Chapter 25


In fact, it was more than Eisel expected. He’d planned ahead and had a gristmill, mill, and malt house ready to start, but now he was faced with huge demand for his products.


“The festival must have caused a shortage of ingredients for beer and bread. That’s why I’m getting all these purchase orders.”


Lancia, still young, blinked at Eisel’s words.




As Eisel wondered if she should explain further, a deep voice rang out from the mansion’s entrance.


Eisel looked up to see a man halting beside the carriage. He glanced back and forth between the carriage and the mansion before creeping over to her.


“My lady, are you an Aspencer?”


“Yes. Are you a prospective buyer?”


“Yes, that’s right. I’ve heard that this is the only place left in the capital to get materials to buy copper and stuff.”


Eisel pulled a contract from her desk as if she knew this situation.


“Please write down what you want to buy and how much, and underneath that, your address and name, and oh, by the way, the down payment is half of the total purchase price, okay?”


“You’re taking half the money up front?”


“Yep. Don’t worry, the stuff will get there, but the way it’s piling up right now, you won’t get it until four days from now, is that okay?”


“Oh, that’s fine, but isn’t that too expensive?”


The man narrowed his eyes as he checked the contract items and prices. It was more than double the average price. Even if we were out of supplies, this is a bit……. As the man hesitated, Eisel gave him a sour look.


“Isn’t it a sign of a thief to sell beer and bread at three times the usual price during the festival, while accepting the same supplies as before? Besides, grain prices are higher than usual due to the sudden adverse year.”




“I’m sorry, but we can’t adjust prices, so if you don’t like it, return home.”


Eisel tried to snatch the contract from the man’s hand with her tiny hand, but he jerked his arm inwards.


“No! I’ll take the deal, but more than that, this is coming for sure, right?”


Eisel nodded at the man as he double-checked. The man bit his lip and stared at the papers. He reached into his pocket, checked the amount, and handed it to Eisel. After examining the contract and the amount of money, Eisel smirked and slammed the stamp.


“As I said, it will be delivered in four days, maybe sooner, so just wait and you’ll have it.”


“Thank you. I look forward to delivery.”


Of course.


Eisel mouthed the words as if they were familiar and waved. As the man disappeared, Lancia, who had been watching, looked at Eisel in a daze.


“What the hell…….”


“Anyway, now.”


Eisel rubbed her shoulders and her neck. After dealing with dozens of people a day, she felt like her eyes would fall out. Luckily, her parents helped her, so she was only doing paperwork and not paying attention to the outside world, but that was tiring enough.


“I’m sorry, Lancia, but I won’t be able to attend the festival.


Besides, my mom and dad are out on the field helping out, and I can’t play alone. I earned it.”


Lancia’s eyes flickered between the papers and her apologetic eyes.


“So, when you’re done with that, can we go play?”


“Huh? Well, I guess, but that’s easier said than done…….”




Lancia spun around and called out to the knight standing behind her. As he approached, Lancia smiled as if she’d been waiting for him.


“Call the people!”


“Yes, I understand.”


Eisel tilted her head, and Lancia turned. Looking at Eisel’s puzzled expression, Lancia smiled wryly.


“Let me help you!”


* * *


Rubbing his neck, Beoric sighed. He had been working nonstop since morning, and there was no end in sight. Warehouses were filled with grain stacks and materials. The warehouse doors were bustling with activity, but there was no end in sight for the lack of workers.


Beoric thought he would collapse before things disappeared, but he couldn’t rest. This was his lovely daughter’s business, and it grew. He couldn’t let this opportunity pass him by.


Unwilling to use his body, Beoric crawled through the hardened dust, eager to move another bag, even if it meant breaking a bone.


“Count Béoric Aspencer, is he here?”


As Béoric stooped to load another bag onto the wagon, a gruff voice called out from the entrance, another hurry-up. Béoric frowned and turned his head.


“Who is it?”


“I’m Thomas. Are you Count Aspencer?”


