Chapter 71

Even though it was already autumn, the inside of the information guild was colder than Citrina had expected. Perhaps that was due to the piercing gaze of a man, who was presumably a high-ranking member of the guild.

“Citrina Foluin, I want you to look into me and bring back a report on my reputation. Understand? That shouldn’t be too difficult.”

It would be a bit awkward to see a report about herself, but it was a door she needed to pass through anyway.
Citrina smiled brightly at him. The man coughed hollowly.

“And also…you want us to do a simple background check on Duke Pietro?”
“Yes. Please do so.”
“…There’s an unwritten rule about not touching the ducal families, but I understand that you and Duke Pietro have a special bond.”

The man whispered with a smirk. It didn’t look like he was someone who would back down easily. Citrina crossed her arms in an easygoing manner.

“I’m just trying to gather rumors, so why is it so expensive?”

Citrina smiled and pulled another gold coin out of her pocket. However, the man’s expression remained grim even after seeing the gold coin.

“It’s not a question of money.”
“…Is it that dangerous?”
“Yes. Dangerous, very dangerous.”

The man’s face tightened in fear. There was some undercurrent in the way he spoke.

‘He’s worked with almshouses to provide for the poor, helped with city improvement projects, and he’s gotten rid of the infamous magic tower once and for all…yet they’re still reluctant.’

The information they gathered is refined. They didn’t deal with rumors.
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“I can’t order you to do something so dangerous. Please only gather as much information that it does not put you in danger.”

Desian’s cold, sharp attitude did not seem to be a lie,
but he was kind to her. It left her with a few questions.

‘Why on Earth…you’re pretending to be nice to others, aren’t you?’

She wouldn’t have to wait long for answers.
Several questions remained, but her doubts were soon put to rest.
The man from the information guild spoke up.

“Citrina Foluin-nim, can you keep me safe from Duke Pietro?”

The man’s face was serious. Citrina spoke in a small voice.

“…Yes, I will ensure your safety. Though I’m not sure if I can.”
“Good. That’s a promise you must keep.”
“So when can I expect to receive the information?”
“In a week. I’ll get back to you in a week’s time.”

A week wasn’t too long.
Citrina nodded her head gently and got up. The inner doors of the information guild opened out into a waiting room. The only way out was through the waiting room.
She needed to get out of there quickly. She wondered how Lita’s meeting with the count’s young lord went, but things did not go her way. Citrina heard a familiar voice.


Wearing a burgundy hood, it seemed that she had come out to play without her ladies-in-waiting.
From what Citrina had seen of Princess Iana’s personality, this was not a difficult thing to comprehend. So she turned and spoke to her.
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“What’s going on?”
“No, it’s…”

Princess Iana scratched her head. Citrina tilted her head to the side.
Maybe she was a bit embarrassed to talk about it.
Citrina’s thoughts were likely correct. The princess blinked cautiously and looked at Citrina.

“Citrina, what about you?”
“I received His Majesty’s decree, granting me a title which cannot be passed down…”

Iana’s mouth opened wide.

“Congratulations, Citrina! I knew you would do well. Ever since the day you gave me that jewel, I knew it was fate.”

…All of a sudden, talking about fate?
Iana seemed more impressed than Citrina.
Why on Earth was Princess Iana so generous to her?

‘Is it because I work with a spirit? It doesn’t add up.’

Nevertheless, something was unclear. From wherever the source of Iana’s love came from, Citrina did not understand.

“So, Citrina, why did you suddenly come to the information guild?”
“I was told to prove my reputation personally, so… I thought I’d get a little help from the information guild. And while I’m at it…”

Ah, what was she going to say?
Citrina paused and Princess Iana’s eyes lit up.

“You’re going to find out about Desian Pietro…is that right?”

No, how the hell did she know? What, did she have mind-reading powers?
Citrina replied in a dazed manner.

“Ah, yes.”

Princess Iana’s eyes widened uncontrollably. She stammered over and over again.

“…are, are you interested in something?”

Iana’s loud voice echoed in the information guild’s waiting room. Everyone in the waiting room, waiting their turn, glanced in their direction.
Iana looked around and asked cautiously.

“Yes. I’d like to be of help in some small way. That’s why, Your Highness…”
“No, I was just wondering if you liked the duke.”

The airheaded princess blurted out. Citrina hesitated for a moment.

‘…I mean, I do like him, but it’s not something you’d usually think.’

Princess Iana’s brain wiring seemed unique.
While Citrina was wondering how to respond, Iana called her name in a hushed, solemn voice.
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“There’s a little cafe by the square that I often visit. Let’s go there.”

This turn of events was an extreme shift. Citrina didn’t know why the princess was in the information guild, why she was in disguise, and she didn’t know why the princess was suddenly asking her to go to a cafe.
Surely, the princess was here to take care of something important.

‘Maybe I can get some information about what’s going on.’

“I’ll give you some relationship advice.”
“I could use some other advice, Your Highness.”

Citrina smiled brightly. Iana nodded and squeezed Citrina’s hand.
Citrina was taken aback. Unexpectedly, Princess Iana had a strong grip.

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