Inside the spacious conference room of the palace.

All the talents of the Truto Empire were gathered around a large table.

Including the Emperor himself and representatives of the nobility.

However, among the many people, only the voices of “two individuals” echoed and spread.

“We need to import grain immediately. If we continue like this, the lower class will all starve to death.”

Riett stood up from her seat and looked around with fierce eyes.

Everyone was unable to easily refute and simply looked around, but Evan, as expected, responded to Riett’s words.

“Everyone here would want to prevent that from happening. However, the Haren Empire is demanding exorbitant prices.”

“So, are we just going to watch the people starve to death?”

Contrary to Riett’s escalating voice, Evan responded with a consistent tone.

“We need to find a solution as soon as possible. But if we pay the price they demand, it will only get harder in the future.”

“It’s not that we don’t know that. It’s about setting priorities! Saving the people should come first.”

In the heated debate, the other nobles watched Riett and Evan as if it were familiar.

Even the Emperor himself.

Riett suddenly shot an arrow towards the Emperor, who had been watching them alternately with a start expression.

“What do you think, Your Majesty?”

As she urged for opinions, the Emperor concealed a sense of defeat and replied.

“Ahem. Yes, of course. The welfare of the people is also very important…”

“I tripled the price of wheat. Next time, they will demand five times more. So we need to be cautious.”

When Evan interrupted to refute, cold sweat started to form on the Emperor’s forehead.

“Well, the Duke of Kreutz is right.”

The Emperor, who had been in a dilemma like a shrimp among whales, looked at the members of the parliament, passing the bomb.

“What do you all think?”

However, everyone turned their gaze away, avoiding eye contact.


The Emperor concealed his anger and made up his mind to proceed with the meeting as he always did.

“Then, it’s best to bring it to a vote at this point. Does anyone have objections?”

Everyone nodded as if they had been waiting for this conclusion.

“As wise as ever, Your Majesty.”

“There’s nothing as accurate as a majority vote!”

These worthless fools. No matter how fearful the legacy of Riett and Evan is, it’s still the case.

The Emperor sighed and spoke.

“Then, as usual, write on the ballot paper whether you agree with Duchess of Marren’s opinion or Duke of Kreutz’s opinion and submit it to me.”

“I have an objection.”

At that moment, Riett raised her hand again and stood up.

“…Is something not right, Duchess of Marren?”

“Why do we always end it with a majority vote? There could be a wider variety of opinions.”

The Emperor wanted to ask Riett if she didn’t know, but he knew that if he did, this meeting would never end.

At that moment, Evan looked at Riett and spoke.

“Perhaps Duchess of Marren tears apart anyone who opposes her opinion until they die.”

“It’s bewildering. I have never, in any way, responded like that…”

Just when they thought the meeting was finally over, a merciless rally started again, and the Emperor grabbed his head.

‘Please, stop it, all of you…!’

* * *

In the end, the majority vote favored Evan by a small margin on the agenda.

“Today, your opinion received more support because there were many moderate nobles.”

Riett glared at Evan, crossing her arms.

On the other hand, Evan, who had a stern demeanor during the meeting, now wore a gentle smile.

“Even during the previous assembly, where there were many hardline nobles, my opinion received more support. Did you forget because of your poor memory?”

“Oh, really?”

Riett’s expression turned hostile in response to his teasing words.

“You heartless person. While people are starving to death, is money that important?”

“No matter what we do, sacrifices are inevitable, Riett. And it is our role to minimize those sacrifices.”

Anyway, no words could get through to that unlucky guy.

Today, Riett thought Evan’s handsome face looked more annoying.

“Fine, let’s go eat dinner.”

As Riett spoke, she turned around with an attitude as if to dismiss him, but their footsteps overlapped.

After taking a few steps, Riett stopped and turned around, finding Evan right behind her.

“…What? Why are you following me?”

“You said you’re going to have dinner.”

“What does that have to do with you?”

As Riett glared at Evan with annoyance, Evan innocently asked with a pure expression as if he knew nothing.

“Weren’t you asking me to go together?”

“Are you crazy?”

Despite Riett’s loud outburst, Evan smiled charmingly.

“Oh, I thought you wanted to go together.”

“Dine with you? Me? I have better things to do!”

“Well, Riett, you shouldn’t skip meals. You need to eat properly to fight with me again.”

He’s not even a worthy opponent… Riett thought to herself as Evan added quietly.

Riett clenched her fists in frustration, but she didn’t have time to wrestle with him right now as she had to go.

“I have a prior appointment. That’s it for now.”

“An appointment? With whom?”

Evan’s gaze suddenly became sharp as he asked.

However, oblivious to it, Riett responded with an indifferent expression.

“You can figure it out on your own.”

“Is it Viscount Kael?”

At the immediate correct answer, Riett narrowed her eyes and asked, 

“How did you know?”

“I heard that you received a private consultation from him.”

Although Viscount Kael is not the type to talk about others, anyway, Evan was quick to get the news.



“Are you going to have dinner with him now?”


Riett blinked and answered.

For a moment, Evan remained silent with a scary expression before sighing and saying,

“Ha… I tried not to say it.”

“You should know too.”


“About his true nature.”

Creating an atmosphere as if he were about to reveal something tremendous, Evan made Riett nervous.

She was aware that he always spoke negatively about people around her.

“What else are you going to say? Viscount Kael is well-regarded in society, known as an honest and kind person.”

“…You innocent Riett.”

Evan approached and gently patted Riett’s cheek as if dealing with a clueless child.

“Everyone knows that he’s a notorious playboy, except for our Riett.”


“He also has a hidden child, right?”

“…That can’t be true.”

Riett denied it, and Evan laughed, covering his mouth. His features curved prettily.

“You can confirm whether what I said is true later.”

“……Well, we should still talk over the meal…….”

“Ah, I know everyone dislikes dining with him. They say he’s overly fussy about food.”

Riett’s face turned gloomy.

Every time she tried to meet a man, Evan mysteriously managed to intervene like this. At this rate, she would end up living alone for the rest of her life.

On the other hand, this guy would soon meet the heroine and achieve a happy ending…

‘I’ll push you into the pit, and you’ll…’

Evan sparkled in a way that made him look detestable today.

That bastard.


And she shouted loudly.

“I hate you the most in the world!”

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