Chapter 3 Part 4





Hanngh! No, euungh! Caxias… Ahht…!”

As he curled his fingers inside, Ercilla reacted by bouncing her waist. Unable to resist any longer, Caxias pulled his fingers out and pulled Ercilla’s buttocks towards him.

Kyaa?! Huaah, aht! No… Caxias, ahngh… Draw the c-curtain…! Eunngh!”

Caxias, who had buried his face in Ercilla’s pussy, began to lick it as he desired. Ercilla shuddered as the tip of his lewd tongue probed into her wetness, tasting the inside. She didn’t know that no one was allowed to peek into the Duke’s bedroom.

Aang, if anyone sees…! Eugh, aaht! Not n-now…!”

Despite licking roughly on her inside, there was no pain because it was only his tongue. As the pleasure she remembered poured into her secret place, Ercilla trembled and whimpered. Summoning the last of her reason, she crawled forward to escape his lips, but Caxias, his face drenched with lust, lifted himself up and unbuckled his trousers.


“D-Draw the curtains first… please…”

Ercilla begged, her face flushed with pleasure. She was embarrassed to be held by Caxias, but she didn’t hate it. It was even pleasurable in the middle of the night, but in broad daylight like this, where anyone could take a glimpse…

Caxias, already withdrawing his penis, looked at Ercilla with slight hesitation. His hot fingertips slipped inside her, wet with his own saliva.


“Fine. Instead, let’s call it a day for your maid duties today. Is that okay?”

Cleaning Caxias’ room was nearly finished apart from clearing the carpets, but the Duchess’s room was still incomplete; the sheets and curtains were all that had been done. However, it was incomparable to embracing Caxias in a place where someone could see them.


He will listen to her plea. Caxias got up with relief when he heard her response. Without bothering to adjust his clothes, he moved to the window and drew the curtains himself. Drawing only the white curtain out of the two layers of curtains, he shielded the outside world from view, but the inside remained bright.

Ercilla watched Caxias approach, realizing the lustful act that was to follow. His penis, which must have penetrated her dozens of times already, was frighteningly aroused.

Unable to face it, Ercilla turned her head away, still on her knees on the carpet.

“Ercilla… lift your buttocks up as they are.”

His whispering voice was low and burning with lust.

Ercilla lifted her buttocks up as Caxias instructed her, not knowing how she looked. Thinking it should be okay since she was doing it as he wished.

Hnnh, ahh?!”

A hot lump of heat pushed and entered her wet entrance. Although she was expecting it, it felt bigger than she had anticipated, and Ercilla was taken aback.

“I’ll do it.”

Do what?! Like this? But before she could ask, Caxias thrusted his waist forward. Ercilla’s eyes widened as she felt his penis penetrate her deeply. Her fingertips, which were holding onto the carpet to maintain her balance, became tense with the lustful stimulation.

Hik…, ugh, ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Aaht!”

Ercilla was taken aback by Caxias’s rough thrusts even more than usual. Caxias usually tended to be gentle with his first penetration, as if it was important to loosen her up first. But this time he seemed to have no restraint, thrusting in so hard that her entire pelvis shook.

Aang, ang! C-Caxias! Agh! Aaht, aht…”

Haa… Ercilla…”

Whispering hotly, Caxias pulled at Ercilla’s waist and tugged at the strings of the ribbons that adorned her blouse. That alone loosened the ribbons and opened the front of the blouse. Her breasts spilled out, bouncing along her body.

Before Ercilla could try to cover them, Caxias’s hands grabbed them. He teased her hardened nipples, making her lift her upper body and writhe in pleasure.

Hnngh! Nngh, aang…! Aang! Ahht…”

Ercilla squirmed her waist, unable to resist the overwhelming pleasure. Caxias was more aroused than he needed to be, and due to the position, his cock felt too big. When she pulled away, Caxias, who had been holding her close, lifted one of her legs.

“Where are you going?”

His voice was as seductive as it was chilling as he whispered. Grasping the embarrassed Ercilla’s thighs, Caxias thrust up and down, flicking the fully exposed flower buds lightly, causing Ercilla to squirm and cry out in pleasure.

Huaa, nngh! No! I’ll faint…! Your Excellency, ahh…! Please…!”

Sweet moans and the lewd sound of flesh colliding filled the bedroom. Ercilla, who had been driven to her climax, collapsed into Caxias’s arms as he ejaculated deeply inside her. Caxias released Ercilla’s legs and embraced her body.


Once was not enough to satisfy him. Caxias saw the armchair within reach and pulled it over.

Aheugh! Hnngh, aang…! Ang…, aang!”

Ercilla moaned as she shook on top of Caxias. Caxias was deeply seated in an armchair, and Ercilla sat on top of him with her back against his chest and her legs spread wide. Due to both legs being lifted high, the weight was fully supported by their coupling point.

Ercilla was already reaching her fourth climax as Caxias thrust with frightening force at a relentless pace that didn’t tire.

Huaa, ahahht! Ahhhgh…”

Climaxing, Ercilla collapsed onto Caxias’s chest. Her lifted legs rested on the chair’s armrests as Caxias began to fondle her body.


It was sweet, but for Ercilla, who had reached her climax four times, it was too stimulating. She moaned as Caxias pinched and played with her nipples, which were now a deep shade of pink, and his fingers teasingly traced her body.

“No. It’s too…, it’s too much, hnngh…”

Unfortunately, Caxias, who had been pushing Ercilla to her limits for the past five days, knew just how much she could handle.

Hic, hnnghAang…”

As Caxias gently fondled her nipple with his fingers moistened with her saliva, a pleasant hum escaped Ercilla’s lips. Caxias nibbled on Ercilla’s ear and whispered.

“Not yet. And you called me ‘Your Excellency’ twice.”

Heok. Caxias chuckled mischievously, watching with interest as her pale, stiff face turned bright red once again.

“I gave you a break since it was your first time in the Duchess’s room, but now there’s no need for that.”

The intense gaze that was staring at her with deep meaning softened as if to show a gentle and lenient attitude towards her.

“If you call my name as you cum, I’ll stop.”

Otherwise, as I said before, I’ll do it all day.

Ah! Aah, ah, aht…!”

The ensuing thrusts rocked Ercilla’s body violently up and down. As she savored the pleasure within Caxias’s strong arms, Ercilla desperately tried to call out his name. However, it was not easy as her mind emptied out completely at the moment of her climax.

Haa, hnng… It’s too intense…, aang…! N-No…!”

And just like that, her first day as a maid passed.




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