, and her blue eyes were shadowed heavily.


“Heuk, heuk.”


Cordelia, with the front of her gown tightly clasped, buried her face in her hands and burst into tears.


Even as the bride sobbed sorrowfully, the Duke showed no sign of movement. He lay there with his eyes closed as if he were asleep.


Cordelia raised her hand to wipe away her tears. As she composed herself and put on a determined expression, her attention was drawn to a thin thread tied around her wrist.


Cordelia’s gaze followed the thread. It was connected from her wrist to the Duke’s arm.


“I have committed a grave sin, Your Grace. Please do not forgive me.”


Cordelia, who had approached the Duke’s side, began to untie the thread that bound her to his arm. The thread connected to Cordelia’s wrist was intricately tied around the Duke’s arm and each of his fingers.


Unable to face him, she lowered her head and untied all the threads, not daring to look at his face. The Duke’s arms fell limply as the threads were undone. With his powerless arms and closed eyes, his serene face, he no longer resembled a living person. He appeared just like a lifeless corpse.


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