Chapter 68


‘What? Did Adrian eat something wrong? or …… Is there something wrong with his head?


I asked him with a serious expression.


“Brother…….Did you hurt your head?”




Adrian’s, expression crumpled, after hearing my words. He then suddenly put a headlock on me.


I was shaking wildly and getting irritated.


“Ah! What are you doing!”


“Take care of yourself from now on, Rosenia Hill.”


“What? You are indeed-.”


I was about to call him an idiot but stopped when I realized that the term did not fit him, he should be addressed with something worse then that.


So instead of talking, I used my first and I hit Adrian hard on his stomach. The door to my room suddenly burst open and someone came inside.


“Rosenia, what’s going on?”




It was Llewellyn. Seems like he heard some commotion coming from my room and was worried about me, so he came in without even knocking.


Llewellyn approached me with long strides and stretched out his hand as if trying to snatch me away from Adrian.


Then Adrian suddenly changed his direction, preventing Llewellyn’s hand from reaching me. I blinked in embarrassment, still stuck to Adrian’s side.


‘W-what is this crazy situation?’ Suddenly I started feeling cold around me and silence spread across the room.


Llewellyn and Adrian quietly glared at each other. At this point, there was a heavy atmosphere between the two, as if a war was about to break out.


Adrian was the first to break the silence and spoke.


“Go away.”


“Why? This is my home.”


Of course, Llewellyn did not lose to him. I nodded, thinking it was true anyway.


Then Adrian glared towards me at my nodding.


‘What, what! That’s true anyway!


“Adrian Hill. This is my home, and Rosenia is my fiancee. So stop and let her go.”


“To be exact, she’s probably a ‘prospective’ fiancee. You haven’t had an engagement ceremony yet.”


Adrian scoffed at him and further added.


“And things like engagements, aren’t I strong enough to break them off at any given point of time? It’s not even a marriage anyway”




Adrian, this crazy guy…… Did you just forgot that Llewellyn loves me so much and even took a heart oath to get engaged?


No, rather than forgetting, I knew that he was doing this on purpose.


Just looking at Llewellyn, who was Hurt by those words makes my sense of judgment so distorted that I couldn’t stand it anymore.


That’s it. Adrian is really a person with a bad personality.


‘I can’t do it. In fact I didn’t want to go to such an extent to use my magical power on my very own family, but this bastard did not leave me with any choice’


I focused my strength magic on my right fist. And then thrust my fist hard into Adrian’s abdomen.




Adrian, who flinched greatly, immediately stumbled and fell down.


The sight of him trembling, holding his stomach tightly, and glaring at me was quite worth seeing.


“Tsk, Rosenia, you…”


“Stop fighting with the owner of this house, brother. Do you want to be kicked out?”


Shaking my head, I passed by Adrian and approached Llewellyn. Llewellyn held out his hand towards me and smiled.


‘I don’t care.’


Whether Adrian was glaring at me from behind or not, i just ignored him.


But then Adrian laughed out loud as if he was shocked.


In the meantime, he slowly stood up, seemingly feeling fine, and looked at the two of us with an annoyed expression.


I stuck out my tongue and tried to tease Adrian, but it seemed too childish so I stopped.


“Rosenia! Come here!”


“I don’t want to!”


I think I was getting quite bolder now.


I did not fear him now. Maybe I was scared of offending him before but now that I started feeling intolerable against his trashy personality I couldn’t control my rage against him.


‘Yeah…. sometimes disciplinary actions becomes necessary to improve brats’ 


Now I have become bold and was violently rebelling against Adrian.


If we compare before and now…… I liked it much better now. Because I can show him my honest side.


I smiled brightly at Adrian and said,


“Brother may not like my engagement.”




“Still, would you like to come with me? I’m going to choose an engagement dress now.”


As soon as we finished speaking, the maids came in through the side door and placed dozens of dresses in front of us. Adrian looked at the huge number of dresses in amazement, then sighed and answered.




“Thank you, brother!” I smiled broadly.


*  * *


But after about 30 minutes, I regretted having asked Adrian to pick out a dress.


“not really.”




“That’s not good either.”




“This one is not worthy of you.”




“You shine so much that this one looks dull”




Did this bastard devise some other plan to stop the  engagement ceremony of his younger sister?


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