“Your Majesty.”

I ducked down in a hurry. And at the same time, I beckoned at Knoxus to step away.

Now I have no choice but to pray to God.

May Knoxus come to the rescue.

“What about Lady Treve…… Why did you come here?”


Only then did Cardan shed a small sigh as if he had recalled the existence of the lady.

“Duke, you failed again this time.”


“Lady Treve.”

Cardan tilted his head slightly.

“She was stupid.”

Stupid? Who?

Lady Treve?

In the past few days, She’s read all the difficult etiquette classes and basic literacy classes that aristocrats must learn, as well as child psychology and education classes!

Surviving a thorough and rigorous training!

Lady Treve?

I tried to ask back, but I finally bit my tongue.

“Haha. The Lady Treve has not only mastered all the etiquette, but she is also well versed in child psychology and education, taking advantage of her interest in children, so there must have been some misunderstanding.”

I bent my back lower for now.

“The introduction to Lady Treve, which I posted to Your Majesty the other day, was insufficient. I apologize.”

Roughly interpreted, I meant “Lady Treve is not stupid, so go back to the bedroom quickly!” But unfortunately, Cardan seemed to not understand at all.

Instead of returning calmly, Cardan sat on my sofa.

He looked comfortable as if he were in his bedroom.

“When I asked about the tax policy of the Empire, there was no answer, and when I asked about the improvements in imperial diplomacy, there was no answer. Even when asked about the industries of the territories ruled by the Marquis of Treve, there was no answer.”

Cardan sighed quietly and pointed his straight forehead.

“Isn’t she too stupid to be stupid?”

His words made my lips twitch like an earthquake.

“Ha ha. Noblewomen usually don’t learn that.”

“What’s the main business of Hesondel’s estate?”

“It’s mainly mining and civil engineering.”

Cardan smiled thinly.

“See? Isn’t it right for noblewomen spirits to learn?”

I was so bewildered that my eyebrows twitched.

“I’m believed to have had a very different education than the average aristocratic woman, because I was in a special situation where I had to learn these things at a young age.”

“Oh, to be the duke.”

Cardan tilted his head.

“You’ve never been trained as a successor, and you’re very confident.”

I was taken aback for a moment.

It was a tone that seemed to know well how I grew up.

“Ah……. If Lady Treve’s love has fallen short of His Majesty’s standards, I apologize on her behalf.”

I hurriedly changed the subject.

Talking about past stories that I don’t know only raises suspicion.

Fortunately, Cardan nodded without saying much.

“Yeah, send her home.”

As soon as it seemed to have passed safely, Cardan stood up and moved to the window.

Just in time, the figure of Knoxus crossing the garden was seen out of the window.

“Oh, and that drug.”

It was a light voice as if it had just come to mind.

“It’ll be hard to get it outside the palace.”


“The palace bought all the supplies.”

Cardan turned away from the window as if he had lost interest.

Instead, he stared at my face with a strange smile.

As if he wanted to see my reaction.

“It will take at least a month to bring in new supplies.”


I put more effort into my facial expression control.

“I don’t know what kind of medicine you’re talking about, but I’ll take that into consideration. Thank you for letting me know.”

I took a small deep breath.

Now that this happened, I had no place to back down.

It took a considerable amount of time to select and train the next concubine candidate.

In the meantime, I don’t know how to get involved with him. If we drink together…….

“Your Majesty, may I ask you a favor?”

“Tell me.”

I bent down deeply.

“I seem to have not recovered well yet. Can I take a rest at home for a few days?”

Cardan, who had been silent for a while, slowly opened his mouth.

“Okay, go ahead.”

At first glance, Cardan had a mysterious smile.

“Don’t forget to send the lady back before you go.”

☆*: .。.  .。.:*☆


Lady Treve, sobbed away her tears.

She was crying sadly, but her crying voice was small because of her quiet personality.

I handed a handkerchief without saying a word.

The lady who had been crying for a long time, asked in a trembling voice.

“A,Am I really…… stupid?”

Damn emperor bastard.

You can’t say stupid to a person’s face.

“Ha ha. What do you mean stupid? Absolutely not. Lady  is as wise and knowledgeable as any other lady.”

“Heuk, economics, diplomacy, Huheuk…… I don’t know any basic common sense.…. I’m stupid, right?”

Lady Treve, buried her face in her hands.

“No wonder the Emperor hates me.”

Cardan, that bastard.

He can draw tears of blood from just a few words.

“Haha, that’s not it.”

I scratched my head.

“Uh…lady. Well, why don’t you forget all about the Emperor and make a fresh start?”

I smiled outwardly, but was chewing out Cardan on the inside.

“You know, His Majesty’s personality is a little…… unique”

When Lady Treve looked at me with a biting eye, I showed off my teeth with all my might.

