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Chapter 4

And the day after Cathy quit, the same man was standing there kissing another woman.

The man’s large hand lifted the women’s skirts.

The women who wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him and was screaming at the top of her lungs as if something big had happened when the man’s hand came up her skirt.

What kind of magic lies on that hand? Why the hell was she screaming like a bitch?

‘What does he think of me? Entering my castle and doing some vulgar acts so loudly?’

Aelia’s body trembled with anger. Her self-esteem, which had been cut to the bottom by Rollins, slowly raised to her head.

I couldn’t forgive the man who came here and flirted with women, knowing clearly that the owner of this place was a woman engaged to the crown prince.

So, when I saw the same scene for about three times continuously for three consecutive days, with him doing the same vulgar act with three different women everytime under the tree…. my patience suddenly burst out.

This time Alia was standing under the tree with a grim expression on her face.

If her face was revealed, her opponent would be so shocked that he wouldn’t be able to say anything and would just run away from her, so she put on the mask that Cathy had gotten her for her face.

Until two years ago, her face was just mottled.

And the black color was much lighter than before she died.

As it got worse, the inside of the mouth and around the eyes turned black, and by the time she died, her entire face looked like it had been burned.

Not long after Aelia started waiting, the man appeared.

But today, for some reason, there was no woman and the man was alone.

Aelia blinked her eyes multiple times. She tried to capture the scene, but she failed to do so.

She was confused and was wondering if she should just go back when she saw the man, Clint, held up the book in his hand and said.

“Sorry. Today is an abstinence day.”

What? Did he just say abstinence! Aelia made an absurd expression. Besides, the kind of book that playboy held was…

‘the book explaining tricks used to seduce women?’

He scratched his head and walked over as Aelia didn’t say a word, only showing her glaring eyes behind her mask.

“Why are you making that face again? Your name was Laurel Rai?”

“Oh, Lorelai?”

“Oh, no! Serada! Right? Sera? I didn’t recognize you because of the mask.”

This guy doesn’t even know the name of the woman he’s dating!

Even the face! But he just pretends to know them!

Aelia, taken aback, focused her eyes even more and glared at him.

Clint smiled with a kind smile which he often used to seduce women and hugged her around the waist.

Her back arched slightly back against Clint’s arm, and his fingers lifted Aelia’s mask up so that only her lips were visible.

Looking at him up so close to her, his golden eyes, which looked like a light, turned out to be darker than she thought, and Aelia felt somewhat creeped out.

“Your eyes are pretty.”

She felt like her body was paralyzed by his soft voice. What is happening?

Aelia was dazed when he kissed her on her lips.


Aelia was so shocked that she didn’t even think about pushing Clint away.

He was so very skilled.

Aelia’s frozen lips opened on their own.

His hand, which had been supporting her waist, slowly came up and brushed her hair.

It was only then that Aelia realized why the girls screamed so loudly when his hands went under their skirt.

I felt like I was going to cry as I felt his big, warm hand caressing my hair.

He made me feel like I was a precious person.

Though he drank some alcohol but what she thought would smell like an alcohol, was instead, smelled like a faint light perfume.

Then Clint’s hand completely removed her mask and dropped it to the floor.

Then, surprised, Aelia’s body began to tremble. As soon as Clint felt the tremor, he quickly let go of her.

He saw her mottled face. Tears were dripping from her big light blue eyes.

Clint’s eyes widened even though he made many woman cry countless times in his life. She was a woman he definitely didn’t know about. There was no way he wouldn’t remember this unique woman.

“…Excuse me?”

Before he could say anything, Aelia ran away into the castle, as she was crying.

Aelia’s mind was troubled. I couldn’t even remember how long it had been since I felt the warmth of another person.

During this time, no one came close to her.

She didn’t even have a chance to talk. Her heart ached for the fact that her kiss, created by the illusion of a man who knew neither her name nor her face, would be her first and last kiss.

She knew that she was so lonely that even that kiss felt warm…

Even though she tried to overcome life with a smile, it wasn’t easy.

Back in her bedroom, Ailea curled up on her bed and sobbed for a long time.

“It’s bad. I am so Upset. I feel very bad…”

She forced herself to think that this kiss was a very, very bad one.

If this kiss was a warm one for her, then it would be too sad to part ways with it.


Teniac had outstanding architectural skills, and the people showed a great pride in it.

Many nobles added the surname in which they were born after their first name.

The same was true of Rollins Ter Regia de Calise, Crown Prince of Teniac, who was born in the Imperial family of Calise.

He came to the outer castle where Clint lived and was impressed by him.

Clint, who normally should have been meeting women and drinking alcohol, has been sighing and avoiding Rollins for the past few days.

Rollins asked him.

“Clint, I haven’t seen you lately.”

“I am being abstinent as a means of self reflection.”

“What? Self reflection?”

Since Rollins had no idea, Clint said with a hint of humor.

“A few days ago, I accidentally touched a woman I shouldn’t have touched.”

“Is there any woman in this world that you shouldn’t touch? Touching both married women and virgins is what you did all the time.”

“There are only three types of women in this world that I cannot touch, Your Highness.”

Clint spoke it with such a serious expression that even Rollins, who had taken it for granted, became a little curious. he asked, frowning his brown eyes.

“What kind of women are they?”

“One is a woman entangled with the royal family.”


“The second one was a little girl child.”

“That’s very natural.”

“The third is a type of woman who doesn’t want me.”

Clint folded all three of his fingers and sighed again.

There weren’t many women in Teniac’s social circle who didn’t want Clint Licious.

Clint was never a man to make promises, but he was perfect for a one-night stand.

A perfect beauty, a tall, well-proportioned body, and a sociability that makes women laugh all night long.

He was born into a prestigious family, the Licious family, had an abundance of money, and his bed skills were also excellent.

No woman ever regretted the night they spent with him, once he had dragged them into his bed.

This kiss was also the same.

So, without looking into the circumstances, it was true that he kissed the woman who was waiting under the tree, where he always met them, whether she was the same woman or not.

But he saw a woman wearing a mask and was waiting for him. Clint was so angry on himself for breaking his ‘abstinence day’ rule of reading books all day, which he did one day a month, and when the woman he kissed specially when he took off her mask, Clint was filled with fear.

It was a face he didn’t know at all.

At that moment he realized that this woman was the fiancée of the Crown Prince whom he had never met, not even at the parties, and that she was Aelia Elgar Yuriana, the owner of the castle, where he used to date so many women.

As the future crown princess, she was supposed to be the main character at every party.

But she rarely came out of her bedroom.

So until now, Clint had been using the castle as a place for his love making sessions, by giving money to Cathy, the only maid in the castle.

He even gave the secret tree, the nickname as ‘The Tree of Promise.’

If you think about it, there was a very strong possibility that she was the owner of that castle.

Clint was the only person who was self-indulgent enough to enter the castle of a woman who was engaged to the crown prince.

Most of the women came in after Clint. Even with all that thought, Rollins might have never thought that a man like him who was surrounded by so many beautiful women would touch his fiancée.

In fact, even if he dragged Aelia away and forced her to commit rape, Rollins just wouldn’t care.

Rollins frowned as if he had just heard some nonsense from Clint and spoke to him.

“Come to the office in the evening. I have something to say.”

At that moment, Clint’s actions stopped.


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