Chapter 9: The First World (9) [Part 2]


Once when Ji Mo had to go home, she gave Chu Wei a message, then the time ticked off at half past ten and Chu Wei’s friend came to pick her up.


The person who came was a slightly fat man called Xie Chuang. Outside, he appeared to be Chi Wei’s friend and former classmate, but Ji Mo later discovered that he was a hacker and, at the same time, an admirer of Chu Wei’s best friend who was killed by a misogynist murderer before.


Ji Mo also learned that Xie Chuang’s grandparents’ house was located on the upper floor of a building just above the alley. It was also the house where the ‘stealing of dried fish’ happened.


“So, the dried fish thing being stolen is just an excuse, and the hidden intention is to install a surveillance camera?”


System No. 444: [Do you want to know about why Chu Wei was able to find the exact location of the misogynist murderer throughout the whole plot?]


“Is it because of Xie Chuang?” Ji Mo blurted out subconsciously. She thought of how Chu Wei can find the exact locations of the killer in the latter part of the plot, and this kind of thing can only be accomplished with a hacker by her side.


System No. 444: [You guessed it right. This Xie Chuang can also be the bridge to stop Chu Wei from blackening.]


Ji Mo said softly, “Other people’s systems can help them check this and that on the internet and break different kinds of firewalls. 444, why can’t you do the same?”


[I’m your superior and not your tool, okay? You need to work hard to do the mission. When the time comes, you can access some secret manuals about different kinds of computer skills and you can learn them as long as you want. Relying on others is not good than relying on yourself. What is the difference between you and a salted fish?] System No. 444 had a feeling that he was being looked down upon by Ji Mo, and his heart burned in anger.


TL: Salted fish is a metaphor for a corpse, but can now mean people who have no intention of doing anything.


Du Libing was sentenced to prison for one and a half years. He still held on to his statement that he didn’t intend to kill Ji Mo, and only did it on impulse. In this span of time, Ji Mo’s life could be said to be peaceful, but System No. 444 didn’t confirm if she’s already freed from the danger and catastrophe brought by the small cannon fodder role.


She thought of the role of a small cannon fodder and felt that it was not that easy to alter the fate of a small cannon fodder. It looked like she needed to be on guard all the time.


In a blink of an eye, a year and a half had passed.


Ji Mo clearly sensed that something changed in Chu Wei. It was not obvious on the surface, but the murderous intent coming from her caused her to raise her guard silently.


After being sent home by Chu Wei this day, she looked at Chu Wei’s location in her mind just like before.


She found that Chu Wei didn’t go home directly, but went to Xie Chuang’s grandparent’s house where Xie Chuang lived.


She readied her ears, and immediately focused all her attention on Chu Wei’s side. It didn’t take long before she heard Chu Wei’s voice.


“Xie Chuang, Du Libing is about to be released from prison.”


“Du Libing? Is he the man who tried to kill Ji Mo more than a year ago?”


“Yes, and a person like him is still a scum even after being released. I have studied Du Libing’s psychological condition, and my intuition tells me that his existence will bring another danger to Ji Mo, people like him are just crazy.”


Xie Chuang fell silent for a while and said, “Chu Wei, you can study other people’s psychological condition, why don’t you go and study your own psychological condition?”


“What else do I need to study?” Chu Wei smiled indifferently, “Did you stare at the computer for too long and got your head confused?”


Xie Chuang replied, “Speak, what do you want to do?”


“Is there a problem with the monitoring of Du Libing?”


Xie Chuang: “No.”


Upon hearing these words, Ji Mo’s face turned serious. All this time, Chu Wei had been planning on making a move to Du Libing.


But what Ji Mo didn’t expect was that the next day in the morning, Chu Wei came knocking on the door, saying that she was going to pass by her working place anyway and she could give her a ride this time.


“It’s troublesome, right?” If Ji Mo hadn’t already sat in the co-pilot, her sentence would be more convincing. 


“No, it’s not troublesome.” Chu Wei looked sideways at Ji Mo who was beside her, and something flashed in her eyes.


“Dr. Chu, that person looked like he was going to get out of the prison soon.” Ji Mo intended to test her out.


The car that Chu Wei started turned off, her eyes fell on Ji Mo’s face. She comforted her with a soft voice, “Then I’ll pick you up before and after getting off work. With me by your side, he wouldn’t have the chance to hurt you.”


Ji Mo had this feeling that Chu Wei’s tone was a bit strange. She changed the topic, “Dr. Chu, why did you decide to study medicine?”


“When I was a little, I often saw my grandmother receiving the gratitude of others after curing a person. I wanted to experience it too.”


“According to Granny Zhou’s words, Dr. Chu, your medical skills are very good. With your age, you will definitely shine in the medical field in this life, and you will live a great life.”


Chu Wei shook her head and smiled carelessly, “How could you say it like this?”


“Of course, I really admire Dr. Chu’s ability to save people from the brink of death. Just like when you told me not to be afraid, and with you here by my side, I’m assured that no one can hurt me. I think those patients who met Dr. Chu had the same feeling as me.”


“In this world, it is luck for many people to have a doctor like you, Dr. Chu.”


“I have this feeling that people in the future will remember your existence. You’re so young, you will definitely be able to do it in the future and be a part of history.”


System No. 444: [Host No. 44, did you put honey on your mouth today?]


“444, don’t interrupt me while I’m talking. I’m trying to awaken Dr. Chu’s sense of honor as a doctor and let her know that there are more people in this world who need her. As for that man, he’s just a sick misogynist murderer, not worth her life!”


Host No. 44 has a fierce temper, daring to talk back to her superior.


Ji Mo’s words were sincere, and Chu Wei couldn’t help but look at her for a while. She pursed her lips and smiled. Then she stretched out her hand and pinched Ji Mo’s small face, opened her mouth to ask softly, “You really think so? In your heart, am I like this?”

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