“There are many better men than him in the world.”

“Oh, as expected, Your Majesty has abandoned me.”

The lady was very quick-witted.

Damn tyrant

Why are you making me break up with her?

“Ha ha. He didn’t throw you away, he gave up because he thought the lady would have a better partner.”

I patted Lady Treve on her thin shoulder a few times.

“It’s not something to be sad about, it’s something to be happy about.”

The chance to escape as soon as possible because the possibility of surviving the emperor’s harem, will converge to “0.”

“I understand…. I won’t hang on either.”

Lady Treve, wiped away her tears with a grim face.

“But can I ask you a favor before I leave the palace?”

“Yes, anything.”

“I want to take a class. Economics, politics, and diplomacy.”

Lady Treve clenched her trembling fist.

“I don’t want to stay stupid.”

“No, I mean, you’re not stupid–”

I sighed and decided to quit the pointless argument.

“Yes, I’ll put you on a suitable teacher.”

☆*: .。.  .。.:*☆

As a matter of course, Lady Treve was discussed at the cabinet meeting the next day.

It was inevitable to officially deprive Lady Treve of her position as a candidate for the concubine.

However, the Marquis did not refuse because it is impossible for the young lady to be called stupid at the Cabinet meeting.

“The Emperor and Lady Treve’s interests were so divided that they could not find a common conversation.”

I succeeded in purifying the reason for the deprivation in moderation by rolling her head a lot.

“Sadly, I have decided not to let Lady Treve be a concubine.”

The Marquis Treve looked like he’s chewing shit but said nothing.

I’ve sent all the felons working in my mine over his territory, so if he has a conscience, he should have nothing to say.

“You have to say it right away.”

Cardan, who was holding his chin on the throne, finally opened his mouth.

No, don’t. That’s not it.

I shook my head slightly at him in a cold sweat, but Cardan didn’t care.

“Lady Treve is so stupid that she’s expelled.”

Oh, heavens. Give me a chance to punch that perfect face someday.

Marquis Treve’s veins immediately sprouted from the insulting remarks.

“Hahaha, ahaha.”

I went straight to the rescue.

“It seems that Lady Treve has not been able to answer in detail about the empire’s taxes, foreign policy, and the main industries of each estate, but his standards are so high that his knowledge of the Marquis seemed relatively shallow compared to his knowledge deeper than the sea and higher than the sky.”

By moderately praising the emperor, she  removed the stigma of Lady Treve being stupid.


Cardan clicked his tongue once.

“That’s stupid.”

Cardan’s thin eyes swept through me.

“How come the Duke’s recommendations disappoint me one by one.”

“I’m sorry.”

I bowed down straight away.

“Forget it.”

Cardan tapped on the armrest with his long fingers.

“From now on, don’t even think about recommending unless there’s an excellent concubine in all manners and studies.”

It was enough for the emperor to say to his subjects, but the sight of Cardan laughing with his red lips curled up obliquely seemed to be mocking me.

☆*: .。.  .。.:*☆

As I walked out of the conference hall, other nobles followed me.

Rumors spread that I gave counseling on the concerns of Marquis Gesban during my tour, so everyone began to bother me at every opportunity.

Some people asked me to solve some problems, to give advice on starting a new business, and even to look at their children’s marriage partners.

But now, the concubine problem alone is complicated, so I didn’t have time to listen to the aristocrats.

I waved my hands.

“Are you busy today?”

“Don’t be so heartbroken, Duke of Baloa.”

“We know how hard it was for the Duke.”

What is this sudden comfort party?

“Your Majesty is so…… You have to be extraordinary. We’re on the duke’s side.”

Even the nobles speak in a low voice and curse at the emperor.

“Oho, Duke of Baloa, what are you doing without calling me Duke of Baloa?”

Count Linoa rebuked the nobles who gathered loudly.

“Tsk tsk. Your Excellency is so busy that you hold onto her with such an annoying story. Do you have any conscience?”

The Marquis Treve spoke for me exactly.

Count Linoa and Marquis Treve took the lead and began to grovel before me.

“Come on, Duke. We’ll block anyone who approaches you again.”

“Wait a minute

I stopped.

This was an opportunity, not just a nuisance.

It was said that I would leave the palace after taking a few days off, but it was the same that I had to find a suitable concubine while taking refuge.

There was no better time than now when Cardan began to pay attention to Husa.

“I feel much more at ease with your concern.”

I smiled broadly.

“Then, I’m sure you’ll be able to introduce me to the next concubine who has excellent manners and learning, right?”

I waited for the nobles to recommend their daughter.

It was an opportunity for their family to produce concubines. That’s also the emperor’s first concubine.

A self-interested aristocrat cannot let this opportunity slip away.

However, no matter how long I waited, there was only an awkward silence.

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