Chapter 5

Clint finally put on his uniform and headed to Rollins’ office.

Taren, the deputy commander of the Tilif Knights of which he is the leader, asked.

“Captain, why do you think that poisonous snake is calling you?”

“I don’t think he noticed that I touched his woman….”

“No way. If that were the case, and if I was in his position, I would have beaten you up right away.”

“….Do you think I am joking, Taren?”

“Yes that’s right, you are just joking anyway.”

Clint looked aggrieved at Taren’s calm answer.

Actually, I did all sorts of things to look funny. I purposely acted cowardly to run away from taking up responsibilities.

There was no choice.

If he appears competent, then he will eventually be used as a knight for something useful for this empire.

Even if that were the case, the only thing that would come back would be death and poverty for his family.

Just like all the adults in his knights order, who are dead now.

Clint decided to do nothing and avoid the Emperor’s eyes rather than sacrifice his life for this country.

As he decided to play his side of the game like that, women naturally asked him out for a night, and he didn’t bother to refuse them.

Since I did not know their personal details, I did not even know exactly whether they were married or single.

As a result, he became increasingly infamous for sleeping with all kinds of women, whether they were married or single. Clint entered Rollins’ office.

Rollins, a man whose emotions cannot be read, met him.

“Clint, I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Please speak, Your Highness Rollins.”

Clint was usually a tattered man, but when he was called for public conversations like this, he would always wear a form-fitting Tilif Knight’s uniform.

He’s always splitting the threads all the time, so when he closes his mouth, he looks very sharp.

His slim, tall, and broad-shouldered inverted triangle figure looked great no matter what he wore, but he looked best when he was wearing the knights’ uniform.

The elegant uniform, black and worn only by the leaders of the order certified by the twenty imperial castles in Teniac, had the sleeves and shoulders decorated with gold thread.

Even so, Clint, who had never learned manners since he was orphaned at a young age and joined the Order, never wore his buttons properly and even when he wore a suit, he never wore a neck tie.

Rollins opened his mouth.

“The Canna Empire recently took over Zeneta Castle in the Sutton region. They say the Green family, who lived in that castle, are in the dungeons of Geneta Castle. I wish you could save them and bring them back. Because they’re good people.”

Clint’s eyes closed for a moment at those words.

Geneta Castle was where nearly a thousand soldiers of the Canna Empire were stationed.

Sending Clint’s knights there, with only 20 of them, of which only 5 were properly ordained knights, was like telling them to die on the battlefield.

Up until now, he had somehow survived by avoiding the emperor’s eyes, but now he had caught the crown prince’s eyes.

Rollins said, smiling softly.

“Now is the time for you to go out and accomplish your next feat just like Captain Ron. So I’m giving you a chance, Clint.”

If dying for the country is a merit, is it really considered to be a merit? Clint expected an afterword.

It’s obvious at least.

Then, if we recapture Excaliger, we will take over the Sutton.

“Then, if you recapture Excaliger, you will take over Sutton.”

It was surprising how the crown prince said the same thing as the words the emperor said in the past to Ron Elgar, the former leader of the Tilif Knights, the lord of Yuriana.

“….I think you will be a loving this work soon.”

‘Why me all of a sudden?’

Clint just bowed infront of the crown prince.

“Yes. I will get going, Your Highness Rollins.”

“Be careful.”

Rollins raised his hand against Clint’s greeting.

And he smiled in satisfaction as he looked at Clint’s cool face as he retreated.


Standing at the corner of the Imperial Castle, in front of the tightly closed iron gate of Aelia’s castle, Clint scratched his head.

“Are you really that angry?”

He thought that the Crown Prince was angry because he had touched his fiancee.

That’s why he was going to the battlefield.

But it wasn’t Aelia’s fault at all.

He knew that it would happen someday, and above all, it was he who fearlessly used the castle where the woman who was engaged to the crown prince lived as his date spot.

Besides, she was the one who would be angry on him because he kissed her against her will.

I came here only to apologize.

He called Cathy, her maid, to ask her to deliver his apology to Aelia, but she was not there.

Even though she wasn’t there, but it came out to be very surprising that Aelia had no one working under her at all.

Clint looked puzzled and looked inside Aelia’s castle, where the lights were off as if there lived someone dead.

As he was looking towards the garden, he flinched when he saw something white moving.

“Ah, it surprised the hell out of me.”

He muttered, rubbing his chest.

A woman in a white nightgown was walking through the garden with her bare feet.

He was so surprised to see someone that his knighthood was believable. If it weren’t for the pitch black spots, he would have thought she was a ghost and he would have been ruined.

Aelia got close to the iron gate, but she didn’t seem to see Clint and she passed by him.

‘Is she sleepwalking?’

As Clint thought and looked inside the iron door, Aelia, wearing a one-piece nightgown that reached down to her knees and elbows, stumbling toward her room, tripped on the stairs and fell to the floor.

Clint’s expression, who was looking at that in surprise, slowly hardened.

She crouched down like that and didn’t get up. Instead, she fell into a much deeper sleep.

Clint didn’t even have time to think as he grabbed hold of the iron door and jumped over to get to her.

The night was still chilly.

Clint lifted Aelia up by her upper body as she fell on the stairs.

Her body was cold as she had wandered around the garden in her thin nightgown.

On her sleepy, slightly tilted face, black spots were moving and spreading more and more.

The spots flickered vividly. Clint first picked her up.

For a moment, his expression suddenly became frowning.

It’s true that she was petite, but she was extremely light. Once he was there, he laid her down on her bed.

Clint watched the pitch-black venom spread across her face, forgetting that he had barged into the Prince’s woman’s bedroom.

The poison was about to cover her entire face. Clint cupped her face in his hands and remembered the basic decoding spell he had learned when he was very young.

He could only do so by sharing the other person’s poison because he was doing detoxification of the poison, a level that ordinary people, not magicians, would do.

Even for that, an item containing the power of wizards was needed. Clint tried to find the only available magic tool in the room.

When he opened the case which contained the candles, there was a drawing of a magic circle that controlled fire behind it.

When Clint tapped the candle on the magic circle, it spontaneously caught fire.

He placed the candle on the table, put one hand into the case, and gained a little bit of magical power.

And a little above Aelia’s face, he placed his hand in the air and wrote the decoding magic text in a rhythm.

Then the letters glowed brightly and the poison began to spread to Clint’s hands.

His left hand turned black.

Instead, the black spots that had been spreading on Aelia stopped spreading any further.

“As expected, there was no knowledge which was useless.”

Clint said with a proud expression. But that feeling of pride did not last long.

If he hadn’t had watched her outside the iron door, this woman would have just woken up from her sleep on those cold steps in the morning.

No one would have woken her up from those stairs.

“Rollins, what is the hell is this guy doing?”

Clint muttered as he was feeling teary, and unconsciously stroked her platinum-blonde hair.

Aelia opened her eyes at that act of his, which was done inadvertently out of pity.

And when she saw the golden eyes of the man sitting on her bed, she screamed with surprise. Clint then hurriedly said…

“Now, wait a minute! It’s me! Don’t you remember me?”

“Get out! Get out right now!”

Ailea, who was frightened, threw the objects around her at Clint mercilessly.

There was a pounding sound.

Clint shouted, blocking the objects flying at him with his arms.

“I was already trying to leave! I would never do anything bad to you!”



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