Beoric narrowed his eyes and nodded, and the man who introduced himself as Thomas smiled. He nodded as he stepped into the warehouse, checking out the supplies stacked everywhere.


“A pleasure to meet I am Baron Berington. I’m here at Lady Ermund’s request.”


“By Ermund, you mean…… Count Ermund?”




Oh, and here’s the thing: It wasn’t just commoners and merchants who needed supplies. The nobles, who entertained guests from far away, also needed supplies.


So they would come here and try to sell us grain and flour for money. Today alone, two people have already come and exited, and there’s another one.


Beoric turned away, frowning as he assessed the situation.


“If you wish to purchase anything, you should contact my daughter at the manor, not here, but at…….”


“That’s where I sent the man.”


Beoric tilted his head as he turned to leave. With a friendly smile, Thomas held out the Eisel letter to him. Beoric looked up, reading Eisel’s note.


“You read it?”


Thomas smiled and snapped his fingers. Then, more than twenty people entered the spacious warehouse.


“We’ll take over here from now on.”


* * *


Is this okay?


Thanks to Lancia, Eisel was freed from the desk where she had been held for days. Lancia brought competent and trustworthy people with her, as expected from a noble family. The fact that she didn’t forget to invite people to her parents’ place made things easier.


It’s funny to think that we were struggling with a small staff because of the festivities, but Lancia’s help erased those worries.




Eisell looked up at the voice calling out to her as she swung her feet around in her chair.


Lancia, who bought bread from a nearby store, handed Aisel half of it and sat down next to her.


“I bought it from a place over there. A lot of people said it was good.”


“Oh, where?”


“Do you know where it is around here?”


“Yes, I do. It’s where I delivered.” Eisel looked at the bread in her hand and bit into it.


It was sweet and soft to the touch, and with a slow smile, she looked around. There were parades everywhere, and people’s faces were full of energy.


It had been five days since the festival was held in the capital. However, the crowds hadn’t thinned out, they had got more crowded with people from other countries.


“My father said that the imperial court has been having a banquet for three days now, and he seems to be busy over there every day.”


“You’re not coming?”


“I didn’t show up to hang out with Eisel!”


Eisell took a bite out of her bread and looked at Lancia, who smiled and bit into her bread.


Eisel found it strange that Lancia stuck by her even though she hadn’t done anything for her. Is this how friends are supposed to be?


As an orphan, Eisel thought studying was the only way to have a future. Making friends was a luxury, and no one liked her, so she didn’t understand why Lancia stuck around even when she didn’t do anything.


“Oh, but Eisel. How’s that assignment you told me about coming along?”


“Um, I guess so.”


Eisel licked her tongue at the cream in her hand and nodded. The contracts she’s signed so far have paid for themselves. Selling the rest would double it, and they could make even more if they sold the grain from the southern granaries to the provinces.


“Once the festival is over, we can return to class.”


“Oh, wait.”


Eusel stuck her tongue out again, frowning at the cream oozing out of the bread.


Lancia, watching from the sidelines, grabbed Eisel’s wrist to stop her and wiped it off with her handkerchief.


“It’s dirty, wipe it with a handkerchief.”


“Huh? Oh, yeah…….”


Eisel nodded, dumbfounded at how tough this shy Lancia was.


Eisel looked at the clean fingertips and then back at Lancia, who ate her bread with an innocent look on her face.


After finishing her bread, Eisel got up from behind the door.


“Let’s go.” Let’s do some more exploring…… Billion!”


As Eisel stood up and reached for Lancia’s arm, something heavy slammed into her back. Eisel staggered forward, and Lancia helped her.


“You okay?”


Eisel looked up at Lancia, who caught her, and nodded.




As Eisel pushed herself to her feet, she heard an irritated voice behind her. Turning, Eisel saw the boy who had spilled his drink on his clothes standing there, frowning.


The boy glared at her clothes and the spilled drink in her hand, then at Eisel.


“What is it, you?”



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