I brought it along just in case, but I never thought I’d use it.




I glared at the servant, unable to relax my gaze. He raised both hands and hesitated.




Now I just had to hold him off until the servants arrived, and if he tried to escape, I would shoot him.




Soon he heard footsteps he had been waiting for, and then the door to the common room swung open. I heard someone enter and was about to shout, “Stop him!” when my eyes locked on Titus, who hurriedly opened the door.




I muttered to myself in disbelief at his sudden appearance.



“ Titus……, why you?”




Titus’ gaze fell on the fallen man and the servant held his hand over him. His face contorted into demonic grimace.




I knew then for the first time that a human’s face could turn red so quickly.






“This scumbag……!”




He shouted harshly and swung his fist. In a split second, his fist slammed into the servant’s face. Between the fist and the face, there was a sound like stone on stone.












The servant didn’t even get a chance to scream before being thrown into the distance. The servant crumpled to the floor like a rag.




Isn’t he dead?




I clamped my hands over my mouth. He didn’t budge, so I walked over to the servant and grabbed him by the throat.





Even if I hadn’t died from the previous blow, I felt I would if I took another.




His back shakes with rage, like a volcano ready to erupt at any moment. He didn’t know how to calm that massive rage.




I first called him hesitantly.








At that moment, his behavior stopped. I stared at him, startled, and forgot what I was meant to say.




Titus dumped the limp servant on the floor in his grasp and rushed toward me.




His expression was strange, contorted with concern and pain as he looked at me.




He dropped to one knee in front of me, not even bothering to crumple his clothes, and his violet eyes swept over me.




“Are you okay? Did something happen?”


Titus’s voice was ticklish and cautious, like downy. My fumbling hands wandered around, unable to reach me, unsure of what to do.




I held up the small mana gun in my hand as if it were no big deal.




“Didn’t you see I pointed a gun at you?”




He rolled his eyes. I sighed heavily and ran a hand through my hair.




“Haa.. You’re shaking.”




“No way.”




I looked down at my hands. He was right. My hands shake slightly. Probably because I’d lost strength from the tension.




“You’re not scared, you’re just nervous.”




“Okay, okay. I’m planning to take a break.”




He sighed and nodded. He didn’t believe me at all.




He gently touched my shoulder with his large hand. His light touch sent a shiver down my spine.




How much strength have I lost?




I pushed his hand away and scrambled to my feet.




God, my limbs felt so heavy. I collapsed onto the empty couch next to him.




Titus looked at me with dark eyes. He pursed his lips and turned toward the servant again.




“You’re not planning to kill him, are you?”




“I’m not willing to kill him when he hasn’t been properly punished.”




He tiptoed over and flipped the servant over. Against my better judgment, he seemed to check if the servant was dead or alive.


Soon enough, the guards gathered at the door.




“We’ve arrived! So the fight is…….”




Before the guards finished their sentence, Titus pointed at the servant who still hadn’t woken up.




“How dare you use a human like that as a servant?”




“What? Sin, I apologize!”



The guards’ faces turned blue, wondering if he knew what he was sorry for.




“Get him out of here now! I’m planning to take him to your master and give him a hard time.”




“Yes, sir! Ah, yes, sir.”




The guards who had rushed into the room grabbed the stunned servant by the arms and pulled him to his feet. Blood and teeth dripped from his head, which jerked forward.





I clicked my tongue and shook my head.



The guard stormed out of the room, dragging a servant after him. Titus, his temper rising again, approached the door and stopped.



I thought you would leave. What are you doing?




Frightening to think about. He glanced back in my direction, his face grizzled and smiling.




“Do you want me to stay with you?”




“No, I’m fine……. I just came here to talk to this young lady. I’m just resting until she wakes up.”




“Well, don’t say that when you’re tired. I’ll be back after I take over that garbage. Just give me a minute.”




Titus clicked his tongue, wondering what was so unpleasant, and told his escort, who was waiting for him at the door.




“Crouch, you’ll stay here and escort Eupiter the Younger.”




“Yes? And who will accompany you?”




“I’m bigger than you, so who’s escorting who? You’re guarding Ancestor until I get here.”






Crouch made a sickening sound at the irrefutable statement, then nodded.





