The duke arrived in front of the annex.

Just by looking at the Goseong flowing out, I could guess how confused the inside would be.

He opened the door to the annex.

“What’s going on?!”

The Duke of Brighton was upset when he saw Roselina’s back facing Elizabeth. Anyone could tell that Elizabeth was trying to protect Leodor.

‘You’re serious….’

At the moment the Duke was engulfed in uncontrollable anger, Roselina turned around.


“You’re a little late.”

Unlike the noisy situation, Roselina remained calm. At an unexpected appearance, Duke Brighton paused, and Eliza hurriedly shouted.

“Leodor is in danger!”

The words stimulated the Duke of Brighton’s instinct.

He hurriedly stood in front of Leodor’s bed, trying to stop Roselina.

Duke Brighton felt a sense of frustration.

Lost in his mind, he didn’t know what Rosalina might do. If by any chance this action goes against his heart…

“It’s okay. I won’t do anything without your permission.”

However, Roselina was still calm. Rather, she seemed to reassure the surprised Duke.

“Roselina was trying to feed Leodor something strange.”

Just as the Duke of Brighton was about to be relieved, Elizabeth intervened. She was so devoted to Leodor that she almost always lived in an annex.

It was normal for Elizabeth to be sensitive to anything involving Leodor.

‘Something strange?’

The Duke of Brighton felt uncomfortable.

He doesn’t want to admit it, but Roselina was so strong and meticulous that no one could match her evil deeds. Duke Brighton knew better than anyone else because he had seen Roselina since her childhood.

Roselina, who has a natural talent for bullying people…

‘There are so many people watching, but are they really trying to harm Leodor?’

In addition, Roselina was currently in a situation where she wanted to get permission to divorce. There was no reason to do anything bad to Leodor, which could cause her to be banished. In many ways, it was sloppy and inconsistent to see it as her plan.

The Duke of Brighton calmed his startled chest and looked at his daughter.

“What were you going to do?”

“I have prepared a gift for Leodor.”


“Yes. Today is Leodor’s birthday. I found something special.”

Roselina meekly took out an object from her arms and showed it. In an instant, a cool energy spreads through the annex, and a mysterious brilliance drifts over it.

“Wow.” It was a strange sight to the extent that the young maid, without realizing it, gasped and covered her mouth.

“What is this?”

“It’s called the tears of the wind. I thought it would be a change of mood if I gave Leodor, who always lives in a separate house, the wind that passes through the world.”


Duke Brighton admired.

It was a gift that targeted areas that I couldn’t pay attention to because I was focusing only on treatment.

“.… It’s been a while since you’ve been a family member.”

“Leodor has been suffering from a high fever for several days, and I can’t give him something from an unclear source.”

However, Leodor’s enthusiastic guardian, Elizabeth, intervened. As she claimed to be Leodor’s mother and became a duchess, she tended to overprotect him.

“I understand what you’re concerned about.”


“But this is something that will help Leodor. I’m sure of it.”

Roselina calmly insisted.

As if she knew beforehand that she had to convince the Duke and Duchess of Brighton.

“How can we believe that?”

“That’s harsh!”

“However, Leodor is more important than anything else to me. We can’t just move on!”

Roselina was calm even with Elizabeth’s words, who did not trust her. Rather, she continued to speak calmly as if she understood the reaction.

“Throughout my nearly three years of marriage, I’ve been alone.”

“Palesdon is an amazing family. There is a secret library that only the Duke can enter, and there are also a lot of very interesting books.”

“If it’s an interesting book…”

“There were also records of people with symptoms similar to those of Leodor.”

“Wait a minute. You said only the Duke could go in?”

At that time, Elizabeth intervened.

“How did Roselina find out about that place and read a book? I’m not doubting you, but it doesn’t make sense.”

“If it’s Roselina, then it’s possible.”


The Duke calmly responded to Elizabeth’s counterargument.

Was Roselina a child who lived according to the rules set? His daughter was the one who gets what she wants at all costs.

‘I’m sure she’s found a way somehow.’

In the strange part, the Duke, who had a firm belief in his child, nodded at his daughter’s words.

Palesdon was a historic family that existed since the empire was created. Therefore, there could have been a record of Leodor’s symptoms.

“But if you’re still worried, it’ll be a little less effective, but I’ll take some off from this and swallow it first. Then, can you believe it’s safe?”

“Yes. I allow it as the owner of Brighton.”

There were no parents who wouldn’t allow their daughter to say this. Maybe Roselina really changed. The Duke suddenly reflected on what his daughter had said a while ago.

‘I was alone throughout my marriage.’

I already knew.

Their wedding took place while the Duke of Palesdon was on the battlefield.

But I didn’t care. Rather, when his daughter, a troublemaker, disappeared in front of his eyes, he may have felt relieved.

‘But why now………….’

Suddenly, I felt like his heart was blocked by the fact.

My daughter may have started reading, which she hated so much because the time spent alone was so lonely and difficult. Maybe she found a way to help Leodor during those three years.

Duke Brighton succeeded in shaking off his strangely tingling sensation.

“Thank you.”

However, when I faced Roselina’s face, who smiled brightly as if she was really happy, I turned my eyes away.

While everyone was looking nervous, Roselina took off some of the tears of the wind and swallowed them.


As she argued, nothing happened.

Roselina asked permission from the Duke of Brighton with a fresh face.

“Then I’ll feed Leodor now.”


It was the moment she brought tears of wind to Leodor’s mouth.

The tears of the wind shone brightly and were absorbed by him himself.

“This is…”

Everyone was hesitating and saving their words.


Elizabeth was the first to react.

Leodor’s eyelashes, which had been unconscious for a long time, trembled.

“Leodore, it’s your mother. Can you hear my voice?”

Elizabeth hurriedly grabbed Leodor’s hand and whispered his name one after another. At his son’s change, the Duke of Brighton also clenched his fist.

“……. Ah.”

And finally.

Leodor opened his eyes. Light green eyes resembling his father stared at Roselina without hesitation.



“Yes, your voice.… I heard it.”

Leodor, who had a very rough voice, soon closed his eyes as if he had exhausted all his energy.

“Oh my god..…! I can’t believe I heard your voice. It’s been so long!”

Elizabeth covered her mouth with tears.

“Roselina. You are great. Thank you…. Thank you so much.”

Duke Brighton thanked his daughter in a trembling voice. This alone allowed me to understand everything she had done in her childhood.

“I just did what I had to do.”

However, Roselina left the annex, as if she would not accept excessive tribute.

The duke somehow felt suffocated.

Last but not least, Rosalina’s smile resembled that of Beatrice, the wife he loved so much.

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