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Chapter 3


Two days later.


Seo Byeong Ju returned home from work immediately after two hours of going to work.


When his wife, who was surprised to see him turning pale and sweating profoundly as if he had seen a ghost, asked him about his condition, he suddenly started screaming at her.


“Where is Seo Eun-jo?”


“Oh my, you surprised me! Why are you yelling?”


“Seo Eun-jo! Come down right now!”


The sound of his screaming towards the second floor of her room echoed throughout the house.


A while later, Seo Byeong-ju’s eyes widened when Eun-jo appeared, clearly looking like she had just woken up.


“You bitch!”


When Eunjo was startled and tried to run away, he let out another roar.


“Say it right now! Were you at the hotel two days ago?”




“Did you go to the hotel? Seollin! That fucking Coffee Shop!”


“Stop it! Let her go! You are acting very sickly!”


His wife barely managed to stop him from dragging Eunjo while grabbing her wrist.


“Honey! Please speak clearly so I can understand. Why are you so angry? huh? Just sit down and talk calmly.”


Seo Byeong-ju was not a very emotional person.


It would have been better to get annoyed or just coldly ignore his daughter, but since it was rare for him to yell this loudly, his wife could not help but know that the situation was very serious.


Eunjo, who had suddenly bowed her head in front of the two people like a criminal, calmed his startled heart and thought.


‘If it was the hotel about two days ago…’


When she tried to recall it, she immediately remembered that it was Ga-eun who went to meet for blind date, she immediately became gaunt.


And Seo Byeong-ju’s wife also remembered where Eun-jo went that day, and signaled Eun-jo to leave it on her. However,


“Two days ago, it was the day of the election against the second son of Jeju Fisheries Cooperative.”


“Jeju Fisheries…?”


“Yes. I told you before. I only got that position through Mrs. Hwang’s help, but it didn’t work out much.”


Then he glanced at Eun-jo with his pointed eyes.


He often set up blind dates for her with the son’s of most influential families to gain their support and good family during elections.


But he always knew that his daughter played some ugly tricks to reject all the guys. But this time, she crossed her limits.


Her pranks and games would have almost affected his work. Before she could do something else he just clearly warned her.


“At best, if you make it difficult for me to get that position, then you’ll inevitably get kicked out of this house, tsk. What a useless brat!”


“… Sorry.”


Eun-jo was a little puzzled. She quickly lowered her head as she didn’t knew the actual cause of the problem and also because she was used to being mistreated by her father.


Her father would not kick her out but still she was fearful of him because of his anger.


‘What else happened? I didn’t say anything rude that day….’


I hadn’t contacted my sister since that day, so I didn’t know anything about it at this point.


‘There’s no way my father would have noticed our pranks, right?’


It was even more ambiguous because there was not a single doubt about that part.


But then an unexpected name came out of Seo Byeong-ju’s mouth.


“They said you saved Jeong Ill-do’s life. Is it really true?”


Seo Byeong-ju had a hard time hiding his anxious feelings.


He was just vividly experiencing the feeling of his heart beat, which was becoming as big as a pea, as if someone was squeezing his heart.




Seo Byeong-ju Pov


Everything started an hour ago, when he received a phone call into his office.


“What? Who is this?’’


‘‘This is Jeong Ill-do, CEO of T&K Investment.’’


‘‘If it’s Jeong Ill- do…. You mean to say ‘Jeong’?’’


“Yes. Taejin Group’s third son. I want to meet you know. At the ‘Gathering of Korean Economists’.”


‘Gathering of Korean Economists?’


I was getting ready to go out to meet him after receiving an invitation for lunch with Jeong.


The person on the other end of the phone call was Jeong Ill-do, he was the youngest son of the Taejin Group.


I didn’t know him well and had no connections with his line of work, so I answered the phone without expecting anything.


But the topic of business that he brought up to me, when we met, was truly absurd.


‘He said that my daughter saved his life, so he thinks that it was his duty to go and meet her in person and say thank you.’


End of his pov




Eun-jo sighed. As she was relived thinking that, her sister has not caused any other troubles.


It was fortunate that Mr Jeong didn’t ask much about the ‘daughter’ when he was referring about me to my father. My father didn’t know that it was his second child, Ga-eun.


It was plausible that, in the middle of a short conversation, the word ‘Seollin Hotel’ might have come up, and judging from the time frame of ‘two days ago’, it was clear that my father assumed it to be his first child Seo Eunju, and not the second one.


Firstly, I made up an excuse that I was in Japan with my mom two days ago. And that’s how I canceled my attendance at the company sheet and came back home.


If what Jeong Ill-do said is true, then father would have definitely checked my attendance sheet and knew that I was not the one who attended the meeting.


“You’re not going to answer me? Tell me! Did you really save Jeong Ill-do? how did you save him?”


“I… that…..”


Eun-jo was out of breath and was at the verge of collapsing, but she tried to continue her talk, and it wasn’t long before her father’s patience ran out.


“Just say it!”




The moment he raised his hand high to slap her, Eunjo closed her eyes tightly and shouted.


“I don’t know!”


It would have been nice if it was a situation that could just be glossed over and overlooked.


“Why don’t you know about it?”


“Because I didn’t go there!”


Eun-jo’s face was so in vain as she said it.


It’s a secret I’ve kept for so long, but I never thought it would be revealed like this.


But since she knew who Jeong Ill-do was, she definitely had no other choice.


If the person who saved his life was really Ga-eun… Then certain things would really be going to get serious.


“So you’re saying that someone else attended the blind date, instead of you? I clearly remember Mr kim’s reply, he said that he didn’t really like you.”


“Seo Eun-jo. I’m warning you, if you lie again, you will be kicked out of this house forever.”


Eunjo found her parent’s glare to be extremely menacing.


She was often blamed for all the faults which was committed by her sister and as such she was even desperate to come out of this situation.


It also felt like she was taking a revenge on those who always ignored her, threatened her, and treated her poorly.


So she raised her head proudly.


So if this is how it is going to be. Then, you too, take the bomb I’m throwing towards you, sister.


‘Why should I be the only one getting all the scoldings from our parents?’


“My younger sister.”


The moment she took out the knife which was stabbed in her stomach, an exhilarating feeling of pleasure soared all the way to her head.


“My twin sister, whom my father abandoned. That girl went there instead of me.”




As Eun-jo watched Seo Byeong-ju sink down on the nearby sofa, as he lost his strength, she thought to herself that, she had accomplished in taking her revenge on her father.


‘A dizzying sense of pleasure enveloped my entire body, enough to make my chin tremble.’




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