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Chapter 13


Did I hear something wrong?


But there was no denying the identity of the dark blue envelope Sir Penadel had placed on the table.


With trembling fingers, I broke the envelope’s seal.


Sure enough, it was a marriage proposal.


But it looked a bit…… like a blank contract.


My face was expressionless thanks to the synchronization, but my mind was racing.


If it was a marriage proposal, I could understand. Yeah, he’d want my dowry.


But a divorce?


“In a year’s time, when the lady successfully inherits her dowry, you will transfer ownership of the Herrington Mine to Valuasten. That’s all His Excellency wants, and he will ask for nothing else.”


For a moment, an exclamation point floated above my busy head.


The Grand Duke’s offer hit the nail on the head.


A bride’s dowry is money I can’t touch until I’m married.


Besides, the kingdom has a stupid law that says a bride’s dowry is the joint property of the couple.


The Grand Duke is saying he only wants the mine even though he has the opportunity to rip off half my dowry.


Curiosity got the better of me and I peeked at the knight in front of me.


I thought it would be a good idea to find out if the rumors about the Grand Duke were true.


“What kind of person is the Grand Duke?”


The knight opened his mouth as if he had been waiting.


“His mind is sound.”




“He’s good at catching demons, values discipline, and does his job responsibly.”

“Don’t use such useless information. Tell me, how is he?”


I coughed and tapped my cheek with the tip of my fan.


I didn’t want to blatantly ask if he was good looking.


“Is there anything else you’d like to know?”


No. Why is this guy so clueless?


If he came here for matchmaking, he should explain the details clearly, such as his appearance and his income, in a capitalistic and straightforward manner.


Despite his imposing first impression, the man is surprisingly sloppy.


“What does the Grand Duke look like?”


“His hair is black, his eyes are blue, and his nose and mouth are perfectly aligned.”


Is this guy an AI?


“I mean, is your master handsome?”






“Is he…… handsome?”


A question? A question came up here?


For the first time, Sir Penadel looked taken aback.


I couldn’t see his expression, but I was sure of it.


“I’m afraid I can’t ……explain it, but I’m sure your ladyship has heard the rumors. about his Excellency”


Yes, of course I have. Is he going to tell me it’s all a misunderstanding?


Here, like a cliche, it’s actually all nonsense, and the Grand Duke is an unparalleled beauty, and he’s cold to others, but warm to his woman!


“They are all true.”


“Okay. I’ll decline his Excellency´s proposal. And also, please never think of playing the matchmaker again, absolutely, under any circumstances.”


I leapt to my feet.


Though my deal with the Grand Duke had fallen through, I had an idea of how to secure my fortune.


’I’ll see if I can make a deal with some other noblemen to see how much I can keep for myself.’


With that, I turned away from Sir Penadel.


“There is one last thing I need to ask you.”


His voice sounded like it came straight from the ground.


I spun around quickly, and the man’s strong chest was right in front of me.


I thought he was huge from a distance, but looking up at him from the ground, he wasn’t just huge, he was overwhelming.


Even through his clothes, I could see that his entire body was packed with well-defined, predator-like muscles.


Before I could push him away in surprise, Sir Penadel’s black-gloved hand gently grasped my chin and lifted my head.


Inside the mask, the shaded eyes seemed to harbor some dark secret, like a fountain in a cave that no one knows about.


In their dusky blue glow, I saw a certain ominousness that no human language could describe.


“Where did you get it, this necklace?”


I realized that he was interested in the choker around my neck.


And at the same time how I was partially leaning against him.


I swung the fan with all my might, knocking Sir Penadel’s hand away.


He obediently took a few steps back.


My heart pounded in my chest.


For a moment, I thought he was going to shake me roughly for daring to refuse the Grand Duke’s hand in marriage just because he was ugly.


The way he looked down at me was chilling.


’You are quite unpredictable.’


I fiddled with the choker around my neck, keeping my guard up.


“Why do you ask?”


“……The design fits my taste.”


I quickly took another step away from Sir Penadel.


