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Chapter 12: The First World (12) [Part 1]


“Xie Chuang, I’d like to ask you a favor.”


“Is it about that girl Ji Mo?”




At Ji Mo’s side, the doorbell rang. Ji Mo looked at the cat’s eyes on the door and saw that it was Chu Wei. She quickly pulled open the door.


“Dr. Chu, you’re here. Do you have something to do?” Ji Mo recalled what happened this morning and guessed that Chu Wei was scared that something bad might have happened to her, and especially made a trip here to see the situation.


Right, this is Dr. Chu, a kind-hearted person. How can she take the initiative to ruin her own future? It must be Du Libing who was at fault. It was a pity that she can’t do something that went against the rules of this world as it would hinder the completion of her mission and side mission. 


If this world was the type of world where the strong can eat the weak without any consequences, she would have made a move to eliminate Du Libing by herself.


While Ji Mo was in deep thought, her eyebrows knitted unconsciously. Seeing this scene, Chu Wei became anxious.


She initially went here to Ji Mo’s house to tell her that she and Xie Chuang had already reached an agreement for her to call Xie Chuang if she had something to do and couldn’t go with her. Naturally, she only planned to tell her briefly about it and had no intention of entering her house at all.


Ji Mo’s appearance with eyebrows furrowed together caused her to change her decision.


The incident that happened approximately two years ago might have caused Ji Mo to have a psychological shadow, and after experiencing the feeling of being watched again, she especially became more scared. Ji Mo didn’t open her mouth. It was probably because she didn’t want to trouble others.


After a few moments of contemplating about it, Chu Wei entered the door and closed it with a smooth move. She held Ji Mo’s small hands and found that it was a bit chilly. She became even more worried, and directly ignored the existence of the unfinished bowl of ice cream lying on the table.


Sure enough, Xiao Ji was very scared to be alone at home. Chu Wei blamed herself for not noticing Xiao Ji’s mental condition.


“Are you still afraid? I just talked to Xie Chuang about it. In the future, if I can’t go with you, you can go with him. Xie Chuang is my childhood playmate who I grew up with. I have faith in him.”


“Ah?” Ji Mo immediately reacted and felt guilty when she saw Chu Wei’s worried expression. But there was nothing she could do. This time, she didn’t pretend to be pitiful purposely and was just thinking about some things. And even if she was indeed pretending to be weak, she couldn’t think of any other way other than this.


“Dr. Chu, you don’t need to worry so much. I’ll be fine as long as I’m home. I can do it alone.” After letting out these words, Ji Mo felt that something was wrong. She frowned visibly. It looked like there was no problem with her words, but the problem is, it gave off a distance and indifferent feeling. However, there was really nothing wrong with her words ah! A person will be fine as long as she’s inside the house! 


Still, upon taking a closer look, there was indeed something wrong.


Chu Wei didn’t notice the strangeness in her sentence. She just thought that Ji Mo was putting on a strong front and was unwilling to cause her any trouble. After all, this morning, Ji Mo asked her several times if she was causing any disturbance, so she knew how the other party was afraid of causing trouble to other people.


If Xiao Ji can accept her, the two of them will be officially in a relationship in the future. When that time comes, the act of caring for each other will become normal, and perhaps Xiao Ji wouldn’t be afraid of troubling her anymore, right?


“Let me accompany you tonight, so that you won’t be afraid. No need to talk about troubling me.”


Chu Wei said this solemnly, looking like she’d already made a decision, and Ji Mo couldn’t refuse it. However, it was true that Dr. Chu helped her many times and it would be bad if she turned off her offer.


Ji Mo was actually a little scared that if she refused this time, and Chu Wei really thought that she didn’t need help, she would go back. If that happens, she couldn’t use the reason of being afraid again. As such, she could only go along with the flow and received Chu Wei’s good intention.


“I’ll go get you a clean towel. Is it okay for you to wear my pajamas for the time being?”


“It’s okay.”


Anyway, sharing things between girls and children was nothing ordinary.


However, Chu Wei held a completely different thoughts now. She will soon lie on the bed with the person she likes, sleep in each other’s arms, and even wear the other person’s pajamas. Honestly, she didn’t care if she used the other party’s towel, but she still decided not to say it, lest that person find it strange.


“Dr. Chu, do you feel hot? I’ll lower the temperature for you.”


Chu Wei agreed without making a sound. She looked at her slightly flushed face through the dressing mirror and said, “I went to your floor in a hurry just now, and ran a bit fast.”


“The weather is very hot outside right now, and at night, the weather is especially stifling. So it’s not cool and very uncomfortable.” Ji Mo found a clean towel and pajamas and passed them to her, “Just go take a shower.”



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