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ꜱʜᴇ ᴅᴏᴇꜱɴ’ᴛ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ꜰᴀᴄᴇ-ʙʟɪɴᴅ ʜᴜꜱʙᴀɴᴅ


Chapter 50: Insistence

The sun shines through the window, but it doesn’t warm him.

The other party insists on becoming a concubine, and Gu Ningxi is speechless.

“Qiniang, it’s not early, I’ll go to the court first, they will send you back to the small courtyard.”

There was a long silence, and Gu Ningxi forced himself to make arrangements for Mo Qiqi, but did not dare to look at her, he then turned around and left, with the corners of his scarlet robe arched.

Mo Qiqi watched in a daze as the immortal-like man in her heart pushed the door open and left, she finally hugged her head and cried, with the sound of ‘Woo-hoo.’ being heard far away, until the maids awkwardly came in to help her up.

“It turns out that brother Xi doesn’t like me, he doesn’t want me… Does that mean that I still can’t live under Madam Xi’s hands. What’s the use of wishing in my previous life then?… How should I live after that?”

Mo Qiqi murmured all the way, her voice was so small that no one could understand it except herself.

In the morning of the same day, Tao Xinhe discovered that the man she thought was harmless, turned out to be a tiger in white rabbit skin.

He bared his fangs and showed full aggression towards her, so she had no choice but to run away.

Through the wide-open door, the glittering daylight dazzled people’s eyes.

Cheng Shicheng held his hands behind his back and quietly watched the beauty run away with her skirts clutched.

However, the unique fragrance of agarwood and sweet-scented osmanthus around her body was faintly lingering in his nose.

After a long time he suddenly said,

“A’Tao, We’ve already reached up to this point, I will not give up.”

Cheng Shicheng rubbed his nose and smiled heartily.

Tao Xinhe returned to the mansion, her ears were still uncomfortable, as if the strange man’s breath was still harassing her, she didn’t even want to eat lunch, so she impulsively said, “I want to take a bath.”, Under Qingfang’s surprised eyes.

Only then did she remember that she was in her ‘Little days’, so she eventually gave up.

She wiped her face and hands, especially vigorously, and then planned to nap in the afternoon.

Tao Xinqiang came over to accompany her with the afternoon snack, and her eyes found the valuable incense box still in Qingfang’s hand, and she was even more surprised,

“Sister, you said you were going to take it away and return it this morning, why did you bring it back again?”

‘This headache was going to be unbearable.’

Tao Xinhe did not want to mention the incense again, but thought of the unfinished business they had this morning, and suddenly said sternly,

“Qiangniang, tell me honestly, what do you think of Cheng Jia?”

Tao Xinqiang glanced over at Qingfang and saw that the girl was tactful. She was holding the incense box and eventually closed the door.

She waited patiently for a while before she finally let go of her courage and approached her sister, ready to tell her heart.

“Eh? Sister, the skin on the base of your ear is broken? How did you do it? Does it hurt?”

“Answer my question!”

Tao Xinhe smoothly touched the side of her ear, and saw that her fingertips were indeed stained with a bit of blood, her heart smiled bitterly, she had a feeling of deja vu for some reason.

Not long ago, because Gu Ningxi held her wrist, she rubbed the skin red and it was painful.

Today, because Ji Changbo whispered in her ear, she rubbed her ears with a cloth towel.

‘Why is it always like this?’

‘Is she punishing herself?’

It’s obvious that those men were the ones who don’t know how to behave, and their behavior is definitely out of proportion.

‘Why does she hurt herself because of this?’

‘Isn’t she the one who was obviously wronged?’

If it wasn’t for her younger sister watching her, Tao Xinhe would have wanted to hug herself.

Tao Xinqiang didn’t think much about it, she lowered her head against her sister’s shoulder, and said shyly,

“Sister, about Cheng Jia, he is indeed very interesting. I had a dream about him one night. But Ning Niang is also very good and nice ah, the two of them were always together, and were always laughing with each other happily. I was just quietly watching them from the side, so sometimes I even sprouted the idea of getting involved with them.”

Tao Xinhe couldn’t listen any longer and stood up violently, she clutched her sister’s wrist that was rubbing her forehead, and asked in a brittle voice,

“You know that they are both betrothed to each other, don’t you? Did Cheng Jia secretly flirt with you? You want to join in? How do you join, do you want to be a concubine or do you want to let Ning Niang be the concubine?”

