Chapter 6. Reunion

I took a deep breath and looked around.

The barracks was built in the desolate wilderness, where the grass had dried up and died. While there were skeleton knights polishing weapons that seemed to weigh more than their own bodies, there were also demon servants who prepared dinner and boiled water on one side.

Werewolves rode around on horseback, constantly wary of the surroundings, and a dog with three heads was also seen. It was a stern and tense atmosphere, and a creepy cry came from somewhere.

Yes, this is the camp of the Demon King army.

The camp of the Demon King’s army was located in the wilderness right near the border of the demon realm. If you cross the border, you will see the Gronel Plain straight away. That is, a short distance from the human village. The ferocious power of the Demon army gathered would have been a considerable pressure on humans.

I’m infiltrating here alone.

“How long do we have to eat soup that doesn’t have a taste like this?”

The Warbear soldier grumbled and emptied the soup bowl in one bite. Next to him, the demonist said, drying the warbear.

“Just hang in there. Soon, you will be able to eat the Holy Knights with human blood.”

“Huh, weak human beings can be ripped apart with this ax.”

Soon they began to make a competitive noise about who could rip off a human’s neck in a shorter time. I came close, but they didn’t notice anything strange. I plucked up a little more courage and opened my lips.

“You know, where is the devil’s barracks?”

The skeleton soldier, who was stirring a bone in a soup bowl, replied in a casual tone.

“What? Are you a rookie? If you go straight that way, it’s the biggest one.”

“Thank you.”

Phew, one thing’s for sure.

Both Jeremy and Dale objected when I said I should meet Heath. If it’s the Demon Castle, I can sneak in because I know the way, but it’s said that Heath is not in the Demon Castle now.

“Then where is it?”

Jeremy pointed far north. It is not visible to me even if I point it out like that, as a human. Next to it, Dale added.

“They gathered soldiers in the northern part of the Gronel Plain near the Demon realm. Warbear soldiers and commanders are watching the perimeter from time to time. Not only that, but also the dark dragon flies in the sky and looks at this place. It’s impossible for people like us to access the barracks without being seen by them.”

“If you have something to say, I’d rather go in somehow and deliver it.”

“No, I have to meet him in person.”

But Jeremy didn’t step down straight away.

“Then I will tell him that Lady Julia wants to meet the Demon King.”

“I can’t put Jeremy in danger.”

It sounds like it’s easy to get in, but it can’t be easy for Jeremy to infiltrate the Demon King army’s camp. Jeremy looked almost human except for the horns on his head. I added with a smile.

“Don’t worry. I’m quick to sense. Wouldn’t it be possible to get in somehow?”

“Do you have to go?”


When I confirmed that my determination was as firm as it could be, Jeremy took something out of his bag. It was a cape. It was a form similar to what I was wearing to hide my identity.

“It’s a magical item called the fugitive’s cloak.”

“A fugitive’s cloak?”

I asked back at a strange word. Cloaks all look similar, but what’s the difference?

“You can hide yourself and deceive your opponent. The other person recognizes the person wearing the cape as being close to him and doesn’t feel uncomfortable. If you use this, you’ll be able to hide in the Demon King’s camp.”

“Thank you, Jeremy!”

At first, I was doubtful about the effect of the cape. But when I only wore the cape, other people didn’t recognize me. When I first encountered a demon soldier guarding the entrance of the camp, my body trembled due to tension.

However, there was no restraint in hiding in the camp of the Demon King. To that skeleton soldier now, I seemed to look like a skeleton bone clattering the same as him.

I took a bowl of soup from a skeleton soldier and headed to Heath’s barracks. It wasn’t hard to find the barracks. It was the largest and most prominent place inside the camp. In front of it, a splendidly armed Demon soldier was guarding the entrance.

I’m gonna be fine. Everything’s gonna be fine.

It was the moment when I tried to move my steps while forcibly calming my pounding heart. From the side, I heard a cry.

“Kkyuu, kkyuu.”

I’ve heard it before.


I was surprised to see the big golden eyes that appeared right in front of me. Coco, who was sitting in the vacant lot in front of the barracks, looked at me and pushed her head. He tilted his head and smelled me this time.


I beckoned him to be quiet, but Coco stuck to me more. I shouldn’t stand out. The crying sound of “Kkyuuuuu” sounded somewhat pleased. I guess it’s just me. I thought it was a smart dragon for a long time, but he wouldn’t have recognized me because I was wearing the fugitive’s cloak.

I was going to go to the barracks to avoid Coco, but Coco bit my hem and pulled it.

“Coco, let go.”


Ugh, I felt like my cape would come off at this rate. It would be a waste if the cape was taken off when I came all the way here with difficulty. I pressed the hem of my dress and begged Coco.

“I have to go see Heath. Okay?”

Coco let go of the hem of my cloak. Fortunately, the cape didn’t come off and I was barely able to get away from Coco. As expected, I think he understands me.

“I brought the Demon King a meal.”

I finally arrived in front of Heath’s barracks. The soldier guarding the barracks did not find my words strange and opened the way straight away.


I swallowed a dry spit.

There’s Heath in here. No matter how much I tried to calm down, my heart was pounding and my head was in a mess. The soldier nodded, as if asking why I didn’t go in. Oh, I don’t know. Let’s bump into each other and think about it. I closed my eyes tightly and took a big step.

The barracks was empty.


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