Chapter 3 Part 3




Caxias stood in front of the door, took a deep breath, and made sure no one was around. Over the next few days, he made it clear that he was uncomfortable with people being around his bedroom, so his employers tried to avoid passing by this area as much as possible.

Knock Knock

After knocking, a trembling voice answered after a while.

“W-Who is it?”

“It’s me, Ercilla.”

Caxias replied as he opened the door and went inside. His irritation melted away at the sight of Ercilla’s face. As he realized he was becoming weaker to her face, Caxias became anxious that he might not be able to regain his composure if he was wrapped up in Ercilla’s skirt1Can also mean wrapped in her fingers which means having complete control over someone. In here, I think it means having Caxias in Ercilla’s bidding in the bed.. Though that would never happen.

Ercilla was surprised that Caxias had returned so quickly. Even during the past few days, when she woke up, she would see Caxias at his bedside table looking at documents. However, since she had slept for a long time after being tired, she didn’t know how long Caxias had been in his office.

“I’ll be looking at the documents here. Do what you want.”

With that, Caxias took the papers and headed for the table. Watching as the heavy stack of papers was placed on the table, Ercilla cautiously approached him.

“Um, C-Caxias.”

“What is it?”

Caxias replied coldly but was actually pleased that Ercilla had approached him. With her cheeks stained red, Ercilla continued.

“There are no cleaning tools inside the room. I need to clean the carpets and other places, but I can’t go out like this…”


That was the only reason she had come to his side? Caxias was upset, but he couldn’t blame her.

“I understand. I will bring it soon. “

Unaware that this would be the beginning of any rumors, Caxias went out to get the cleaning tools. A short time later, Caxias returned with a whole arsenal of cleaning tools. All brand new.

A bucket, several mops, a floor brush, a laundry basket, and everything she needed after asking the butler.

Ersia had only seen the maids at work but didn’t know exactly what they did. She was a lady-in-waiting and mainly tended to Elena’s personal needs.

“Is there anything else you need?”

Caxias spoke with an unhappy face and a gruff tone, and Ercilla thanked Caxias for his offer, replying that she didn’t need anything. Caxias looked at her disapprovingly and walked over to his desk and sat down. He then started working on the documents.

Thinking to herself to cheer up, Ercilla started by filling up the bucket with water.

Diligently and meticulously, the Duke’s chambers were being tidied. Caxias watched Ercilla work while looking through the documents. She was diligent and earnest. Even though it was her first time doing this, her fingers moved deftly.

‘Does she really intend to keep doing this job…’

If Ercilla stubbornly insists on doing this kind of work, he also has a plan. Caxias didn’t like the idea of getting water on those delicate hands and making her do the hard work. Unless Ercilla had a particular fondness for cleaning, that would be different. She was his fiancée, after all.

‘She acts carelessly.’

It was clear that she was so preoccupied with cleaning that she forgot what she was wearing. She was wiping the windows, polishing the seats, dusting and wiping things in the room, and now she was kneeling on the floor scrubbing the carpet with a brush.

The problem was that Ercilla’s skirt was unreasonably short, and her underwear was showing.

The flowing skirt half-covered her hips and bounced with her movements. Underneath, her underwear failed to cover the gap between Ercilla’s b*ttocks, exposing even her intimate parts directly in front of Caxias’s eyes.

‘What a temptation.’

Caxias was watching Ercilla closely, afraid that she might turn around and expose her b*ttocks through the window. Although his room was situated in a location prepared for assassination or espionage, meaning no one could spy on this room from anywhere in the mansion, human nature was such that anything was possible.

Despite sneaking glances at Ercilla while working, Caxias had already finished all of his work. He had been handling work since the age of 12, so he never made mistakes even while half-asleep. Such was the bloodline of Burcion.

Quietly putting down his pen, Caxias approached Ercilla from behind. Even though he crouched down and sat right behind her, Ercilla didn’t seem to notice. Caxias found it both cute and ridiculous.

