After this incident, Yun Yin decided to ignore Xia Qing. Her brother was still her brother, and that wouldn’t change. Even if there was someone else in between, her brother was still her brother.


Xia Qing noticed that Yun Yang’s relationship with Yun Yin had improved.


Yun Yang would explain Yun Yin’s behavior as typical for children, telling Xia Qing not to mind, which infuriated her. All her efforts seemed to be in vain.


Yun Luo returned in a hurry three days later. Hearing the news of the incident, she was frightened.


Also, Yun Yang and Yun Yin’s relationship improved, which was unexpected for her.


When Xia Qing learned that there were no casualties in the Feitian incident, she was shocked.


Why was it different from her memories? Could it be that her rebirth had caused a butterfly effect?


After hearing from Yun Yang’s mouth that Ji Mo had saved several business tycoons by chance, Xia Qing was so jealous that she almost lost control.


Xia Qing found that Yun Yang not only had a better relationship with Yun Yin but also with the Yun family and even with Ji Mo. It is said that when Yun Yang went to find Yun Yin, it was Ji Mo who escorted him out.


The next time Ji Mo heard news of Xia Qing, it was that she had voluntarily broken up with Yun Yang.


“What happened?”


Yun Luo: “The reason for Xia Qing’s breakup is that she couldn’t fit into the Yun family, and she doesn’t want to be burdened. That’s why she asked Yun Yang to let her go.”


“How did Yun Yang react?”


“What else can he do? He can’t force someone to stay, but he does feel somewhat guilty towards Xia Qing.”


“I didn’t expect Xia Qing to let go so decisively.”


Ji Mo secretly rolled her eyes. Xia Qing’s decisive approach might make Yun Yang find it hard to let go. Xia Qing would now be able to openly be with others. Alas, Xia Qing’s level was indeed high. Now Xia Qing could be with someone else openly.


“Luoluo, do you believe that within half a year, Xia Qing will be with another person, and that person’s family background might not be weaker than the Yun family? By then, Yun Yang will probably be in pain. Even if they break up, he will still take care of Xia Qing.”


Yun Luo was puzzled. “Can it be like that?”


Three months later, Xia Qing and He Jing, the young masters of the He family, were together. They publicly acknowledged their relationship and even got engaged next, all happening very quickly.


Yun Yang got drunk because of this, and Yun Yin came running to Ji Mo for help.


Ji Mo followed Yun Luo to see Yun Yang. The once-confident person now looked extremely desolate. It seemed that he felt guilty for choosing the Yun family and Yun Yin over Xia Qing and letting Xia Qing blend into his life.


Yun Luo poured a cup of tea for Yun Yang. When Yun Yang regained consciousness and saw that it was Yun Luo, he didn’t get angry.


“Does my brother really like Xia Qing?” Yun Yin asked.


Yun Luo remained silent, so Yun Yin continued, “If my brother really likes her, Yinyin won’t mind so much.”


“Yun Yang, have you ever really understood Xia Qing?” Yun Luo spoke. “If you really knew her personally, you might not be so heartbroken right now.”


Yun Luo threw a pile of information at Yun Yang. “For her, maybe you’re not that important. You never knew why we disliked Xia Qing. Yinyin is just a little girl, and a child’s affection is the most genuine. Yinyin is not an ignorant child.”


After Yun Luo finished speaking, she took Ji Mo and touched Yun Yin’s head, leading them away, leaving only Yun Yang in the villa.


Actually, Ji Mo was still thinking in her heart, and Yun Yang really got a good deal.


System No. 444: [Host No. 44, because you inadvertently saved a few big shots who contributed to humanity, the system gave you another chance to draw a lottery. Do you want to draw it now?]


Ji Mo was somewhat excited: “Is there such a good thing? Let’s draw.”


Last time, she quite liked that Blade of Sin. The lottery should be doing something good again.


Ji Mo clicked on the lottery wheel. When the pointer stopped at a question mark, the question mark turned into a name: “A Dream of Past Lives.”


Ji Mo: “What is this?”


System No. 444: [Oh, this one, it’s for human use. It allows you to dream about events from your past life, and they will be particularly clear in your mind. Of course, if there are any regrets from the past, they would linger in the heart, causing eternal psychological shadows. Even if this life is different, the heart will still be very painful and guilty.]


Ji Mo: “Why do I feel like this thing is prepared for Yun Yang?”


“I can’t think of anyone else it could be used for aside from him.”


“In his past life, something happened to Haohao and Yinyin. If he uses it on him, will he be in a lot of pain?”


System No. 444: [Logically speaking, he will suffer, unless he has no conscience.]


“Considering how anxious he was for Yinyin earlier, he does have a conscience, right?” Ji Mo pondered for a moment. “Then give it to him. If he has a bit of a conscience, he should treat Yinyin well in this life.”


After Yun Yang finished reviewing the materials given by Yun Luo, he had a dream that night. Upon waking up from the dream, he returned to his previous appearance.


Ji Mo discovered that Yun Yang was actually targeting the He family. In half a year, he had been in fierce competition with the He family, turning the business world upside down.


Ji Mo was a bit confused. “What charm does Xia Qing have to make Yun Yang so infatuated, even knowing her true face and still liking her?”


“Maybe this is true love.” Yun Luo lifted Ji Mo’s chin and pecked her pink lips. “Just like, for instance, if Momo were a bad girl, I would still like her.”


Ji Mo twitched her lips. “Then you’re quite unprincipled. Is it the effect of being in love?”


“Likes and principles can be separated. Even if you turn bad, liking is still liking, and it can’t be changed. As long as Momo doesn’t like someone else. If you do something bad, I’d rather sink with you, disappear in this world, than give up on you.”


“Your view of love is not acceptable.” Ji Mo shook her head in denial. “If I were a bad person, you should give up and live well on your own.”

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