Lei Lei shouted, “Hurry up and release my acupoints, release my acupoints! I’m going to lose all my blood!”

The young master looked at her for a while, then retracted his sword and sheathed it. Then he stretched out his hand and released her acupoints. Lei Lei immediately touched her neck and found that there was no blood. This gave her great relief.

Master Tie said, “Young Master Xiao, be careful. This witch speaks strangely, it could be another trick by the Qian Yue Cave!”

The young master nodded and felt the need to investigate thoroughly, “Who are you? Where did you come from?”

Even I don’t know who I am. Lei Lei replied, “I’m from Guyan Village.”

Seeing the rough clothing on her body, the young master believed it a bit, “Let’s go.”

Everyone turned around.

Knowing that they were decent people, Lei Lei was not afraid anymore. She quickly jumped up from the ground and rushed forward to grab the young master’s sleeve, “You hurt me but you want to leave just like this?”

The young master frowned, “Let go.”

Lei Lei tilted her head to show proof, “My neck, look!”

For the first time in his life, he was being blackmailed. The young master was a little speechless, “It’s just a superficial wound.”

Since the other party had a bad attitude when admitting they were wrong, Lei Lei was even angrier, “A superficial wound is still a wound! Arresting people is right, but I’m innocent and now I’ve been hurt by you, so you need to take responsibility!”

The young master frowned, “Butler Zhao.”

The old man in blue looked contemptuous. He took out two ingots of silver and threw them over, “Take them and go see a doctor.”

Lei Lei caught them.

The young master’s eyes suddenly flashed, “Are you really from the village?”

Lei Lei nodded, “Yes.”

The young master grabbed her wrist and smiled coldly, “A village girl would have such hands like these?”

This was bad, she would be slaughtered as a villain. Lei Lei started to sweat and faltered, “I’m not originally from here. In fact, I don’t know how I ended up in the village.” Seeing that he did not believe it, she hurriedly added, “It’s because I fell off a cliff yesterday and can’t remember anything.” Damn, she lost her memory twice in a day.

The young master let go of her, “You’re full of nonsense!”

“It’s not nonsense, it’s true!” Lei Lei was eager to find evidence but unfortunately, identification cards were not popular here. What the folks in Guyan Village could confirm was that her name was “Chun Hua”. Lei Lei would rather die than be “Chun Hua” in front of such a handsome man, so she laid it out, “It’s like this, my name is Lei Lei. I came to visit relatives in Jinjiang City three months ago and had been chased by a group of unknown people. I had no choice but to flee to this village…”

The young master said, “Didn’t you lose your memory?”

Lei Lei choked, “Yes, it seems… this is all I remember.”

Next to him, Butler Zhao snorted, “Young Master, be careful. This woman’s origins are unknown and she’s full of lifes trying to deceive us for money.”

These words reminded Lei Lei. That was right, what could such little money do? To make sure that she had enough for food and clothing, she immediately wiped her eyes with her sleeve and burst into tears.

The young master was stunned, “You…”

“Young Master investigate clearly!” Crying loudly, Lei Lei rushed towards the young master, “What I say is true. I only remember that someone wanted to kill me and then I fell off the cliff. Young Master is a good person, please help me!”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Seeing her rushing over, the young master was on guard and thought it was a trick. As soon as she gave herself away, he would send her flying west with a flick of his palm. By the time he realised this woman was not malicious, she was already hugging him firmly. He was immediately at a loss. In addition, he had a fixation with cleanliness by nature and his conditioned reflex was to push her away. He was helpless as she was hugging him tightly and he could not break free.

Taking into account his image and demeanour, he had to endure it, “Let go first!”

Lei Lei was tearful and was acting shamelessly, “I’m going with you, otherwise, I’ll be killed by them!”

Xiao Xiao’s Phoenix Crying Blade was world-renowned, who dared to be disrespectful? The young master had neve been so helpless, “It’s inconvenient for a man and woman to travel together, this…” He looked at Master Tie.

Since she was being hunted down, who would be willing to take on something so problematic? Master Tie immediately coughed, “Young Miss, don’t worry. With Young Master Xiao of Bai Sheng Shan Village deciding for you, he will definitely bring you justice in the future.” Then he turned to the young master, “Thank you very much for your assistance, Young Master Xiao. I’ll take my leave first and send a letter to report this matter to Leader He afterwards.”

Without waiting for an answer, he led his subordinates to take the big bag of money away.

“Let go.”


“You!” Apart from the witches from Qian Yue Cave, there was actually such a thick-skinned girl. The young master did not know what to say for a while. His handsome face reddened slightly and he was somewhat at a loss.

