Chapter 29 
No Relationship
“By the way, do you know what flowers and foods your sister likes?”
Bai Rui heard ‘your sister’ and only felt a tremor in her body, and the sense of grievance in her heart was almost coming out of her bones.
“CEO Li wants to pursue my sister?”
She had this doubt last time. Li Haotian helped the company to understand Bai Moran’s every move and whether she had any boyfriends. Now that he didn’t help, she thought he wasn’t pursuing her, but now it seems that wasn’t the case. It looked like the company’s affairs and Bai Moran were related.
“Then I will tell CEO Li everything I know.”
“Then you can go back. Come to my office when you arrive at the company.”
Bai Rui nodded with a smile but almost embedded her nails in her palm. When she returned to the Bai family, the first thing she saw when she entered was the brightly dressed Bai Moran. She was gorgeous. Every move she made was beautiful to the extreme. Even she wanted to appreciate her beauty. She could understand why Li Haotian had his eyes on her instead of herself, but she still couldn’t calm the jealousy in her heart toward this woman.
“Where is Sister going?”
“To work.”
Bai Moran gestured to leave in front of her, looking like she didn’t want to bother with her at all, but Bai Rui called out to her, “Sister, what kind of relationship do you have with Haotian?”
“No relationship.”
Bai Rui pinched her palm and was about to continue asking, but the woman had already walked away as if she were a pestilence.
Bai Lucheng walked out just in time to see the scene of two people confronting each other, “What happened, your sister and Haotian ……”
“Dad, Haotian has changed his mind.”
Bai Rui looked at him with eyes full of sourness and disbelief, “I went to find him today to see why he changed his heart. I may not be able to do anything. I’m sorry, Dad.”
Bai Lucheng looked at the image of her tear-stained eyes collapsing into his arms. His heart ache. “Don’t worry. I will investigate the matter.”
Bai Rui nodded vigorously and felt soothed. But when her line of sight turned to the outside of the man, her eyes became stern.
When she came to the company, Bai Rui specially changed into a white dress, looking elegant and gracious. The half-exposed br*asts were similar to Bai Moran’s appearance last night and looked extraordinary. She handed a cup of coffee to Li Haotian, intentionally showing her half-exposed br*asts. Yet Li Haotian didn’t raise his eyelids, only allowing her to sit opposite him.
Bai Rui’s action of leaning down gave a start. The lapel of her dress instantly opened, and her snow-white skin showed up before his eyes.
Li Haotian sidestepped his body with a coldly sunken face, “Put your clothes back on. If you do something like this again, you don’t have to stay in the company.”
“I’m sorry, CEO Li. I didn’t do it on purpose.” Bai Rui straightened her clothes and obediently sat across from him. Her face was full of embarrassment.
Li Haotian lightly sipped his coffee, “Tell me about your sister.”
Bai Rui composed herself and told him briefly about Bai Moran, focusing on the countless times she had been in several relationships.
“You mean she’s been in love many times?”
“Yes. Can’t help it, sister is pretty.”
Chapter 30 
Bring Me To Her
Li Haotian glanced at her lightly, “You don’t need to tell me these. You only need to tell me what she likes. That’s enough.”
Bai Rui glanced at him in surprise. A hint of astonishment pervading from her eyes. Did this man already like Bai Moran this much? She pretended to be ignorant and raised her eyes, “How about I add CEO Li’s WeChat and send it to you?”
Li Haotian was about to speak, but his throat was tight. He felt unrestrained heat. “You ……”
Bai Rui looked at the man’s forehead corners flooded with crystalline sweat. His face began to flush. She pulled down the front of her clothes and approached him, “CEO Li, what’s wrong with you?”
Li Haotian eyed the large area of snow-white chests before his eyes and pushed the woman away, “Get out.”
The man’s voice was furious, looking like he was annoyed. But Bai Rui still got up from the ground, winking and smiling as she moved closer toward him, “CEO Li, I just want to help you wipe off your sweat.”
The hot air in his body consistently baked him, and he craved it as if he couldn’t control it. Yet he shook off the woman and dialed Lu Sheng’s number indifferently.
Lu Sheng immediately entered the office and dragged Bai Rui out, handing her over to the security guard. The next second, he was about to go in to find the president when he saw him walk out with an abnormal blush.
“Bring me to her.”
Just as they walked to the elevator entrance, they saw Bai Moran’s figure. The woman stood there in a red dress, beautiful and enchanting.
“What’s going on here?”
Lu Sheng immediately turned around and cleared out the employees around them.
Bai Moran looked at Lu Sheng’s sudden departure wordlessly and was about to ask when the man held her tightly in the next second. The temperature of the man’s body was hot, scalding her body and causing her to shiver. She originally wanted to come here to talk about cooperation with him so that she would know his business decisions. But she didn’t expect to be hugged by the man just as she arrived here.
“Li …………” The man blocked her lips, swallowing her words before she could say them. He impatiently tore at the clothes on her body. Agitated feeling filled his body, and he looked very eager.
Bai Moran looked at him with disbelief, “Li Haotian, what are you doing? We’re on an elevator!”
Li Haotian didn’t answer her words. Instead, he continued to undo the clothes on her body.
Bai Moran felt herself being pushed against the back wall of the elevator by him, and her entire back went cold. Before any reactions came, the man exposed her plump br*asts completely. This violent shaking caused her br*asts to tremble and look particularly tempting.
“Ah, ah, ah! Did someone drugged you?” Bai Moran looked at the man’s appearance of burying himself in her chest, sucking vigorously. She shouted such words with eyes full of helplessness.
The man lifted his eyes to look at her, delicately rubbed her lips, and slowly opened his mouth, “Yes, darling.” His voice was husky, causing her heart to quake when she heard it. She no longer resisted and wrapped her arms around his sturdy waist instead. She softly said, “But this is an elevator.”
“Don’t worry, darling. Lu Sheng will arrange it.”
Bai Moran’s body was soft, almost collapsed on him. No wonder Lu Sheng saw her and left. He handed Li Haotian over to her, ah!
“Ah, be gentle. It’s so itchy.”
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