“No, no, Cheng Jia is very polite with me, it’s just me I didn’t control my thoughts. Sister, don’t worry, listen to me. I know, there is no possibility of being involved with them!”

Tao Xinqiang just started, but her sister’s reaction was so intense, she quickly picked up the key point.

She pulled Tao Xinhe back to the chair, stuffed a soft pillow behind her sister’s back in a fawning manner, and put hot tea in her hand before continuing,

“First of all, my status does not allow it. No matter who I am or Ning Niang, it is impossible for me to become a concubine. Yes, I firmly remember it, so sister, don’t worry. Moreover, once I get involved between them, even if I don’t want to destroy their relationship, it will definitely cause irreparable harm, and I understand.”

Tao Xinhe’s face was cold, her chest was heaving and unsteady, for some reason she suddenly thought of Mo Qiqi, the Mo Qiqi whose appearance was blurred in her mind.

Heh, Gu Ningxi once said that his reason for taking her as a concubine is only to give her shelter, but what about Mo Qiqi? It’s impossible that she also had the idea of just being involved right?

At this time, she was listening to her sister’s confession from the bottom of her heart, but she still felt quite disgusted and impatient,


Tao Xinqiang sighed in an old-fashioned way, and concluded,

“So, I guess, maybe I appreciate men like Cheng Jia. But he already belonged to Ning Niang. So I was thinking of finding another one that’s similar. I have to entrust this matter to you. You know so many people. Just think of Cheng Jia as your basis to help me find a husband. It’s okay right?”

Tao Xinhe wanted to get angry and laugh at the same time, but after a while, she poked her finger on her sister’s forehead and said,

“Qiangniang… I thought you were confused, but you can still speak clearly. Then I thought you were perceptive, but I suddenly heard your childish words, so what can I do with you?”

She also sighed, adjusted the soft pillow to sit more comfortably.

She then looked far away, and softened her tone, then started lecturing her younger sister,

“People have similarities, but it won’t be consistent. Everyone is unique after all. If you observe others with a fixed character set, you will definitely feel awkward everywhere. Therefore, you cannot ask your future husband to be like Cheng Jia, that would be unfair for him, do you understand?”

Tao Xinqiang seemed to finally understand,

“Sister, let’s take you in as an example, you have been a married woman for more than three years, and you never said a bad thing about bro– Gu Sicheng in front of us before. Also, every time you look at Gu Sicheng there is always a light in your eyes.”

“I’m talking about you, why bring him up?”

She was caught off guard after hearing about that man so suddenly, Tao Xinhe’s heart jumped.

She covered her forehead, closed her eyes and groaned, her last four words trailing off.

Tao Xinqiang hurriedly continued,

“Sister, what I was trying to say is that your affection for Gu Sicheng, we all saw it in our eyes. He has always left a mold in your heart, right? After the divorce, you obviously do not want Gu Sicheng anymore, but sister when you look for a husband in the future, won’t the new brother-in-law have the shadow of Gu Sicheng?”

Even though she was sleepy and exhausted, Tao Xinhe still opened her long and narrow eyes to stare at her sister, but she soon glanced at the screen in front of the bed curtain from the corner of her eye.

She could imagine lying down there, wrapped in a soft and warm quilt, and falling asleep quickly.

But Her thoughts seemed to be stuck in the mud.

Tao Xinhe listened to her younger sister analyzing her feelings, but she didn’t bother to respond and refute, she simply replied,

“I don’t want to remarry. It has nothing to do with Gu Sicheng, so don’t mention him in the future. Anyways what I’m saying is that you can’t look at others with a mold in mind. Qiangniang, just take your time.”

After speaking, she yawned weakly, waved her hand softly, and arranged,

“I will talk to you in detail when I finally feel better. Go see your sister-in-law, I’ll visit her later at night.”

After dismissing her sister, Tao Xinhe didn’t wait to take off her coat, she staggered slightly to the side of the bed, letting out a long grunt, almost whimpering.

She raised her legs and lay on her side, then curled herself up into a ball.

She didn’t want to get up.

She just wants to throw away all the complicated thoughts in her mind, and enter the dreamland dully.

Qingfang, who had been guarding outside the house, looked at the exquisite wooden box in her hand, and felt like it was a hot potato.

