The moment I said it like that, what flashed into my mind was the past of my previous life.

I hated the rain so much.

Misfortunes came to me as if I had waited when it rained.

Even on the day my parents died.

Even on that day the debtors flocked to the funeral home.

Even on the day I spent my most saved college tuition on paying off my debts.

It rained without fail.

‘Oh, it’s raining again.’

One of the buildings sighed at the pouring rain.

There was a separate reason why I hated rain.

I hurried home like I was running.


When I hurriedly opened the door, the inside was already full of water.

The room I live in was leaking every time it rained.

I was distraught to see the rain flowing non stop through the slightly open window.

I choked up when I saw rainwater, leaves, and cigarette butts rolling around on the floor.

This is the only place to rest.

“What the hell…”

‘What did I do wrong?’

I must be being subjected to this because I did something wrong.

I work without a single day’s rest between my evil boss and the bad customers, and my debt does not decrease.

A complaint began to come up from deep down and I exhaled heavily.

“Let’s get it together. What’s the point of being upset? That doesn’t change anything.”

Instead, the windows were closed to prevent rainwater from entering.

I brought a basin, caught the leaking water from the ceiling, and wiped the floor of the room with a mop.

After a long and hectic arrangement, the room was barely worth seeing.

My stomach growled this time as I flopped down on the floor.

“I’m hungry.”

I want to eat something warm on a day like this.

My staple food was dumpling triangle kimbap.

Even so, I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted because of the manager who was watching.

“But since I worked hard today, should we buy cup noodles?”

The ceiling was covered with black mold.

“In fact, the walls are full of them.”


No matter how much you take care of it, the mold on the ring has become too easy.

So I was just living as a wallpaper.

There’s mold in the empty room, so it’s less lonely.

“How nice would it be if it was edible?”

While stretching out his arm, I found a raw cut on the inside of my arm.

It was a wound caused by a fall while working earlier.


The wound was a mess because it was wet and covered with trash.

‘I should buy a bandage and stick it on.’

Then the cell phone vibrated.

Messages flooded the screen.

[When are you going to pay back this month’s interest? If you want to keep your dirty body intact, send the money right away. We won’t wait any longer. I warned you.]
[Student, I’m sorry, but I’m behind on my rent. Can’t you give me a little? We know it’s a pity, but we have to make ends meet.]
[I’m the manager, and I hope you don’t touch the trash from now on. Even if it’s scrapped, it’s definitely my property. Let’s work with some common sense. You know I hate people who don’t have common sense and manners, right?]


I was sick and tired of it.

I rolled my eyes helplessly and looked out the window, and it was still drizzling.

The sky was dark even on a bright day.

It’s raining now, isn’t it?

But I didn’t hate the darkness for today.

Because I can cover my pale face.

‘The rain is terrible.’

Rain was a natural disaster to me.

Cruelly ravaging my life, but with no way I can respond.

It was no use crying and being angry.

So I became numb.

But on the other hand, I thought so.

‘My life is in danger even in the thin rain.’

What a helpless and insignificant being I am.

Although I don’t want to be sad to reflect on that fact.

I thought I was an extra to the core.

No matter how hard I work, I can’t change anything.

I couldn’t change my situation at all.

But now….

It is different now.

‘I said I was the main character.’

I can’t believe I said this myself.

I was surprised to say it myself.

I slowly calmed down my agitated mind.

‘I’ve already changed a lot.’

She saved Leodor, received her father’s approval, and punished Elizabeth.

‘Yes, I’m the main character.’

It’s different from the past.

‘I’m going to change the future with my own hands and get what I want.’

At that moment, my vision was brightly colored.

[A big change! Something that can’t happen, happened!]
[Strong will to change destiny]
[The relationship with the one who holds the axis of fate has begun!]
[Fate has changed dramatically!]
[Specialty <The one who breaks the wheel of fate> will be leveled up!]

‘It leveled up right away without asking or questioning?’

The influence of the original male lead was great.

I read the notification window as if I was possessed.

[Succeeded in leveling up!]
[Current grade: DJ]
[50 Fate energy will be given as a reward for raising the level]
[The number of quests you can do at the same time has increased to 5!]
[New skill <Walk on flower roads only!> has been acquired.]

