“Are you leaving the day after tomorrow?” Grand Duke Friedrich gently laid down the fork and knife. He grabbed a glass of wine, swirled it around a few times, and brought it to his mouth.

“Yes, father,” Elena replied. She was sitting to his left, with the Grand Duke at the head of the long table. As it was their official dinner table, they needed to look like a loving father and daughter for the maid and cook.

“It’s been two years since you have last been there. Will it be hard for you to follow along?”

“I learned a lot from Liv while I was resting.”

Grand Duke’s gaze turned towards Liabrick, sitting to his right, “You must have had a lot of trouble.”

“I just did what I had to do.”

As Elena listened to their conversation, she cut the steak into bite-sized pieces and placed it in her mouth.

I won’t have to see these disgusting faces for a while.

All students of the academy are required to live in the dormitories regardless of their status. 

Unless I have a specific reason, I will not encounter the Grand Duke or Liabrick.

However, Elena doesn’t intend to relax while she spends her time there. She will lay the foundation for her revenge while Liabrick neglects surveillance.

Considering early graduation, the time given to me is at most a year or so.

In theory, Elena must take another year, excluding her two years off from school, to graduate, but she is an exception. Since she is the only successor to the Grand Duke, she received the privilege of obtaining her diploma, even if she lacked credits. In the end, the success of the revenge plan depended on how she used her time over the year.

After the formal dinner, Elena and Liabrick had tea time to check any issues before leaving tomorrow.

“As you can see, you have fewer credits for graduation than others, even without your years off. I will tell the Dean separately, so make sure to take one more major and liberal arts subject.”

“I know.”

“I say it every time, but always be alert. You need to be upright. If something is difficult to handle, don’t deal with it alone, but talk to me first. Do you understand?”

“Of course, Liv. Don’t worry too much, I can do well.”

Elena nodded and showed her will. Liabrick thought she was reliable, but her questioning look didn’t fade from her face.

Liabrick wouldn’t be concerned if she had attached Sir Lorence because he could have had some control over Elena in the worst-case scenario. In the end, the best option was for her to receive regular reports from Anne, the maid assigned as the watcher.

“For maids, take Anne and Lunarin,” Liabrick commanded. She believed that they are the best because Anne is the assigned watcher, while Lunarin has a lot of experience as the eldest.

“Liv, you know… Anne is okay, but can I take May, not Lunarin?”


“She learned her work under Madame and I really like her skills. She is well suited to my liking.”

Liabrick didn’t like it very much, but considering the relationship, she thought it wasn’t a bad idea. She believed as long as Elena took Anne it wouldn’t matter who else went with her. Anne can periodically report her actions, so that was enough.

“Do what you want princess. Okay, take May,” Liabrick patronized Elena.

“I thought Liv would understand. Thank you,” Elena said, pretending to be as happy as a child over her request being honored.

I want to separate from Anne as much as possible, but if I force her, Liabrick will become suspicious.

As long as she was accompanied by Anne, it couldn’t be helped that some of Elena’s actions were going to be restricted. This is the part she needs to be patient and endure. During this time, Liabrick will be aiming for her anticipated profits.

Reassurance soon brings offense.

Liabrick would consider Elena to be under her control, just by having Anne by Elena’s side. Elena was thinking about digging into the cracks of vigilance that Liabrick’s faith had brought. 

Elena returned to her room after being nagged to be careful at the academy.

“Everyone, come in.” 

Lunarin, Misa, Anne, and May lined up. Elena scanned their faces and said, “Anne and May will go to the academy with me. So, now that you know, go and get ready.”

As if the call was her pleasure, Anne’s lips started fluttering. May had a complicated face, but it was difficult to guess her feelings from the expression alone. The expressions of Lunarin and Misa, who were not chosen, were regretful. However, as it was not a topic to complain about, they swallowed their regret.

“Everyone get out. May, stay back for a while.”

When the three other maids were released, only Elena and May were left in the room. Elena broke the awkward, yet heavy silence.

“You still haven’t made a decision?”


Elena lightly smiled as she looked at May standing in front of her. On that day, May didn’t make her choice with Elena’s proposal, which broke common sense and morality, and she couldn’t judge what was right or wrong.

Elena told her that she will give her time to think, and May realized that his daughter, Princess Veronica, had released the one who wanted to kill her father. That was an unprecedented shock. She couldn’t understand why a child would want to kill their parent unless they hated them.

May reviewed the conversation over and over again she had with Elena. Today, Elena hoped to hear the answer that would end her worries.

“I guess you still haven’t made your decision. Okay, we will go to the academy together, so think about it slowly. I will wait.”


“Be sure to remember that the hatred I have is as good, or even greater than yours. You may leave.”

May didn’t move when she was told to go outside. She stood there, holding her hands and feet together like a stone statue.

May’s discontent lips opened, “I don’t know what kind of person the princess is. Why do you say this? Why do you keep me by your side?”

The words flowing from her mouth, which were difficult to say, expressed her confused heart.

Elena smiled to not burden her, then spoke to reassure her, “There is no need to be impatient. You can also see and judge with your own eyes.”

Elena waited for May to come to her without rushing. When Elena gets to the academy, she’ll have a lot of work to do. She needed someone to become her hands and feet to move. Even if it took some more time, she recognized May as the enemy’s enemy and was waiting to extend her hand.

In the end, May, who couldn’t make a choice, said her goodbyes and left the room. Left alone Elena sat on the window sill. When she opened the window and looked up, the moonlight of the full moon poured in.

When that moon goes down…

Elena reached out and clenched her fists as if she was trying to grab the moonlight.

My time is coming.

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