After drinking almost all of his coffee, Lu Jin’s cup was suddenly full again.

He probably knew that Lin Yan was in a bad mood, so he didn’t say anything to provoke him and just slowly sipped his coffee.

Lin Yan withdrew his hand and moved a bit further away from him, then turned to ask the clerk, “Can we leave now?”

The clerk hesitated to answer.

If she said no, Lin Yan had already finished his drink.

If she said yes, it would be too perfunctory.

The clerk froze slightly when he met Lin Yan’s persuasive eyes, and quickly took out the mission item and handed it to him: “Have a good day.”

The mission item was a delicate coffee cup.

Lin Yan hooked the handle of the cup and asked him, “Are you also a cup?”

Lu Jin had completely forgotten what he had just said and replied, “Huh? I don’t know.”

Lin Yan felt that his blood pressure had risen a bit: “Didn’t you just say that you came here to see…your destined person.”

Lu Jin thought for a moment and realized that he had indeed said that: “Oh, do you believe that?”

[Laughing so hard that I want to die, Lin Yan: My fist is hardened]

[Why do I feel that Lin Yan is a little easy to get angry when facing Lu Jin hahaha.]

[I have to ask Lu Jin, why is he so eager to get a beating?]

[When you drink coffee with someone, it’s polite to take a sip.]

[Lu Jin’s old fans know that he’s very careful about the things he eats. He will never eat anything that others have touched before…]

Lin Yan walked away quickly.

Lu Jin called out to him from behind, “Don’t you want to know what my mission item is?”

Lin Yan didn’t turn his head back: “It’s none of my business.”

Lu Jin caught up with him in a few steps, “Don’t be angry.”

Lin Yan wanted to tell him to stay away from him, but he caught sight of the cameraman and swallowed his words back.

After all, this is a live broadcast, and not at home.

Lin Yan was thinking about what to say when suddenly a handful of balloons were stuffed into his hand.

Lu Jin: “Sharing half of it with you, don’t be angry.”

Lin Yan paused, “Are you too lazy to hold it?”

Lu Jin choked, “Don’t you think it’s romantic for me to share half of the fun with you?”

Lin Yan said without emotion: “It’s kind of annoying.”

Lu Jin: “…”

[Lu Jin’s expression of doubting life is really funny. You have it coming!]

[The two of them get together to torture each other. Let’s see who can drive the other crazy 2333]

Although Lin Yan said it was annoying, he didn’t return the balloon

In fact, Lu Jin has sent him more than one thing in the past three years. Every holiday, he would receive his express delivery.

Sometimes it was a set of new toys, such as a pile of “magic powder” to summon a doll.

Sometimes it was health products.

The gift Lin Yan most wanted to return was the elderly high-calcium milk powder. The old couple with gray hair smiled at him.

The packaging had a few big words printed on it: Prevent Premature Aging and Dementia.

Lin Yan called him and asked him what the gift meant.

But Lu Jin said: “This milk powder tastes great. Try it. Delicious food is not limited to age groups, don’t discriminate against middle-aged and elderly people.”

Lin Yan: “…”

Lu Jin didn’t like gifts being returned, so Lin Yan could only give something in return so as not to owe him.

Lin Yan habitually accepted the balloon stuffed by Lu Jin.

Although holding it was a bit annoying.

They walked out of the alley, and there were many more people on the street.

There were quite a few young girls who came after watching the live broadcast and waved at them, calling out their names.

Lu Jin liked interacting with his fans, so he waved back

When the fans saw that he responded, they became even more excited and waved even more vigorously, “Ahhhhhhh!”

Seeing him waving endlessly, Lin Yan clicked his tongue and said: “How about setting up a platform for you? There are more and more people.”

Lu Jin smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I have arrangements.”

Just as he finished speaking, the sound of a motorcycle engine roared in the street. In the blink of an eye, the motorcycle deftly weaved through the crowd and parked on the side of the road.

Lin Yan glanced around, but couldn’t count how many motorcycles had parked there.

“Did you call all the nearby motorcycle taxis here?”

Lu Jin said modestly: “No, not all of them.”

Lin Yan looked away.

Lu Jin: “There are still people who are carrying passengers and haven’t called.”

Lin Yan: “…”

Lu Jin pointed to the rubbish, “Choose whichever you want!”

This demeanor and movement seemed to be looking at the mountains and rivers he had laid down.

Lin Yan directly refused: “I’m not going.”

Lu Jin stopped him: “They’ve come all the way here.”

Lin Yan: “Give me a reason why I must go.”

Lu Jin thought for three seconds and said, “It’s lonely to be on the headlines alone. We have a relationship where we’ve exchanged tokens of love, so I’ll share the headlines with you.”

“No need,” Lin Yan said discreetly, “I don’t think we need to have any kind of relationship.”

Lu Jin’s expression suddenly became sad.

Lin Yan: “…”

They stalled for half a minute.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Lin Yan pulled up his collar to cover half of his face before picking the nearest motorcycle.

The driver handed him a helmet.

Lin Yan endured putting on the helmet, not knowing how many people had worn it before.

“Sit tight, we’re about to take off!”

As soon as Lu Jin got on the motorcycle, they both set off, creating a rather spectacular scene.

Lin Yan held on to the balloon tightly, and for a moment he really wanted to let go.

But when he thought that he would be annoyed by Lu Jin for a long time if he let go, he swallowed his anger and grabbed the strings tightly.

Lin Yan caught a glimpse of another balloon out of the corner of his eye and turned his head to the other side.

Just as he lifted his head, he heard Lu Jin calling out to him with a smile, “Lin Yan.”