“Walk on flowery paths only?”

The mere mention of it made my heart race.

The description popped up when I clicked on the letters.

[Walk on flowery paths only!]
It’s a very dangerous and difficult path to change your destiny and create a new path.
But Skill <Walk on the Flower Road only!>, it’s different.
It reduces the risk of pioneering a new destiny and increases the success rate of quests. A flower path spreads out in front of you.]
[Skill <Walk on flower roads only!]Are you sure you want to invoke >]

‘If I don’t accept this, I’m a fool.’

I wasn’t stupid, so I accepted it quickly.

[<Walk on flowery paths only!]> First invocation buff is given.]
[Characteristic <The beast trainer who tames any beast>]
[A beast trainer who tames any animal]
– Characteristic rating: F
– Become a trainer who truly interacts with the beast beyond species. Use a variety of skills to make it easier to tame predators.
It gives off a beast-friendly atmosphere. The degree of vigilance of the beast is weakened.
-Skill: Say hello to the beast
[20 Fate energy will be given to commemorate the awakening]

“Wow, it’s crazy.”

Compensation has been confoundedly poured out.

The most impressive thing was the beast trainer.

‘The beast of circumstance must mean Calix.’

In the original work, Calix took animal potions for a long time.

It was the trick of the Colosseum, which somehow tried to make every penny more by stimulating Callix.

Calix struggled not to take the medicine, but couldn’t help it.

There was no way to stop the injection by force because he didn’t eat.

Eventually, he loses his intelligence little by little, leaving only his instinct.

If he hadn’t met the heroine, he wouldn’t have been saved.

‘Even so, it’s too much for a human being to be a beast. Don’t cross the line.’

I glanced at Calix.


The way he showed his teeth and breathed out, his eyes were really close to a beast.

The most ferocious beast of all.

‘As expected, the system always says the right things.’

I hurried a step closer to the cage.

[Learned skill <Greeting the beast>]

“What is that?”

I rolled my eyes and opened an explanation window.

[Greeting the beast]
Making a good first impression on a beast helps to create a smooth relationship.
This skill allows the beast to recognize you as something that is not threatening but does not want to attack you.
You can use it once a week.]

A series of letters sprang up.

[A new quest has occurred. Do you want to check?]
[Tame Memento Mori’s vicious beast! (1)]
A new destiny was born by contact with the person who holds the axis of fate.
Don’t be afraid of a new fate. Any beast can’t move in front of you. Tame Memento Mori’s beast to your power.
Timing’s first step is to use the “Greeting the Beast” skill. Use skills to imprint yourself on top predators.
– Condition: Invoke Skill <Greeting the Beast>
– Reward: Next skill open, 10 Fate energy]I accepted the quest with a smile.

‘It’s best to do quests immediately.’

When I tried to invoke my skill, Calix, who was about to run at once, stared at me.

“I’m Roselina. Nice to meet you.”

Calix was silent.

I clenched my fist and slowly extended it to him as he was searching for me.

The arm slowly went into the cage.

‘I think I should let him smell it first.’

That’s what it said in the book I read before I came here.


Sure enough. Soon the answer came back. Not only that, but he slowly approached me.

Then he leaned toward my hand.

“What’s wrong with him?”

I was watching in a nervous way.


Carlix observed my fist for a moment and smelled it.

His breath touching the back of my hand

And a stealthy sound.


Calix rubbed his head against my fist and brought it to his cheek.

The feeling that I could see from him with his narrow eyes was a clear favor.

‘This is working out well.’

It seemed to me that the skill was great.

In the original, he was a crazy beast that no one could approach.

To the point of transferring him to a restraining device, locking him in a cage, and drugging him.

‘It took Daisy, the heroine, a long time to break the boundaries of Calix.’

However, no matter how long I waited, the notification of completion of the quest did not appear.

“What is it?”

Then the notification came back to mind.

[Do you want to invoke the skill <Greeting the Beast’>?]

‘Why is this coming up?’

Once you use it, you can’t use it for a week.

“I didn’t use the skill?”

But Calix was still rubbing his hair in my hands.


Calix, who noticed my gaze, looked up.

He smiled and bent his eyes.

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