The choker that hit Sir Penadel’s taste was Belinda’s daily accessory that I had been wearing since the first day I woke up in the bed on the first day of possessing Belinda. 


It wasn’t fancy, but delicate lace and a bright ruby pendant were noticeable, making it obvious that it was for women…


Who knew that this was his taste. A lace choker on a man’s thick neck…?


You’re not going to try to buy it from me, are you……..?


And so persistent!


“I refuse.”


I headed for the door, hoping to flee before Sir Penadel could cling to me any longer.


Behind me, Sir Penadel continued.


“I will be in the kingdom for some time, so if you change your mind about his Excellency’s offer, please come and see me.”


His low voice echoed through the closing door.


“Please take care of yourself.”


Like his masked face, I couldn’t tell if there was warning or concern in his voice.




Until late at night, the lights in the Marquis of Blanche’s office would not go out.


Sybel pulled out the will he’d been studying all day.


“The old man used his head quite well.”


There was even a hint of admiration in his voice.


The dowry was unexpected.


This meant that Sybel would not be able to send his dear sister away to a monastery, nor would he be able to dispose of her before her marriage under the guise of an accident.


“My lord, I have the documents you requested.”


An aide arrived in his office with a stack of papers.


Only then did Sybel’s gaze drift away from the will.


“Go ahead…….”


“You are officially the ruler of House Blanche, as you wished…….”


“Yes, as I have desired for so long.”


Sybel continued as he scribbled away at the letter.


“Except that the stupid wench, who has nothing but noble blood in her veins, stole the gold from my pocket.”


His expression was so calm, but the aide recognized the anger in the words.


Soon, Sybel, who had sealed the letter, shoved it into the aide’s hand.


A purple letter envelope sprinkled with pearl dust.


It was addressed to the royal palace.


“Since the succession to the title has been confirmed, we should talk about business with the royal family in earnest. At this point, I have to ask if His Highness is interested in welfare work.”




A nervous retort followed.


He knew full well that neither Sybel nor the prince were interested in welfare.


“Yes, if there’s a lot of money that’s about to be returned to society, wouldn’t His Royal Highness be interested?”


The aide didn’t bother to ask what was behind the words.


He simply bowed briefly and hurried off to send the letter.


As the aide retreated, Sybel’s gaze fell on the portrait of the first Marquis on the wall.


It was a gentle portrait, but Sybel thought it looked down on him disapprovingly.


“To hold on to her until the day you died. Was Belinda that important to you, Father?”


He scoffed sarcastically.


He looked up at the Marquis in the portrait and whispered.


“I’m not going to let you have your way, father.”


After all, you are already dead, a corpse in the ground.


Chapter Four


After a long time, I woke up feeling very refreshed.


Of course, the news that a mover had injured his back while carrying my luggage the day before was enough to make me happy.


But that wasn’t the only reason for my good mood.




An old, quaint, two-story stone mansion towered in front of me.


Although it had been carefully renovated in recent days, I couldn’t help but notice that the building itself was so old that it gave off an eerie vibe.


Moreover, the trees in the garden surrounding the mansion were all dead, making the mansion’s atmosphere even more gloomy.


“You mean this is the annex?”


I couldn’t hide my shock at the appearance of the annex located quite far from the main building.


The maid who had escorted me here took in my complexion and began to fidget.


“Yes, miss. With a little more maintenance, I’m sure…….”


“Open the door. I want to look inside.”


The maid trembled as she opened the front door of the annex.


Ah, tears blind my vision.


This spacious mansion is my home!


Despite its old exterior, the interior has been well maintained. The central hall was clean enough to be used immediately, and all of the furniture was in excellent condition.


I imagined a small cabin-like structure when they said annex, but I never thought it would be this grand mansion.


Thank you, my Marquis uncle!


I brushed past the maid and started exploring every nook and cranny of the mansion.






What was that heart-wrenchingly cute scream?


I turned my head and looked down.


Leo had followed me and was clinging to my leg like a koala.

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