The sound was loud enough, Lin Yan would be deaf if he pretended not to hear, so he had no choice but to respond: “What?”

Lu Jin: “Aren’t you happy to go for a ride with me?”

Lin Yan turned his head expressionlessly, thinking: Why should I care about him?

[Has Teacher Lu never ridden a motorcycle before? Why is he so happy?]

[Maybe it’s because he finally got someone else into a trending topic…]

[I checked Weibo and it’s already trending: #Lu Jin invites Lin Yan to ride a motorcycle with him#]

[Is that all? I saw a post that said, “Lu Jin throwing money around just for him…”]

[You’re not keeping up? The media is all over this!]

Lu Jin’s mission coordinates were not too far from the cafe.

Not long after the motorcycle drove, it stopped in front of a flower shop.

Lu Jin can complete the mission by himself, which was flower arrangement.

This disappointed viewers who wanted to see the two-person mission, but they quickly forgot their disappointment..

Lu Jin’s appearance of seriously arranging flowers was incredibly handsome.

His floral shirt unexpectedly matched well in the flower shop, but his handsome facial features overwhelmed the beauty of the room and created a unique scenery.

Lin Yan didn’t enter the flower shop as it was too small and instead stood outside quietly watching him.

Lu Jin appeared to sense something and turned his head, his eyes were smiling at him.

Lin Yan was startled and slightly averted his gaze.

Ten minutes later, the store manager wrapped the arranged flowers and handed them to Lu Jin.

Lu Jin has never learned how to arrange flowers, but he has good aesthetics. This flower bouquet was quite well put together.

Lu Jin took the bouquet and naturally handed it to Lin Yan.

Lin Yan: “?”

The corners of Lu Jin’s lips curled up: “It’s for you. Don’t be too happy.”

Lin Yan: “…”

Lu Jin said again: “Of course, the next step is to reveal the answer. Is my destined person really you? Whether it is or not, this bouquet of flowers is a consolation prize.”

Seeing that Lin Yan didn’t reach out his hand, Lu Jin simply took action and stuffed the flowers into Lin Yan’s arms.

Lin Yan: “…”

He held the flowers in his arms, with fruit and balloons in his hands.

He had never carried so many things even while shopping before.

The mission items were packed in a box.

Lu Jin solemnly opened it, took a quick look inside, and immediately closed it.

The box was closed just as Lin Yan was about to peek inside: “?”

Lu Jin’s expression was a bit indescribable, he glanced at Lin Yan, “Don’t worry, this is the result you wanted.”

What Lin Yan wanted was that they were not in the same group.

He didn’t expect happiness to come so quickly.


“Of course, you don’t believe me?”

“You just lied to me.”

“The past is the past, the present is the present.”

No matter what Lin Yan said, Lu Jin refused to open the box again.

Seeing that it was getting late, Lin Yan didn’t want to argue with him anymore and called a car to go back to the villa.

Of course, Lu Jin followed him

Lin Yan turned around: “Why are you following me?”

Lu Jin: “One car is more environmentally friendly.”

Lin Yan: “…”

If he didn’t let him in, he will become unfriendly to the environment.

Even so, it was really hard to get in the car with a bunch of balloons.

They finally managed to squeeze themselves and the balloons into the car. When the rabbit balloon rubbed against Lin Yan’s face, he felt deeply exhausted.

How could it be so tiring to just have one more person?

The cameramen failed to keep up with the car.

They watched helplessly as Lin Yan and Lu Jin crowded into the car with balloons, and then the car sped away.

[I just came from another live broadcast room and saw them fighting for the seat with the balloons.]

[The other live broadcast rooms really have a romantic atmosphere, Huang Ying is really gentle and sweet, and Jiang Didi is also very lively and cute. They are all very good at promoting themselves. The topic always turns to love.]

[But just now, when they looked at each other, I felt something.]

[Actually, giving flowers is also very romantic!]

[They also have shared coffee here! (Although Teacher Lu drank two cups by himself)]

[Sharing the balloon = I will share half of the good luck with you. (Although Teacher Lin finds it annoying)]

[Making headlines with you. (Although it got laughed at.)]

[Beauty saves the hero. (Although the hero climbed the tree and couldn’t get down)]

[Give a token of love (Although it got eaten)]

As they summed up their experience, the live stream room fell silent for a moment.

Until someone weakly raised their hand.

[I think there’s still a lot of sweetness in it…]

[That is, I always feel that something is wrong :)]

[From another perspective, it’s pretty sweet, you’re making trouble, and even though my blood pressure is rising, I’m still accompanying you 2333]

[Teacher Lin can be said to be really indulgent.]

The very indulgent Teacher Lin was completely clueless about it.

Right now, he was regretting his decision to join the “Love Variety” program.

If he hadn’t joined, he wouldn’t have met Lu Jin.

If he hadn’t joined, he wouldn’t have been in a situation where he was forced to stand close to Lu Jin while trying to untangle the ropes of the balloons they were both holdings.

Lu Jin lowered his head and tried to untangle the balloons for a while before helplessly saying, “I think they have some thoughts of their own.”

Lin Yan’s face darkened: “What thought?”

Lu Jin: “To replace us in doing business.”

Lu Jin patted the balloons that were entangled, “You can see how intimate they are.”

Lin Yan: “…”

“Teacher Lin.” A slightly familiar voice came from behind.

Lin Yan followed the sound, and it was Qi Wen.

Qi Wen held a doll in his hand and looked at the lingering balloons with complicated eyes.

He remembered the rumors of their disagreement, and subconsciously blurted out: “Are you two really that intense?”

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