The moon and stars were beautiful in the cloudless night sky. I couldn’t believe it was so clear and beautiful on the day I was saying goodbye to them. Even in my drunken state, I would clearly remember the brilliance of the clear night for a long time.

“You’re leaving alone? No, that’s dangerous.”

“This Vidos estate is well secured, and… um… if Belle allows it, can I ask your knights to escort me to the estate?”

I looked at Damian, who started to say no. Even though they said it was dangerous, they didn’t seem to mind the idea of an escort.

“Ha… How long will you be staying?”

“At least a year? No… three years?

Could I be without them for that long?

Even if I can’t, being away from them for at least that long will help these feelings fade. Would I be able to face them after all those years with their respective spouses without crying?

Eventually, I shook my head and spoke again.

“… No… Ten years would be good.”

“Sis, I think you’re too drunk. Aren’t you dizzy?”

Damian reached out to put his hand on my forehead in concern at my suggestion of living away from the estate for a decade. However, his hand never reached me. I stumbled backward, moving away from him.


“Drunk, but not too drunk to not understand what I’m talking about.”

I stared into Damian’s golden eyes in front of me, and even then, they shone like the moon high above. Though the man who owned them seemed oblivious to that fact, his expression hardened as he tried to decipher the meaning of my words.

“You’re leaving us?”

A cold voice came from behind me. I wondered if he wanted to scold his sister for suddenly announcing that she was going to run away. Being scolded by Bellamy is a little scary for me too…

“Why did you suddenly come up with such an idea?”

This wasn’t the same Belle who was usually so friendly. His cold eyes could turn a breeze into a chill, and his somber state seemed to be sending a warning. If I’d known this was coming, I would have brought some more booze.

“Why are you thinking about leaving…”

“You need to trust us more.”

His words, at the time I was sexually assaulted by the Count, and my spirit was shattered, echoed through my mind.

“I can’t betray the people who put their faith in me.”

“What do you mean ‘betrayal’? Don’t you think you owe me an explanation?”

“Bellamy, Damian. You told me the other day.”

What they said before we left the annex three years ago…

“You told me I can do whatever I want, so I’m going alone. Let me go.”

At that moment, Bellamy walked up to me and placed a strong hand around my shoulder. My eyes widened at the pressure.

Even if it kind of hurt, I loved his touch. I must have lost my mind. How could I feel this way about them?

Tears welled up in my eyes, not from the pain, but from the frustration around this situation.

“I told you not to jump to conclusions and act on your impulses. Everything is fine, so don’t run away!”

He fiercely shorted as he held onto my shoulders, and I cowered at his yell.

“Do you think I’m doing this because I want to run away?”

“Then, don’t run away. Just stay here. Okay?”

“What am I supposed to do?”

The tears that had escaped my eyes rolled to my chin. I unintentionally took out my frustrations on them. They hadn’t done anything wrong. It was all my fault that I couldn’t get over them.

“Why did you tell me I could do anything, why! Keukk…”


“Why did you make me covet what I can’t have, why… Why did you make me run away when I couldn’t handle it… Kheukk…”

“What do you mean ‘covet what you can’t have’?”

Belle repeated my words, but how could I tell them the truth?

“Sis, we didn’t say it lightly either. It’s okay. Tell me, who did this to you? Do you want me to maim them or kill them?”

Damian wiped away my tears as he spoke in a sweet tone despite the danger of his words. It made me flinch a little.

“Ha, so what’s the problem? Should I just kill them all?”

“… You’d abandon me if you knew what I wanted.”

“Rose, look at me.”

The Orca brothers were unimaginably angry and pushy when I told them I’m leaving. They say I’m part of this family, and they’d kill to keep me from leaving, but I can’t stay because the meaning of our love has changed.

My tear-filled eyes locked with Bellamy’s dangerous eyes.

“Whatever you want, I’ll do it. I swear on my life.”


The look on these men’s faces was so genuine. I can’t believe I’m about to put my life on the line by talking about this. However, Bellamy’s words shook me. I could hear the devil’s force whispering in my mind.

I looked at him again, despair written all over my face. No matter how much I begged, he wouldn’t listen. I hated that all I could see were his lips.

When it occurred to me that I might as well leave them, that I might be abandoned, I made my move without hesitation.

“Then, take me.”

I lunged for his lips, gripping his collar.


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