‘I bet this is what you do even when I’m not in the room…’

Even though he knew no one was watching, he felt angry. While looking at Ercilla’s shaking b*ttocks in front of him, Caxias slapped them and then blew a breath.

Kyaa! Your Grace!”

Ercilla screamed out loud in surprise. Even in the midst of this, she knew that the only person who would do such a thing was Caxias.

“Your Grace?”

Caxias mimicked Ercilla’s words with a teasing look. Ercilla’s face, which had turned bright red, became even redder.

“N-No! You heard wrong……, hyaah?!”

Grabbing Ercilla’s thighs and spreading them apart, Caxias pressed his lips to the skin of her inner thigh. A sweet shiver ran down his spine as he ran his tongue over the kiss marks he had left.

Ah, aah! Your Gr…, ahh…”

Ercilla was momentarily flustered and almost called him ‘Your Grace’ again but swallowed her words. Caxias laughed and traced his tongue around the edge of her thighs.

“Are you seducing me because I haven’t licked this place for a few days? Just wait until nightfall and I’ll make love to you as much as you like. How could you forget your status as my fiancée and try to seduce me in such a licentious way…”

At Caxias’s words, Ercilla realized her mistake and panicked.

“No! No, it’s not like that! This is, hnng… I was working and f-forgot… Ahh!”

Caxias’s lips were tantalizingly close but not touching her. Ercilla knew the pleasure he could give her, but to be loved by him, dressed like this, in this position, made her feel ashamed.

“Very well. If you like your work so much, you should keep doing it. However, if you miss a spot while I’m touching you or if you do a sloppy job cleaning the floor, then I will hold you responsible.”

“What?! Hmm…”

Caxias released Ercilla’s thighs and spread her petals. Ercilla felt her face flush as she turned to look at him. Caxias said with a nonchalant attitude.

“Scrub the floor. You said you liked your work, didn’t you?”

Agghh… C-Caxias… Aang…”

Even if he didn’t like her being a maid, being teased like this was too much. She never knew he was such a licentious person.

As she hesitated, one of Caxias’s fingers slipped into her p*ssy. Caxias teased Ercilla who was startled, laughing mischievously.

“I’ll still take you to bed, even if I’m halfway inside you, or even if you spill your sweet nectar on the floor.”

“T-That’s unreasonable! Hnngh…”

His probing fingers scraped across Ercilla’s sensitive spot. Ercilla clenched Caxias’s fingers tightly as she tried to steady her collapsing body. With a pleased expression, Caxias bent his fingertips to stimulate her sensitive area even more.

“Sweet Ercilla. But I only put one in, didn’t I? You’ve always loved it when I touched you here.”

Nngh, that was on the bed… Aghh…”

Even though his finger was slowly inserted, all attention was focused on that spot. Caxias watched with a smirk as Ercilla’s b*ttocks shook.

“Your hand is idle. If it doesn’t move, I’ll add another finger?”

“No… Hhng…”

Ercilla whimpered and quickly moved the brush, but she couldn’t scrub as hard as she had earlier, and she couldn’t stop thinking about Caxias sitting behind her.

Mmm. Such a gorgeous view.”

Caxias watched Ercilla move while exhaling hot breaths. Even when he slowly inserted his finger, the wet flesh clenched tightly around Caxias’s finger. It was so soft and hot that his body trembled.

Knowing what it would feel like to slide his p*nis in there made it difficult to endure.

Aaang, Caxias… This is e-embarrassing… hnngh… Take it out please, nngh.”

Ercilla pleaded, moving the brush slowly. Caxias swallowed hard as he watched her.

This was a mistake, he thought, even though he had insisted she wear it. There was no way he was going to let her wear it every day and just leave her be.




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    Can also mean wrapped in her fingers which means having complete control over someone. In here, I think it means having Caxias in Ercilla’s bidding in the bed.
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