It was only then that the duke, who recognized Roselina, shook off the past.

Yes. She is my daughter.

“I brought you a new tea the other day.”

Tea time has been fun these days because it suits his taste.

Occasionally, I spent time with Roselina if the schedule was right.

‘I haven’t been able to do that lately.’

The duke was pleased to hear Roselina talking about one thing or another.

When he talked nonsense, he burst into laughter.

‘Not long ago, she recommended some investments.’

Roselina, who was busy keeping her promise to revive Brighton, was proud.

As it was Roselina’s first business plan, I was going to invest without asking questions.

However, when I read the plan, it was better than I thought.

‘She has a great sense for discovering items.’

Was it a rose that does not cause the Curse of the Rose?

It’s an item that people will gather like bees, but she managed to discover it early.

‘Roselina’s intelligence is greater than mine.’

While the duke remembered what had happened, Roselina came up.

“Were you taking a walk? I’m afraid I’ve interrupted you.”

“What do you mean, disturbance? Will you walk with me?”

“It’s an honor for me.”

They walked silently along the road for a while.

Suddenly Roselina said something out of the blue.

“Father, do you believe me?”

“Yes, of course.”

“No matter what happens?”

The duke, who had been replying thoughtlessly, stopped.

If it had been before, I would have thought Roselina would have had another accident.

But not now.

Roselina was a thoughtful, far-sighted fellow.

There must be a clear reason to bring this up.

“Yes, no matter what, I believe everything you do has a meaning,” replied the duke, looking into Roselina’s eyes, which captured the moonlight.

The morning of the banquet came.

The carriages entered Brighton’s mansion, and the nobles entered the hall.

“I haven’t seen Brighton for a long time.”

“Well, they haven’t been in society since the death of former Duchess Beatrice, haven’t they? They didn’t even have guests in the mansion.”

“That’s understandable. There’s a saying that Young Master Brighton is in bed and never gets up.”

“That’s right.”

The eyes of the ladies became secretive.

The Duke of Brighton’s birthday party became a hot topic in society.

Brighton held a social event for the first time after a long time.

“I hear the Duchess of Palesdon is back, isn’t she?”

“I hear it was the Duchess of Palesdon who hosted this banquet.”

“And the sightings at the restaurant, I guess, they really are going to get divorced?”

The gentlemen who had been pretending to be decent were also whispering.

“Why are you so dressed up today? It’s not like usual.”

“Be quiet. You know what? I’ll shake the Duchess of Palesdon today.”

The long-bearded Baron Moliot grinned.

“Wake up from your dreams. What are you going to do with that vicious temperament. The Duke of Palesdon must have chosen to divorce.”

“Didn’t you hear that? The Duke of Paleson offered as much as 5 million gold as alimony. If she remarries me, all that money will be mine.”

“Tsk. She can’t see the forest just by looking at the trees in front of her. How bad was she to get divorced for 5 million gold?”

But Baron Moliot did not give in.

Rather, he showed off himself confidently.

“Oh, dear. No matter how strong a woman is, she is only a gentle sheep in front of me. I can tame her very well.”

“I respect your confidence.”

“No, it’s not a sheep, it’s a horse. Words and women are the same. Under me, I mean.”


A cold wine was poured on Baron Moliot’s face, dripping.

“Who is it! Who dares to… Huuh!”

“Oh, no. Excuse me.”

Roselina, who appeared before they knew it, shook her wrist lightly.

“That’s enough, my hands are tired.”

“You’re rude! Apologize at once!”


Roselina gave a big laugh.

Somehow he felt an irresistible energy.

“You should apologize. Baron Moliot.”

A cold sweat trickled down Baron Moliot’s back.

He almost apologized without realizing it.

But people were watching.

‘I can’t back down like this.’

How did I get here?

Baron Moliot had a vein in his neck.

“Why are you so stubborn when you’re getting divorced anyway? Who do you think will accept you? I’m the only broad-minded man who’ll accept a wicked woman like you anyway. So stop bouncing and come to me. Isn’t that good for each other?”

