Chapter 49
Not Imprisoned In The House But In Lust (h)

I have lived as a monk for so long and kept my purity for her, but she still wants to escape from this King?! And still, rejecting me?!

“Come here, dead woman! You dare to hide from this King!” Lunatic King closed in on Qi Shui’er and said.

“Dizzy! You dead horny ghost, put away this horny face of yours! It’s disgusting.” Qi Shui’er said disdainfully.

“Dizzy? Haha, great! You can faint, then this King can do whatever he wants.” The Lunatic King rubbed his hands while looking at Qi Shui’er with a piggy look.

Oh, who will save me? Black lines appeared on Qi Shui’er’s forehead. This man has no idea how thick his skin is! He was not rubbing it on the city wall every day, right?

“Go die! Were you Ximen Qing in your previous life? You! Why so horny?” Qi Shui’er wants to bite him to death.

T/N: Ximen Qing is a lustful character from Jin Ping Mei ( Golden Lotus).

“Come on, Your Highness, go to bed with this King to make love.” The Lunatic King said. I know she is exhausted. But this woman, even though she is tired, she still escapes! Then, I must make her body feeble. Otherwise, she will run away from me!

Poor Qi Shui’er was again put to bed by the lustful King. It seems that this bastard King does not want to imprison her but wants to immerse her in lust!

The Lunatic King pinned Qi Shui’er and forced her to bed. Qi Shui’er fell to the bed. This time I’ll make you limp! Let’s see if you still want to escape!

The Lunatic King seized the opportunity to clamp Qi Shui’er’s hands that could still move with his hands. His two feet pressed Qi Shui’er’s legs. Qi Shui’er was like a piece of meat on the table.

Qi Shui’er’s clear black and white eyes looked at Lunatic King. She felt his breath on her face. His nostrils blew on Qi Shui’er’s face, fluttering her long eyelashes. She couldn’t help but blink. She didn’t expect Lunatic King was seeing this blink as a hint from her to him!

The Lunatic King kissed her passionately, twisting his tongue incessantly. He kissed Qi Shui’er, and she stretched out her tongue to lick his. This licking provokes Lunatic King’s excitement.

He looked into Qi Shui’er’s eyes excitedly. This little demon, she was playing with fire! He took a deep breath and deepened the light kissing action. He kissed her body down to her thighs, mobilizing the silent passion deep within his body. Looking at Qi Shui’er reddened face, he felt a sense of accomplishment.

Qi Shui’er’s eyes were dense as she looked at the Lunatic King. She felt like she was going to die. How could she let this shitty bird take over her heart? How could my heart beat so hard? Will I die if I keep going like this?

The Lunatic King looked at Qi Shui’er beneath him. She had become so quiet, beautifully wriggling her waist beneath him.

Her little lilac tongue inadvertently encountered his hot tongue. Ah, trouble. The Lunatic King removed all Qi Shui’er clothes, then entered her body. Her lower body swallows his hot stick, sucking it deeply.

It is correct to call Qi Shui’er the little demon. Lunatic King laughed, feeling her body like a flood of water, wave after wave. She is a unique beauty, ah!

Lunatic King was desperately charging, thrusting inside Qi Shui’er’s body, trying to make her limp and forget to think. Pound her so much that she didn’t even have the strength to escape.

Lunatic King moved vigorously with his strong neck, broad shoulders, and powerful waist. When she saw this, Qi Shui’er’s heartbeat accelerated. His every pumping and each thrust were powerful, making her sit in the clouds. So good, oh!

His hot body heat ironed her, and Qi Shui’er could not help but scream.

“Ah! Ah! Deadman! You, faster!” Qi Shui’er strecthed out her hands. Her two breasts felt the wet lips and tongue of Lunatic King. It’s so good, oh!

When Lunatic King looked at her like this, his heart began to anticipate the beautiful life after she became his consort. With such a wife, there is no need to find another woman in the future because she is enough.

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