Yeonseo couldn’t even meet his eyes properly, stubbornly insisting on breaking up.

“You say you like me, but you want to break up like this?”

Still, Taeheon asked as if confirming whether it was possible to break up.

“We haven’t been together for long. You can think of it as ending a bit early.”

Taeheon washed his face quickly. His mind wasn’t working well, and he didn’t know what to do.

“As for the debt, I’ll pay it back, even if it takes me a lifetime.”

“Keep your mouth shut.”

“And about Hyeonho.”

Taeheon’s eyes sharpened at the mention of Baek Hyeonho’s name. Removing the hand that covered his eyes, he asked sternly.

“Why is Baek Hyeonho’s name coming up?”

“You’re the one who sent him to Taiwan, right?”

“…Did Woo Taeseon say that?”

“I won’t blame you for why you did that. Instead, Hyeonho, put him back where he belong.”

Ha, okay, I get it now.

That bastard was the reason Yeonseo insist on breaking up.

Childhood friends? A family-like relationship?

None of that mattered to Taeheon’s decision.

Hyeonho was the one who was taking up Yeonseo’s time that Taeheon should have had. That thought became even firmer now.

“Is all this fuss because of Baek Hyeonho?”

“So, after what you did to him, you still have the nerve to talk to me?”

“Why not.”

“Sir, you’re despicable.”

“So you won’t see me anymore? What a tearful friendship.”

“Yes. For me, it’s friendship over love.”

Laughter erupted.

“I haven’t figured out the situation yet.”

Yeonseo bit her lip and spoke, letting go after keeping her mouth shut for a moment.

“You can have one last go at me, I’ll let you finish, that’s what we’re here for anyway.”

It was very much like Yeonseo to jump right in and say she’d recovered enough to have s*x. That’s why she provoked Taeheon. Because she’s Han Yeon-seo.

“Yeonseo, stop making me a jerk all the time.”

Taeheon tilted his head slightly.

“Sir, you’re originally a bad person, blaming me for that…”

Taeheon reached out and pulled Yeonseo into his arms. Hugging her around the waist, he pressed their lips together. He kissed her roughly, the faint scent of toothpaste tantalizing his taste buds.

What last?

Out of breath, Yeonseo jerked her head to the side and pushed Taeheon away with a feeble effort. Taeheon didn’t let go, brushing her hair out of her face and pressing his lips to the nape of her neck.


He bit and sucked until Yeonseo was in pain, leaving marks everywhere, he revealed his insatiable desire.

Warning Yeonseo, Taeheon grazed her lips, which were exhaling hazy breath.

“I’ll decide if it’s the last time or not. Don’t act cheap.”

“Cheap huh… You’re the one getting rough.”

Yeonseo spat out a somewhat venomous remark. It was difficult to restrain herself when she thought it was because of Hyeonho.

“Well, then, do what you want. It doesn’t mean anything to me.”

He lifted Yeonseo, holding her with one hand and heading towards the entrance of the ward. After putting her down, she turned anxiously so Taeheon grabbed her back and turn her to face the door.

“You don’t want to end up in bed together if we break up. If you want to fulfill your purpose, this is what you’ll wear.”

He pulled down Yeonseo’s underwear along with her panties. Yeonseo’s hands weakly reached behind her and fidgeted.

“No, not here.”

“Not here? Ha. Be noisy and open your mouth.”

Taeheon held two fingers in front of Yeonseo’s mouth.

“Please, do it over there… Not here!”

“Lick them properly. I’m trying not to hurt you.”


“You called me cheap. So, I should treat you accordingly, right?”

Yeonseo resisted Taeheon’s fingers to the end. He chuckled and lowered his pants. Frustrated enough to want to force his way in where it wasn’t w*t, Taehun couldn’t do it in the end and knelt down.

“Ah, sir! Ugh!”

He pounded her waist forcefully, making Yeonseo bend elegantly. Curses rained down in her chest.

Grabbing her waist when she was trying to sit down, he f*cked her violently like a storm. Taeheon’s face, now standing, was completely soaked. Licking his lips, he pushed in the heat he had condensed.

“Sir, please not here… Ugh…”

“End it? Do you think we can end it?”

Sassy Han Yeonseo. Poor, cute, and clever, and that’s why I keep paying attention to you…….

So, do you want to end it now?

Maybe Yeonseo is wise. Ending it now could clear away this unpleasant mess of emotions.

Yeonseo trembled weakly. The sight of her choking and covering her mouth fueled his sadism.

As long as Taeheon was around, no one was allowed to be around here without permission, so she wasn’t going to tell him anything.

He raised his pants. As the act progressed, anger and betrayal surged more strongly than pl*asure.

Yeonseo’s slender body crumpled like a sheet of paper, unable to take the brutalizing treatment. Despite forcing her up with strength, Yeonseo collapsed as if rejecting the relationship.

