Chapter 67


As I was glaring at the bed with my eyes wide open, I heard Llewellyn’s voice right next to mine and soon his strong arms gently wrapped around me from behind.


Warm breath reached my ear. He was kissing the back of my neck and then slowly bit my earlobe. I was startled and flinched greatly.


“I’m so sorry for teasing you. But I love you so much I just couldn’t stand it.”


“Oh so teasing me isn’t the only thing that you can withstand.”


When I accepted his words calmly, Llewellyn burst into laughter, hugged me tightly and nodded shameless.


“I admit it. I really can’t stand it…..”


he purred like a lazy wild beast.




‘No wait…. It’s not what I think it is right?’


What! I suddenly felt the wiggle between my legs. I was shocked and covered my mouth.


“But… but you already did it twice before!”


“No Rose…I only did it twice.”


“How many more times do we have to do this to make you completely satisfied?!”


“Um, well…….”




He paused and then whispered in my ear in a soft voice.




“……….” I gasped.


It was an unbelievable number of times. Now, Llewellyn Rasiane looked like a wild animal wearing a pretty rabbit mask to me. Or was it something I was dreaming because I was tired?


I trembled and muttered.


“I’m dying……”


“It’s okay, I will keep you alive and healthy. I have divine powers, isn’t it?”


“What you mean by that? Your divine power is not of the healing type. It is too strong!”


“Well, I thought so too, but nothing is impossible with some effort.”




No way? After a while, I found out that I guessed correctly.


Llewellyn held me in his arms, consoled me, and restored my strength after every round, as I lost all my strength after being roughly rolled on the bed. I felt sleepy.


“I devoted myself to training with the intention of recovering Rosenia, and it was useful. Isn’t that amazing?”




I nodded and kept nodding. Yes, that’s right. You are truly amazing.


I never would have thought that the male protagonist would change the novel’s original setting due to his obsession towards me.


‘Originally, Llewellyn’s divine power was kind of destructive not meant for healing, as it was so strong…….’


While I was thinking blankly, Llewellyn laid me down on the bed again after restoring my energy. I wasn’t feeling tired or sleepy thanks to him restoring my stamina, but I felt unfair for some reason.


Whether I sleep, eat or breath, it felt like I was in the palm of Llewellyn Rasiane’s hand. As I looked at him with tears in my eyes, Llewellyn whispered to me with an ecstatic expression.


“That expression of yours is my favourite. It is the best.”




Such a sadist…… Again, I was eaten by a beast, who did not even left a piece of bone behind.




Instead of following Llewellyn’s orders, the Marquis of Castel used a plausible excuse. He said he would be attending Llewellyn’s birthday banquet soon, so he will talk about the information then.


‘Anyone can see through his tricks. It’s just a ploy to buy some extra time.’


It was clear that there was something wrong with them.


‘Looks like they’re trying to use this borrowed time to destroy the evidence…..’


I can’t just sit still either. After consulting with Llewellyn, I decided to secretly infiltrate an informant of mine into the Marquis of Castell.


Of course, it wasn’t anything like a magical pet created by Adrian who was with me at the villa. That stupid puppy was too gentle and straight-forward.


I was thinking of developing something clever and quick-witted.


‘So this guy will be the right fit for my mission. I trust you completely, so don’t get caught and take care of yourself.’




Volsh, who was created by me, with a new appearance, whose thoughts were connected to mine, cried loudly.


It was a magical thing created by my magic. It took almost half a day to create him.


‘……Actually, it contains half of Llewellyn’s magic power.’


As I was deeply pondering on it….


I heard Llewellyn’s excited voice from the other side of the room as he saw Volsh,


“This is the child we both had, right?”


‘I get so embarrassed, when he says something like this.’


Purrrr….. volsh, jumped up with a high spirit at his voice.


I waved my hands and dismissed both Llewellyn and volsh, I kept looking at them until their figure disappeared from sight.


The story that I had created a dummy magical familiar in half a day soon reached Adrian’s ears.


I told my father about it and he must have told Adrian.


Given my father’s personality, I can clearly imagine how excited he might have been that he couldn’t contain his joy and told everything about it to Adrian. He was talking about his daughter like an idiot.


“Rosenia now knows how to make magical beasts. Isn’t that amazing?” Was what my father said to him.


‘Well, it’s obvious that Adrian’s reaction would have been sour……”


But when Adrian visited me suddenly and said,


“Its really amazing.”




I was completely taken aback when I heard something completely unexpected.




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