Chapter 7

I honestly don’t remember what kind of relationship did they have especially between the Kereis family’s eldest son Shebert and his youngest brother in the original work.

I thought they must have cared for each other a little, because they were brothers.

But I guess that wasn’t the only case here.


Krimu ran towards his older brother with his short legs, as teardrops were flying away on his face.

Seems like he has forgotten that he had just spat on me. This bad little guy…!

Shebert, who was looking down at Krimu who had come closer to him, walked a few steps towards me.

From what I remember, Shebert was not an adult yet.

He was probably about seventeen.

However, his body seemed to have already completed its growth stages, and he had a tall height and a sturdy physique which was comparable to that of a duke.

“Oh, hello.”

Without even realizing it, I said hello to him awkwardly. I was so ashamed of myself that I wanted to hide in a hole.

How to say ‘hello’ in this situation. I just don’t know what to tell him.

Firstly, Shebert was the snout of destruction and a cruel ruthless beast in this family.

When I actually faced him, my legs started shaking. I was really glad because I was wearing a long dress.

Shebert’s expression didn’t look good, as if he chewed on something.

As the distance between us gradually narrowed, my eyes opened wide.

It was the same look! He looks very similar to the Duke of Kereis.

The blue hair was considered a characteristic of the family members, but other than that, the dry eyes and unique cool atmosphere which surrounded the duke seemed to be missing in him.

But other than that, every little thing lloked same. Even the way they speak is similar.

“It’s you. I don’t know if it’s Delve or Delva, but I know that you were chased out from there and have come here to stay.”

Mr. Young Duke, I wasn’t chased away! I was sold away!

I was about to respond him like that but gave up.

Because it seemed much sadder that it was sold.

“My name is Marianne, the Countess of Delve and, I am….”

Should I use informal language or formal language with him?

I was confused for a moment.

“Ugh. Sniff.”

Then, out of nowhere, Krimu squeezed out the remaining tears and inhaled his snot with all his might.

This rat-sized baby is seriously annoying!

Anyone could see that it was just some fake tears, but his brother, who cared so much for his younger sibling, must have seen it differently.

“Marianne, did you hit my brother?”

“Yes? Oh, no. no!”

“Then why was Krimu crying?”

“I was just taking a walk in the garden. But then Krimu came towards me…!”

I raised my voice out of great resentment.

The hem of her skirt, which had been wet with Krimu’s saliva just a moment ago, was completely dry.

I can’t even present this as an evidence.

Shebert stroked the little Krimu’s head with his hand.

“The nanny was looking for you Krimu.”

“Excuse me….”

“Let’s go quickly.”


Looking at Shebert’s stern face, Krimu pouted as if he was even more sad than before. Shebert kept ignoring my words.

And then Krimu slowly turned his steps and started walking.

When she saw his back, his blue hair was swaying, she suddenly felt mortified as she stood there all alone in front of Shebert.

I didn’t make him cry!

“and. you.”

In the quiet atmosphere of the garden, Shebert came closer to me.

One step, two step.

Before I knew it, the distance between us narrowed, he was so close to me that I could reach him even if I stretched out my hand.

“Why, why are you getting close to me like that?”

Because of my short stature, I had no choice but to tilt my head upward to look at him.

And naturally, Shebert was looking down at me.

It was humiliating.

There is already a difference in social status, but this height difference was also overwhelming.

Marianne is thirteen years old. But why is she growing up so slowly?

“I’m warning you. I’d better not see you again once more around him.”


It was an eerie warning.

Shebert’s red eyes seemed to pierce me like a sharp sword.

I had no choice but to stare blankly at his back as he slowly walked away, instinctively shrinking my small body.

‘I’m planning to make you my eldest son’s fiancé.’

Suddenly, I felt something fall from my eyes.

It was tears.

Fear of being in an unfamiliar place and having no one on my side.

That guy is my future fiancé.

I wiped my tears with the back of my hand and absentmindedly looked around.


Kereis’s maid and some other servants who were waiting on me looked away when we made eye contact.

That made me even more sad, so I suppressed the tears that threatened to fall from my eyes.

After that day, rumors spread throughout the Kereis duchy.

It was said that Marianne, the Countess of Delve, bullied young master Krimu and was warned by his eldest brother, Shebert.

I overheard this rumor.

After skipping my dinner because of no appetite, I walked down through the back road of the mansion for a while, and the servants who worked there started talking about it again.

I couldn’t refute that it wasn’t true and returned to my bedroom.

I just stayed up all night with the blanket over my head.

How many people would believe me even if I told them?

This was the den of Kereis.

I was a complete outsider here.


Duke Kereis had a strange rule that everyone must eat their breakfast together.

So, I also had to participate for that family event from the very day I entered this mansion.

Rattling rattling.

Only the sound of spoons and forks hitting plates filled the restaurant.

Other than that, no other words were exchanged.

The duke ate indifferently with an upright posture.

As I read in the original, he was indifferent not only to me but also to his children.

He didn’t even give me a single note, even though he must have heard the rumor that I was harassing Krimu.

‘Are you saying you just want to watch it from afar and do nothing?’

The Duke’s mini-version, Shebert, also didn’t talk much and saw Krimu a few times, he did not talk to his father at all.

It was a breathtaking atmosphere.

No, if this is going to be the case, why is it mandatory to eat breakfast together?

What was surprising was that even four-year-old Krimu behaved like a boy at this time.


I glanced at Krimu’s direction with an intense gaze.

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