He could have taken her more forcefully, but damn it, he couldn’t do it. The curse lingered in the back of his throat. He couldn’t push her harder like he wanted to.

He adjusted his clothing after pushing his hardened desire back into his waistband. His heart, pounding fast, felt like a dull hammer hitting his head.

“I’m going to ask you one last time. Do you really want to break up?”

“Sir, you can never give me what I want. If I hadn’t met you, things wouldn’t have turned out like this, painful as they are.”

Yeonseo looked up at Taeheon with w*t eyes. He helped her to her feet and pulled out a handkerchief to wipe between her legs.

“You asked me to end it, don’t regret it.”

Taeheon brushed past her and out the door of the hospital room.




The attending physician who performed Yeonseo’s surgery decided to discharge her, and she tidied up her room a day before her discharge.

Hyunyoung, who had been her caregiver during her hospitalization, had been sent home the day she and Taeheon broke up, leaving Yeonseo alone in the large hospital room.

Her cell phone rang. The caller was Hyeonho. Yeonseo had been avoiding his calls. She’d only messaged him occasionally to say she was doing well.

If she heard Hyeonho’s voice, she would have to confess that she was in the hospital, and then Hyeonho, who was currently filming in the provinces, might rush over immediately. She couldn’t avoid it any longer and answered the call.


–        Ah, you’re so hard to call. Where are you?

“Nowhere special. I’m just at the boarding house.”

–        Ha, I’m on my way back from there now. They say you took your stuff from your room.

Hyeonho’s voice was rough. Yeonseo awkwardly scratched her forehead.

“Sorry, actually… I’m in the hospital.”

–        Where? Mrs. Kang’s hospital? I’ll go there.

“I had appendix surgery.”

–        What? Su-surgery?

“I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to worry.”

–        Hey, Han Yeonseo!

Hyeonho shouted loudly. Yeonseo closed her eyes tightly. She hadn’t properly considered how much Hyeonho would worry, as she was preoccupied with her problems with Taeheon.

–        You’re more worried about that than me not knowing. Where are you now? What hospital is it!

“Lower your voice. I’m about to be discharged now anyway. Hyeonho, do you remember that cafe with lots of ice cream?”

The cafe where vanilla ice cream piled high on a sweet waffle, bigger than her stomach.

“Meet me there, I’ll be there in half an hour.”      

–        Ha… You’re unbelievable. If I call you, you pick up, okay?


After hanging up the phone, Yeonseo sat by the window and stared endlessly. Then she got up. She had placed an envelope with 50 million won on the table. She also put the envelope she received from Taeseon there.

Yoonhae was coming in the afternoon. Sorry, but she planned to return Taeheon’s money through her.

Yeonseo went out into the hallway and left the hospital when the nurse wasn’t looking. The shadow of the man who had been loitering around her had disappeared.

Yeonseo gathered her sparkling hair in the sunlight. In the blue sky, the dense shadow was nowhere to be found.

She brushed aside her hair, which glistened in the sunlight. There were no dark shadows against the blue sky.

So, they’ve broken up.




As soon as Yeonseo stepped out of the taxi, someone walked toward her. It was Hyeonho, wearing torn half jeans, a white summer shirt, and sunglasses..



“…When did you come to Seoul? I thought you were in the provinces.”

“For now, get in.”

“What about the cafe?”

Yeonseo gestured towards the cafe sign in front of her.

“Do you care about a cafe right now? I bought drinks, so get in the car.”

Yeonseo nodded. This was not a conversation to have over a waffle with ice cream on top.

Once in Hyeonho’s car, Yeonseo awkwardly smiled under the scrutiny of a childhood friend who was examining her thoroughly.

“Are you feeling okay? When did you have that surgery?”

“About a week ago. I’m supposed to be discharged tomorrow, but I just got out early…….”

“Hey, what’s this?”

Hyeonho reached out and pointed near Yeonseo’s neck.

Oops. She hastily tried to cover her neck, but Hyeonho, who had brushed her hand away, leaned in close.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“…There was, but there isn’t anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

She hadn’t realized that Taeheon’s bruise was still there. It seemed like he had sucked so hard that blood had clotted for a while.

“I was seeing someone before, but we broke up.”

“Who? You had the presence of mind to be in a relationship with you?”

Yeonseo, who had hesitated for a moment, opened her mouth. It was difficult at first, but once she started talking, she could easily share the story of meeting and breaking up with Taeheon.

The story of the man who wanted to repay her debt and sleep with her ended more quickly than she expected. After all, the only thing they did together was s*x.

It was pretty uneventful.

“You still like him, don’t you?”

“…No. I don’t like him anymore.”


At times like this, Yeonseo found the undeniable lingering feelings to be cruel.

“Well, since it’s none of my business, let’s forget about it. I’ll help you out with the debt.”

“Hyeonho, please don’t.”

“Pay him back or pay me back. Wouldn’t it be easier on my end? And you said you broke up, don’t you have any self-respect?”


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