“I see.”






Titus led the guards outside. Finally, some quiet. Crouch’s small, grumbling voice could be heard in the still air.




“You think I’m just gonna stick around……. I’m just gonna be there to dry him off every time he messes up……. Ugh.”



He swept a hand down his face in frustration. It must be difficult being stuck next to Titus. He’s the most Titus-afflicted person I’ve ever met.




“ Sir Crouch.”





“Ah, yes. Mrs. Ancestor. You have made an unseemly appearance.”




Crouch snapped back to his senses. I opened my mouth impatiently.





“No, it’s not normal for me to be stuck with Titus. Would you mind picking up my necklace from the floor over there? I can’t move it yet.”







“And would you mind guarding the door to ensure no one comes in? I’d like to get some rest.”




“I won’t let anyone in. Don’t worry, get some rest, and if anything happens, call me right away.”




I nodded. Crouch left the necklace lying on the table and left the break room.






The door closed and it was just me and Ms. Claria in this quiet room. Yes, it took too long to be alone.






I looked up at her innocent face, smudged with alcohol. A sigh escaped me.






I leaned back on the couch and muttered tiredly, 


“I’ve had enough.”




“Man, it’s so difficult to have a decent conversation with Youngae……. I’m going to get paid for this.”




There was a lull in the commotion and a few moments passed.






Miss Claria, grunting and groaning with a terrible hangover, opened her booth eyes. She mumbled about being hungover.






“Ugh……. Why are you so loud? My head rings. I feel nauseated. I think I’m going to throw up.”





She sat up and grabbed her head. She had a headache.




If she couldn’t drink like this, why did she drink so much? I clicked my tongue briefly and shook my head.




She soon groped at her neck nape with a panicked hand.




“Oh, my, my necklace!”




“Young-ae’s necklace is over there.”



I pointed to the table. Her eyes widened, as if she recognized me after hearing my voice.





Her gaze followed my fingertips to the necklace.



Miss Claria breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted the necklace. She grabbed the necklace, fearing it would slip away.




“Thank you for letting me know.”



Miss Claria blushed, embarrassed by her initial behavior.



“You look like you’ve had a lot to drink, are you okay?”



“I didn’t drink that much. I’m not an excellent drinker, but I got pretty drunk.”



Her voice trembled toward the end. Her cheeks flushed again, as if she knew she was embarrassed.




I’m glad she realizes it’s embarrassing, though. I sighed deeply.




“Haha, while you were drunk, one of the servants tried to steal your necklace, and I just called the guards to chase him away.”








“If you’re not adept at drinking, maybe you shouldn’t touch alcohol in the future.”








She winced at my tired voice. Her gaze turned favorable, knowing I helped her.



“Did you catch that thief? ……Thank you.”




“I’m a hundred times glad I came to find you because I had something to tell you, otherwise you would have been robbed without moving.”






“Something to tell me?”




“Well, now I can finally introduce myself. I’m Ancestor, Count Eupiter, and that necklace is now mine.”






“Oh, even if you did chase the thief, you might ask him for the necklace in return. Nonsense!”






Miss Claria’s exclamation stung my eardrums, and she clutched me tightly in her arms. She said I would take the necklace then and there.




“You seem to think I’m some kind of robber,” I said, “but I paid for it and bought it legitimately from Viscount Kione, who lent it to House Esna.”








Puzzlement flashed across her face. Her face turned white with embarrassment at being caught with her own necklace on loan.




There was only a week between her father’s invitation and the banquet. She barely had time to mend her clothes and get to Viscount Kione’s to bargain.



And this young lady should thank me for that. Very much.



“And here’s a guarantee, handwritten by Viscount Kione himself.”



I pulled the guarantee out of my bosom and showed it to her. She flipped through the guarantee with a puzzled look on her face.


After a moment of silence, I opened my mouth.


“How much did I pay for that necklace?”




She said in a groggy voice.




“Well, how would I know……. You must have spent an astronomical amount.”




“No. I didn’t spend much.”










I blurted out in a mischievous voice, amused by Ms. Claria’s reaction.




“It’s a knockoff of that necklace.”










Oh, my God, I thought Miss Claria’s eyes would roll back in her head.




You really surprise many people.



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