A long time later

Her reason is back.

“I was a little reckless.”

I drove my horse and looked around awkwardly.

Before I knew it, I seemed to have come to the depths of the forest.

“No matter how hard I look, I can’t see Argention.”

But I would have made the same choice if I had gone back to the past.

“I can’t stand being frustrated. I’m the one with the cider running through my veins.”

In that sense, I was going to finish my goal quickly and get out of here soon.

The forest, the main stage of the royal hunting ground, is quite deep and dreary, with missing people occurring every year.

The royal family has put tracking items on every horse to prevent people from disappearing.

And the item was also hung on the neck of my horse.

‘If  I press this now, the knights will come to find me.’

The moment I reached out my arm and tried to press the tracking item.


A suspicious sound was heard.


I felt a chill in my spine for a moment.

“Don’t tell me………?”

I was right.

When I quietly rolled my eyes and glanced, a monster the size of a house was drooling.

‘It’s okay. I just need to be quiet.’

I knew that the devil was coming out today, so I was ready.

From drugs that hide my presence, to drugs that weaken a monster’s aggression, I got all kinds of items that could be eaten, drank, and applied like an ointment.

But what I overlooked.


It was the first monster we encountered today.

Of course, after entering the forest, I also sprayed medicine and fed my horse.

Horses would be my lifeline in this forest.

But no matter how thoroughly prepared I am, we were of different races.

So I couldn’t tell the horse that if he was quiet, the monster would not recognize us and would just pass by.

‘Take it easy!’

I worked hard to comfort the horse.


The startled horse raised its front feet.

At that, I fell down.


The horse that dropped me ran away crying.


I covered my mouth with my fist.

It hurts, but I couldn’t moan out loud.

‘Go on like this. Please just go.’

But my wish was in vain.

The monster stood there, drooling and looking at me.

‘It recognized me as a prey!’

Faced with the danger, my body stiffened and trembled.


Looking at me like that, the monster smacked its lips.

Soon the monster took a step toward me.

☆*: .。.  .。.:*☆

Argention was the first to sense Roselina’s crisis.

He recognized Roselina’s presence from the moment she entered the forest.

‘What happened to her?’

Who on earth have you been chasing here!

Even though the monsters released in the forest are for hunting, a beast will always be a beast.

As he thought many times, the cotton candy-like Roselina could be crushed at once.

Inevitably, Argention followed Roselina quietly.

He dealt with a couple of animals that were trying to attack Roselina without letting her notice.

The beasts appeared endlessly.

Usually, only a couple of beasts are released in hunting competitions, but there are already more than ten predators.

While Argention’s mind was briefly distracted from the silent disposal of all the beasts.

A monster appeared.

It was also a high-level monster.

When Argention was about to step out, Roselina fell off her horse.

He immediately blew up his ether to set up a shield around her.

Roselina was fine, thanks to that.

The moment the relieved Argention tried to kill the monster.


The monster exploded.

Sometimes there were monsters that blew up their body and attacked its opponent.

Most of the time, there was poison in their flesh or blood.

The Argention wrapped another shield around Roselina.

Roselina’s breath was rough as if she was very surprised.

Her voice is soon heard.

“What is this? I need to shoot one more shot.”

She was calm enough to be cold.

“What is this…?”

“You’re finally here. Argention.”

Argention couldn’t say anything in front of Roselina, who shot the eye of the monster.

☆*: .。.  .。.:*☆


Argention still showed no sign of showing up.

‘He’s definitely following me.’

I looked at a transparent map floating in the air.

The point hovering near me.

It was Argention.

‘I wouldn’t have jumped into the woods without a plan.’

The area isn’t usually wide for the competition.

But I didn’t think I’d be able to find Argention by myself.



[Summoned successfully] 

[You have acquired a status-adjusted location tracker.]

[Summoned items are stored in the inventory.]


I immediately took the location tracker out of the inventory.


[The location tracker from the unknown world]

-Grade: Grade C

– Item Description: Location Tracker to know the location of the specified target]


So I tried to summon something right away.

It so happened that my fate energy had accumulated a lot, so it was possible.

Please specify the item you want to summon.

‘Can I summon an item that can track a specified target?’

I found out after summoning it.

The Summoner who summons things from an Unknown World was not a name given to her for nothing.

To the extent that it is questionable where the item comes from, the summoned item has been arbitrarily added and modified in form or function.

I felt like I had taken the theme from both my previous and current life.

‘Thanks to that, I am able to use it more comfortably.’

Is it possible to make such an ambiguous summon?

After a while, a notification came to mind.

[Summoning using 100 fate energy. Remaining Fate Energy: 195]

‘It’s working!’

It was a real surprise.

I’m determined to take the time to find out about the summoner’s ability sooner or later, but a white window came to mind.

I used the item immediately.


Do you want to use [The Location Tracker from the Unknown World]?

Are you sure you want to use [The Location Tracker from the Unknown World]?


‘Yes, I’m going to target Argention Palesdon.’


The target of [The Location Tracker from the Unknown World] is specified.

[Target designated: Argention Palesdon]

[You can check the location of the specified target.]


Then a transparent map emerged in the air.

And soon a black spot came to mind in the middle of the forest. The name Argention Palesden was on the dot.

‘Is that the location of the Argention? It’s confusing when I look at it like this.’

Even if there was a map because it was in the forest, it was just there.

It’s all just trees and grass.

As if it had read my mind, the notification came to mind again.


[Do you want to mark your location on the map?]


That’s good to hear.

I accepted quickly.

Soon a pink dot appeared on the map.

‘That’s me. But………………’

What is this?

My and Argention’s dots  were almost stuck together.

‘Is Argention near me?’

But he was nowhere to be seen when I turned my head around.

It was the same even when I carefully looked at the sky and the ground.

‘You’re hiding yourself.’

You’re worried about me when you’re running away and hovering near me.


For some reason, I felt a little relieved, so I coughed in vain.

Then I got my act together.

“I can’t go on like this.”

If I miss this opportunity, I don’t know when I could see Argention again.

Just because I know his location doesn’t mean I can meet him easily.

I tried to get him to show up.

And this is what I realized.

To put myself at risk

I didn’t mean to get hurt.

I can summon a weapon to protect my body!

I immediately opened the system window.


[Please specify the item you want to summon]


‘I need a weapon that’s portable and has a high attack power that works for monsters. At the same time, I hope it’s easy to handle. Because I have to handle it well.’

While I was talking, I wondered if this would work.

I regretted it because the notification didn’t show up for a long time.

“Was I too greedy?”‘

It was at that moment.


[Summoning you using 100 fate energy. The remaining fate energy: 95]


[Summon successfully] 

You have acquired a slingshot with adjusted condition.]

[Summoned items are stored in the inventory.]


The system also accepted my unreasonable demands.

I hurriedly checked the slingshot.


[A slingshot from the unknown world]

-Grade: Grade C

– Item description: Slingshot operated using the user’s mana. Power can be adjusted.]


‘Don’t I have any mana?’

But somehow I thought I could use this.

‘Now I need to find a monster.’

After checking my diary where I recorded the original work, I moved to the place where the monster will appear.

Thus, eventually, I succeeded in summoning the Argention.

“You’re finally here. Argention.”

I held Argention’s arms tightly with my both hands.

‘Now you can’t run away.’

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