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“That’s what happened.”

Roselina’s voice was heard from beyond the communication mirror.

“I can’t believe you were able to recruit her in that way. You’re amazing.”

Morris was surprised to hear Argention’s bright voice.

‘Did he admire what she did that much?’

Soon the communications mirror went out.

Roselina left because she said she had a guest at Rose House.

“I……… Master.”

“What’s going on?”

Morris carefully plucked up his courage.

It was possible because Argention looked particularly happy today.

“I heard what you said to Lady Roselina. Why is it really admirable? Roselina wanted to hire Violet, so didn’t she just waste two gold coins?”

“Did it look like that to you?”

“Yes, Violet liked money so much that one gold coin should’ve been enough for her to become Roselina’s hands and feet. I think she just wasted her money.”

Morris was relieved to see Argention’s lips loosened.

He was worried while asking questions, but he seemed to be okay.

“Yes, as you said, with just one gold, Violet would have become Roselina’s dog.”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“What if Violet doesn’t do what Roselina told her to do for money?”

“Oh, that’s………….”

Morris was speechless.

Shouldn’t you do it if you get paid for the request?

Henness was an underground information guild since they also dealt with information from the underground world.

He never thought of this possibility because he never wasted money.

“But Violet can. Even if she works for her, she can run away without giving Roselina something in return.”


Morris, who recalled Violet’s biography, quickly convinced himself.

Violet who grew up on the streets did not hesitate to steal money and deceive people.

In fact, in the dark guild, where people commit crimes only when they get paid, they try to scout Violet.

“Today, Violet was at a crossroads of choice. If you were in her shoes, would you take the two golds by stealing Roselina’s money, or would you follow Roselina’s words and take the one gold?”

“If I were Violet, I would have taken the two golds.”

“Yeah. You would have chosen the option with the maximum profit you can extract from that situation.”

Only then did Morris, who understood Roselina’s behavior, nod.

“Roselina tested Violet to see if she was reliable!”

“Yeah. At the same time, she showed Violet that she could get a bigger benefit if she listened to her.”

“Roselina is amazing, too. I can’t believe that there was a way to give trust to the other person and determine if she was a reliable person.”

“When Violet chose Roselina at that moment she must have thought that Roselina was the most profitable and desirable option to the point that even idiots in the back alley would recognize it.”

Argention’s long fingers tapped lightly on the table.

As Roselina advanced into her world, people seemed fascinated by her.

“By the way………….”

At Morris’s words, Argention slipped out of his thoughts.

“What did Roselina hire Violet for?”


“Ms. Banker, what is it that you want me to do?”

Violet asked as soon as Roselina finished communicating with the master.

“We’re heading to Palesdon’s mansion now.”

“Palesdon’s mansion?”

Violet’s mouth opened wide.

“What should I steal from there?”

“Do you think I’ll pay you to steal from my mansion?”

“There’s nothing else you can ask me to do but steal. That’s all I can do.”

Violet was also realistic.

I liked her more and more.

“Yes, that’s right. You just have to do what you’re good at. I’m gonna do what I’m skilled at.”

While I was telling Violet what to do, the carriage ran gently toward the Palesdon mansion.


At that time, Palesdon’s mansion.

“What? Who came to the mansion?”

“D, Duchess of Palesdon has come to the mansion.”

Catalina opened her eyes wide when she heard the maid’s voice.

“How dare she come back when she left the mansion to get a divorce?”

Catalina jumped up from her seat.

In place of Argention, who spent most of his time outside the mansion, she worked for Palesdon.

No one asked Catalina to work, but she volunteered to continue acting as the head for the sake of the family.

Catalina loved Palesdon.

For her, Palesdon was her honor and pride.

In other words, Catalina didn’t welcome anyone who tarnished Palesdon’s name.

And the one who left Palesdon, too.

“I have to show her her place right away!”

Catalina rolled up her sleeves and stepped out of the office with a brave step.

She was strong for her age.

Even at her age, she had better physical strength than other people in their 20s.

Thanks to this, Catalina was able to quickly reach the first floor of the mansion.

Roselina was just entering the mansion with a maid.


Catalina’s voice reverberated loudly in the mansion.


“It looks pretty on you. Do you like it?”

“Yes! Very much.”

Violet perfectly pulled off her pre-prepared maid outfit.

She also put on lenses that change the color of her eyes just in case.

“Phew. But I’m nervous. It’s my first time entering such a huge mansion.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll do just fine. In the meantime, think of the things you stole.”

“Yes. I was thinking of the very first bread I stole because our rations were cut off back then.”


Violet had a knack for bravely telling sad stories.

After that, I heard about the things Violet stole for a long time.

Violet, who was recalling the past, suddenly said.

“I started stealing other people’s bread. Come to think of it, it was luck.”

“Why was it luck?”

“Because I knew what my talent was early on. I didn’t waste my time. Since I was young, I’ve only taken one skill and polished it, so I’ve reached this level.”

It sounds plausible.

“That’s true. Even a genius can’t catch up with a genius who works hard. You’re a genius at working hard. You’ve been living a hell of a life, Violet.”

“That’s right. I’m proud of the way I’ve lived.”

“Yes, so you can do well today.”

I offered additional rewards to encourage Violet’s motivation.

“As long as you do your job well today, I will continue to provide the Rose of Harmony to your sister until she is cured.”

“Ms. Banker….”

Suddenly, Violet’s eyes were wide open.

“You took care of me so much. No one has ever thought of me this much before. I’ll do my best this time.”

“I’d appreciate it if you did that.”

“From now on, I will only accept half the price of the Lord’s request.””

“Yes, I can feel your sincerity.”

I felt her sincerity in Violet’s words.

Soon the carriage stopped.

“Let’s go in.”

“Yes, my Lord!”

Violet and I got off the wagon.

The footman who saw me came running in a hurry.

“M, madam! What brings you here…………!”

“I can’t even come to my mansion?”

“Oh, no! No! I’m sorry! I made a fool of myself!”

The footman’s nervous face showed no sign of doubt.

‘Is this enough to fool him?’

Unlike the Brighton mansion, the Palesdon mansion was dangerous.

It’s where Rosellina lived for years until just before I transmigrated.

‘People here might become suspicious of me.’

So I decided not to talk to the people at Palesdon’s mansion as much as I could.

Just like how I cut off the footman just now.

“Well, let me show you around.”

“Get out of my way.”


The other footman was also easily knocked out.

‘Actually, there’s no big problem with the servants.’

They won’t be suspicious of me even if I talk to them.

The person I’m most worried about is………….


It just so happened that she shouted my name.

Hair stretched down to the waist and charming red eyes

Palesdon’s godfather, who appears to be in her early thirties.

The one who married Roselina to Argention.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time, Lady Catalina.”

I greeted Catalina Palesdon.

When I heard Catalina’s voice calling me, I felt like I had a lot of things piled up.

I thought I could argue with Catalina quickly without trying.

‘Then the mansion will be noisy, and the servants won’t be able to pay attention to other places.’

I was planning to take advantage of that.

‘While I’m making a fuss in the mansion, you steal this.’

I recalled the plan I had told Violet.

My plan was flawless.



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