If she didn’t hold it properly, and it fell or bumped, she wouldn’t be able to pay for it, even if she sold her whole family three times.

‘Submerged water spices.’

She heard that a spice that was as big as a fingernail is worth a tael of gold!

Qingfang thought about it, and was even more puzzled about the situation between Tao Jushi1Jushi: Means layman. It was the address that Tao Xinhe took for herself after her divorce. and Jichang Bo.

This morning, she was chatting and joking with the maids of the Gu mansion in the side room where the servants of the Ji Changbo mansion were staying.

That was when she suddenly heard someone calling her, saying that her master had run outside the gate of the mansion, and told her to run after her.

Qingfang was out of breath and caught up with Tao Jushi.

She wanted to ask her how to dispose of the spices, but after seeing her master’s face, it was so dark that water couldn’t even drip down, the corners of her cheeks tightened, and she could even hear the faint sounds of her teeth ‘clicking‘, as she drew nearer.

So she decided not to ask any further.

After making a sound, she followed Tao Jushi, and climbed into the carriage of the Tao Manor, she neither said goodbye to the host of the Jichang Bo Mansion, nor informed the second household of the Gu family who came with her.

She just decided to go back in silence all the way.

After seeing the third miss leave, she entered the room lightly, only to find that Jushi was already fast asleep.

Qingfang turned her head to think about it, since her master didn’t explain anything, it must be wrong to keep the wooden box everywhere, like just now, didn’t the third girl just open it and smell it?

At that time, Jushi’s expression was very strange, her thin eyebrows were twisted, the corners of her lips were slightly pouting, but her eyes were averted, Qingfang couldn’t understand it.

She went around the room, put the wooden box into a large box with a lock, and then helped Jushi cover herself with the messy quilt.

She then stood by, at the side.

Although sometimes her sleep was unstable, with her body rolling from side to side, and even occasionally leaking words with unclear meanings in her sleep.

Her master still managed to sleep for an entire afternoon, and only woke up when the sun finally set.

Qingfang helped her up, and softly told her,

“Jushi, I’ve put away the spices first, what should I do with them?”

Tao Xinhe was probably still in a daze, with her eyes half-closed.

She leaned against Qingfang weakly, and answered with a pout,

“It’s so annoying. My husband said that the fragrance of aloe water is calming, just like an old grandmother. I don’t like this kind of mild smell.”

As soon as the words fell, Tao Xinhe opened her eyes blankly, she was fully awake now, so she sat up straight, and dared not look at her.

Qingfang didn’t know what to do at the moment.

Tao Xinhe coughed lightly, her thoughts finally clearing up again, and she ordered lightly,

“Then put it away properly first, we can talk about it later. I haven’t dealt with housework for a day, so ask the housekeeper to come over, and I will ask him about the situation.”

Qingfang responded and turned around.

Tao Xinhe looked at the back of her personal maid and said after some thought,

“Qingfang, check all the clothes sent back by the Gu Mansion, those with a residual aroma of spices, wash them all a few more times, when there is no more smell, re-fumigate them with osmanthus incense.”

His response can be regarded as telling Mo Qiqi what was in his heart.

When Gu Ningxi was handling official duties in the Ministry of Rites, he found that he was finally able to concentrate again.

Maybe it was because half of the burden in his heart was finally thrown away?

However, during the leisure time at noon, what he saw and heard outside the Tao Manor last night came into his mind again, Gu Ningxi thought that Ji Changbo Mansion must have made a move, and the submerged spices must be of high quality, right?

His wife even received the wooden box in the inner courtyard, and smelled the elegant and soft fragrance, then…

‘Did she smile?’

It seems that Jichangbo mansion only had male masters?

So What is Jichang Bo’s intention in presenting such a generous gift?

What about him, who is already limited by the status of her ex-husband, what can he do for her?

Until the next shift, Gu Ningxi was still thinking about it, and he unknowingly walked on a fork in the road, So Shishu reminded him,

“Master, this is not the way back to the mansion.”

When Gu Ningxi raised his head, he realized that the scene was not right.

He laughed dumbfoundedly.

Just as he was about to turn around, he heard a warm call,

“Gu Sicheng is here? Come in and have a drink.”

The wine shop owner was in sight, and a chubby middle-aged man stood at the door, waving at him non-stop.

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    Jushi: Means layman. It was the address that Tao Xinhe took for herself after her divorce.
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