This time, the cruise itinerary was for one week, and the Feitian cruise ship was very luxurious.


In the eyes of truly wealthy individuals, it was nothing special. However, for ordinary artists, such scenes might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


As for ordinary people, they couldn’t even imagine such scenes.


Ji Mo continued to play with the two children, never leaving their side and always holding their hands. Yun Huo’s parents were not interested in such occasions. They only came along for the sake of Yun’s two treasures.


Wherever the children were, they were there too.


Seeing that Ji Mo didn’t go elsewhere, Yun Mu persuaded him, “Momo, you must have friends here. You can go and play with your friends. We can take care of the two children.”


“Yeah, it’s rare to come here, so have a good time,” Yun’s father also urged.


Ji Mo didn’t know on which day the Feitian encountered an accident, so she couldn’t agree to their proposal. She couldn’t risk the two little bosses getting into an accident due to her negligence.


When Yun’s father and Yun’s mother saw that Ji Mo really didn’t want to play, they didn’t insist further. Instead, they guided her to explore some fun places on the cruise ship. The group got along very happily.


In their hearts, both of them were thinking; fortunately, they came because they knew that Yun Yang couldn’t take care of the two children.


For the first three days, the Feitian cruise ship was calm without any accidents.


On the early morning of the fourth day, everyone felt a violent shake on the cruise ship. Initially, no one paid much attention to it, but soon people felt that something was wrong. They noticed that the ship was slightly tilted. Although it was very slow, the cruise ship was sinking down.


In that instant, many people had the same thought that something wrong had happened, perhaps the cruise ship had hit something.


The most shocked person at this moment was the captain. Perhaps due to some arrangements made before, the captain quickly began to deal with the situation. First, he transmitted the information outside and noticed the rescue boats.


All the people on the cruise ship were arranged to evacuate. This time, they had prepared many escape tools.


The captain wiped his sweat vigorously. No matter how nervous he was, he had to maintain his calmness and organize everything efficiently.


After receiving the message, the rescue boats and the people outside quickly arranged for rescuers to come.


Even though she was prepared, Xia Qing was still so scared and her legs felt a bit weak. Yun Yang escorted her to the lifeboat.


“You stay here. I’ll go check on Yinyin and the others.” Even at this moment, Yun Yang was still thinking about Yun Yin’s situation. Without hesitation, he was going to find her.


Hearing this, Xia Qing turned pale for some reason. She grabbed Yun Yang and refused to let go. The whole person looked very panicked, especially with various fearful shouts rushing to her ears. Clearly, she was safe now, but she didn’t want Yun Yang to turn around and go back into the cruise ship.


“Yun Yang.” Xia Qing’s eyes were red. “Don’t go. Yinyin and the others will be fine. The cruise ship is just tilted a bit. The captain said that there are plenty of life-saving tools. Rescue boats are already on their way. The cruise ship won’t sink so quickly, and the rescue boats will arrive in time.”


“It’s chaotic now, and you may not find anyone by going inside. I’m really worried about you. I don’t know what to do. You have promised to me, just the matter of finding them to the staff, okay?”


“Qingqing, listen to me. Stay here, it’ll be safe. I must go find Yinyin. She is my sister. There is no way I won’t go to look for her.”


Maybe it was because of the captain’s thorough preparation of escape tools and anticipating possible accidents that the rescue arrangements were very swift. They had already evacuated some elderly people and women quickly onto the rescue boats. At the current rate of the cruise ship’s tilt, the rescue boats would definitely be able to reach them.


The priority now was to get people out from inside. If they were trapped inside, that would be dangerous.


With Xia Qing sitting on a rescue boat, it seemed safe. There was no storm or rain on the sea, so there wasn’t likely to be any great danger.


Yun Yang’s determination to go find Yun Yin was firm this time, and he wasn’t swayed by Xia Qing’s tears.


“Mr. Yun, if you don’t mind, I can help you take care of Miss Xia. I heard that you want to find your sister. Please go.”


Just as Xia Qing was figuring out how to hold back Yun Yang, He Jing’s voice rang out. Xia Qing was stunned. While she was still in a daze, Yun Yang had already spoken. “Then I’ll trouble you.”


After saying that, he turned around and went into the cruise ship without hesitation, searching for Yun Yin’s whereabouts.


Xia Qing opened her mouth but couldn’t make a sound. She watched numerous rescue boats on the sea and younger people wearing life jackets swimming in the water. Suddenly, she understood that the low casualty rate this time was probably due to the Feitian’s thorough preparation.


Why did she try to hold back Yun Yang from finding Yun Yin just now? Xia Qing didn’t think deeply about it because some thoughts were terrifying when pondered.


“Don’t worry. Mr. Yun will be fine,” He Jing reassured.


Xia Qing lowered her head. She wasn’t worried that Yun Yang would die, and she wasn’t concerned about that. Now that it had quieted down, she was shocked by her own thoughts. She didn’t want Yun Yang to find Yun Yin. She didn’t like Yun Yin’s gaze or the people from the Yun family.


She always felt that the Yun family looked down on her.


Without the Yun family and Yun Yin, Yun Yang’s most cherished person could only be her.


He Jing thought Xia Qing was worried about Yun Yang and continued to comfort her. “The rescue will be timely this time. There’s no rain or storm, and we have signals here. The rescue boats will arrive soon, and we’ll all be safe.”


Xia Qing stared in the direction of the cruise ship, not knowing what she was thinking.


Before, she had planned to save those big shots who would die inside. But now, looking at the slowly tilting cruise ship, she felt fear.


In this situation, if you didn’t pay attention and were trapped inside, when the water came up, it would be easy to lose your life.


Saving those big business shots wasn’t worth losing her life. Xia Qing didn’t want to think about that anymore and just kept staring in the direction of the cruise ship.


When Yun Yang found Yun Yin, the little girl was being led out by Ji Mo. He felt slightly relieved. Even though the ground was still a bit unsteady, he quickly ran to Yun Yin and lifted the little girl into his arms.


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