Lei Lei observed closely. A blushing handsome man was such a nice sight.

Butler Zhao’s fingers trembled, “In… In broad daylight…”

Lei Lei said intentionally, “What?” Robbing a civilian man by force in broad daylight?

Butler Zhao stomped his foot, “Shameless! Still not letting go yet? Don’t drag down our Young Master’s reputation!”

“There really is someone wanting to kill me,” Lei Lei cried bitterly. She held the young master tighter and tighter, rubbing her face against his chest. “If you leave me here, I’ll die. Young Master, save me!” What are you so anxious about me hugging him, old man!

Butler Zhao was speechless.

The young master’s face darkened and he grit his teeth to maintain his demeanour, “If you’re really being hunted down, I’ll take you to meet Leader He and bring you justice. If you don’t let go, then don’t blame me for being rude.”

Be as rude as you want. Lei Lei ignored the threat.

Being strong in one area and weak in another, the young master had never met such a piece of work. Just what was he supposed to do with her? He barely managed to suppress his anger, “We’re rushing back to the village now. Since you insist on coming with us, then follow us back first, alright?”

“Really?” Lei Lei was suspicious.

The young master did not answer.

“Our Young Master’s promise is weightier than a thousand bars of gold. Hurry up and let go!” Butler Zhao raged.

Relieved, Lei Lei loosened her hands, “Let’s go.”

A tall burgundy horse was quickly selected. Lei Lei was willing to try new things. She tried five times to get on the horse, but the horse would immediately raise its neck and snort softly, making her roll down in fright.

The young master caught her, his mouth twitching, “Butler Zhao…”

Butler Zhao had already mounted his horse. “It’s getting late, this old one will go ahead first to see if there’s a small shop or something and arrange lunch.” He patted his horse and left.

Seeing that the two other servants patted their horses and left, Lei Lei came back to her senses. She looked at the young master next to her with an unpleasant expression. She laughed, “I didn’t know that horses were actually so difficult to ride.”

The young master glanced at her then leapt straight on his horse.

Lei Lei panicked and rushed over to hug his long leg, “Hey, hey, don’t leave me. You promised!”

The young master felt powerless and stretched out his hand.

That hand was very slender and beautiful. Lei Lei was stunned for a while before she regained her senses and quickly handed over her own inelegant hand. As soon as she raised her hand, Lei Lei felt her body soar into the air. In a blur, she was already sitting behind him.

The horse’s back wobbled and she quickly hugged the young master’s waist.

“Let go.”

“No, no, I’m going to fall!”

The sunshine was warm and the cool breeze carried an earthy smell, and there was also the scent from the young master’s body.

“Where’s your home?”

“Bai Sheng Shan Village.” The young master’s tone was unwavering. They had only ridden on horseback for over a li, but the person behind him screamed again and again. He had to slow down gradually to adapt to her and in the end, it turned into a stroll but the woman still was not satisfied yet.

(TLN: One li is about half a kilometre.)

“Is it very far away?”

There was actually someone who did not know about Bai Sheng Shan Village. The young master was slightly taken aback, “About three days’ journey.” He paused, then continued, “At this rate, it’s likely to take five or six days.”

They had to ride on horseback for several days? Lei Lei cried secretly, and said, “How should I address you?”

The young master said calmly, “Xiao Bai.”

How could a “Xiao Bai” be missing from a landmine genre story?! Lei Lei was in a good mood and suddenly felt that the name “Chun Hua” was actually not bad. She said, “Good name, good name!”

(TLN: The young master’s name is 萧白. MC calls him 小白. Both are pronounced Xiao Bai with slightly different intonation on the first character. MC’s version is a common term used to describe handsome young men.”)

The young master ignored the compliment. “Where does your family live?”

Having learnt her lesson, Lei Lei immediately shook her head, “I forgot, I’ve lost my memory.”

The young master could not help but frown and sigh. It seemed like the only way was to take her back to the village first.

Infected by this sigh, Lei Lei began to feel uneasy. As a time-travelling woman, how could she win the favour of the hero in the landmine genre novel? She could not recall any poetry off the top of her head, so why not sing a song?!

“I’ll sing a song for you.”

No answer.

Clearing her throat, Lei Lei was about to open her mouth—

A loud and resounding roar suddenly sounded from the nearby mountain and a song shook the sky, “The east is red, the sun is rising. The martial arts world has brought forth He Tai Ping…”

Lei Lei was immediately struck by a landmine.

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