‘Why is he so arrogant?’

Roselina was so speechless that she clicked her tongue.

“Even if you have no conscience, you don’t have much. You have to think about the age difference.”

I read the words floating above Baron Moliot’s head.

     [Baron Johnson Moliot]
     – The first stigmatist, Elizabeth Brighton’s brother.
     – Obtained the tile: Stigma]

The only thing he can boast about in his life is the fact that his sister married the Duke of Brighton.

He was older than the Duke of Brighton.

‘But you’re going to marry me?’

No one agreed to marry Baron Moliot, and he was famous for being single at this age.

‘I think he’s been swearing at me, to have the title of Stigma.’

Even if he had no conscience, that was too much.

‘And if you think about it, he’s old enough to be my uncle.’

I’ve got goosebumps all over me.

No matter how much Roselina fell to the bottom, she was not in a position to remarry this man.

‘Ugh. Dirty.’

She was so disgusted that she was lost for words for a moment that Baron Moliot was in high spirits.

“It looks like you still don’t have a partner, but if you sneak in my hand, I’ll accept you as a partner.”

What kind of nonsense is this?

“You seem to be mistaken, but I’m the host of the banquet. This banquet does not have a requirement to be accompanied by a partner.”

“Anyway, don’t you mean you don’t have a partner? I’ll be your partner!”

He makes her speechless.

I signaled the knights who were patrolling.

“It can’t be helped. Escort Baron Moliot.”

“Well, you’re trying to get rid of your partner in this way? Well, who’s going to join the banquet without a partner?”

Baron Moliot murmured, and began to say anything, whether he was afraid of the knights approaching him.

“If you kick me out like this now, I’ll think it’s because you’re ashamed of not having a partner! I’ll let the whole world know that the Duchess of Palesdon doesn’t have a partner!”

“Yes, partner.”

Then a low noise touched Baron Moliot’s nerves.

“Ha. That’s ridiculous. What crazy idiot in the world would be a partner for such a wicked woman?”


Baron Moliot giggled and looked behind me, and was stunned.

“What’s wrong with him?”

He wasn’t the only one who hardened.

The faces of the people around her also turned pale.

‘Who the hell came?’

I turned around to check, but I felt a movement behind me.

A voice immediately heard above one’s head.

“Here you are.”

I could tell without looking up and checking.


He appeared at the banquet hall.

The people were astonished.

They forgot to save face for a while, and began to talk.

“The Duke of Palesdon?”

“Why is the Duke here? Didn’t you say they were getting divorced?”

“What’s going on here?”

Of course, I was the most surprised.

‘Why the hell are you here?’

I didn’t even send you an invitation!

Argention seemed completely indifferent to the gaze of the people.

He put one hand on my shoulder.

“I heard you propose to my wife.”

“Ah, Duke. That’s what I said to make you laugh! Haha. This kind of joke is popular these days!”

“I didn’t find it funny.”

A casual tone of voice.

But Baron Moliot was frozen to the bone.

‘It’s a lot of things. It’s strong and weak, isn’t it?’

He did not hesitate to make fun of me, but is unable to say anything in the presence of Argention.

‘I can’t leave it alone.’

A slight push from Argention pushed him back.

“Baron Moliot.”

“The Duchess of Palesdon. Forgiveness…”

“If you were really sorry to me, you would have apologized sooner. You wouldn’t have said such nonsense in the first place.”

When she hit the nail on the head, Baron Moliot shut up.

He leaned her upper body and whispered so that he could only hear it.

“Is everything going well with Brighton’s brewery business? I heard you spent all your investment on gambling debts.”

“How can I do that?”

“Then you thought I wouldn’t know?”

Baron Moliot opened his eyes wide and began to tremble.

“Huh? Molly, did you really think I didn’t know?”


When Baron Moliot was called by his nickname in the gambling parlor, he freaked out.

“No one knows that, but how—”

“How did I know?”

It’s floating above your head.

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