Chapter 9: The First World (9) [Part 1]


When having a head-on interaction with the killer last night, Ji Mo could faintly see that person’s face. The light at that time was very dim and she could only see vaguely, but she could tell that the killer was about 30 years old.


She had no recollection of that person in her social circle, and if her memory serves her right, it seems that they also had no conflict between them.


Chu Wei came back to the hospital room holding a porridge. Ji Mo took this opportunity to ask about Ji Yun.


“She watched you all night last night, and her face turned pale with fright. She does want to eat breakfast and is a little anemic. I asked my grandma to take her to rest. You don’t have to worry about her.” Ji Mo breathed a sigh of relief, it turned out she was brought back by Granny Zhou to rest.


“Is that person currently in the hospital?” Ji Mo quickly ate two mouthfuls of porridge and opened her mouth to ask about the killer.


“He’s going to stay in the hospital for a while because of his injury, with the police guarding him. He just woke up and was being questioned, but he’s not very cooperative. This kind of person will get what he deserves.”


Ji Mo heard Chu Wei’s words and it looked like there was still no result from the police. If that’s the case, Chu Wei might do something on her own which she couldn’t let happen.


“You want to know about his identity, right?” Chu Wei pulled out her phone and showed Ji Mo a photo which she took while taking advantage of the chaos, “Look carefully, it’s this person.”


Ji Mo looked at it for a long time but didn’t get any impression of who he was.


“No impression?” Chu Wei asked.


Ji Mo shook her head: “No impression. I don’t have such a person in my memory.”


“This man is called Du Libing, 31 years old this year. He is an employee of the battery car repair shop not far away from the subway entrance. You passed by this shop when going on and off the subway, but you didn’t know its existence, so it was not surprising that you didn’t know the killer who worked in it.”


“It’s normal that you didn’t know this person, neither do I, and neither does my grandmother.”


There are many shops outside, and the same goes for the employees in each shop. Don’t even mention the people outside. Even the people inside the community may not know each other. Just like how Ji Mo didn’t know the office workers who lived in the same community as her because of a tight schedule. 


“So he’s in the same community as me?”


“Yes, he was indeed in the same community as you. In the room where he lived, tools like binoculars were found.” Chu Wei added, “Du Libing was found to have a relationship once but the two broke up for unknown reasons. He stayed single for many years. As for the rest of the details, we have to wait for the result of the police’s interrogation.”


But Chu Wei held a completely different thought inside, so what if the results come out? Du Libing attempting to kill Ji Mo was a fact. It was a pity that his crime was not enough to do anything to him. When he finally got out of prison, no one can guarantee that he wouldn’t do bad things again.


She still believed that the only option to eliminate the danger brought by him was to kill him.


Ji Mo had already gotten used to the murderous intent that came from Chu Wei’s body from time to time. She stretched out her hands and patted the back of Chu Wei’s hand, “Dr. Chu, I want to eat an apple.”


Chu Wei’s murderous intent dispersed, and she took an apple before starting to peel it.


Ji Mo stared at Chu Wei’s beautiful and slender fingers, then at the apple that was peeled quickly, and once again sensed the murderous intent from her. It was obvious just by the strength Chu Wei used to peel the skin of the apple, some part of the inside was still attached to the skin of the apple. 


Chu Wei noticed that Ji Mo was staring at the apple in her, and her raging emotions quickly calmed down. She cut the apple into several pieces and gave them to Ji Mo.


After eating a bowl of porridge and an apple, Ji Mo started to get sleepy. She fought with Du Lubing and suffered many hits from his stick, her head was not spared. Till now, her head was still in pain after suffering from a slight concussion. She had to stay in the hospital under observation for two days.


Ji Mo succumbed to a drowsy state, but the moment Chu Wei left the hospital ward, she quickly woke up and scanned the map in her mind.


The good features of this advanced tracker was that the location and the name of the places of the target were marked on it, so there’s no need to guess where Chu Wei was.


She saw Chu Wei walk to the door of a hospital room, greeted the police officer outside, and entered without any obstruction.


The debt of 10,000 points was not spent in vain. At the very least, Ji Mo could hear the sound of Chu Wei talking to others. Ji Mo becomes confident in completing this side mission.


A few moments later, Chu Wei left the hospital room.


The moment she saw Du Libing, Chu Wei had an urge to kill him. But thinking for a while, there would be many troubles coming to her if she did that. As for Du Libing’s injury, it was not fatal, just a bit deep.


Not long after, Du Libing’s condition stabilized and he was brought back to the police station.


Ji Mo recuperated for a few days before resuming her work. The news of her being almost killed by Du Libing spread to the surrounding neighborhoods, and now, a lot of surveillance cameras and some street lights have been installed in the alley.


After getting off from work today, she received news from Chu Wei. Du Libing finally cooperated with the interrogation.


“You mean, Du Libing often sees me receiving flowers outside the community and thinks that I am a vain, playful, and dishonest person? After that, he remembered his girlfriend who broke up with him before running away after knowing that there was no future between them. He just poured out his anger on me as a way of getting revenge to what his girlfriend did to him?”


Chu Wei hummed in response. It looked like her guess was right, the killer this time still had the same sick head as the misogynist murderer who killed her friend before. “But he didn’t say in his statement that he wanted to kill you. Instead, he just said that he wanted to retaliate by beating you up.”


“Preliminary estimate, three years of sentence is impossible. Try to fight for it and see if his sentence can be increased.”


 “It’s too light.” Ji Mo said subconsciously. The punishment for his crime was too light.


Chu Wei’s low voice rang, “Yes, it’s too light.” It was so light that she was not satisfied with it. If it wasn’t for Ji Mo’s luck, she might have turned into a corpse now. Just what did Du Libing do to deserve a light sentence after committing a serious crime?


“In the future, if you have something to do and need to go home, remember to message me first. If I’m not free, I can ask my friend to send you back.” Chu Wei stood at the door of Ji Mo’s house. It was already late and she was not intending to go inside to sit in.


Ji Mo agreed, “Alright.”

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