Chapter 1.

The lord of Yuriana, whose old castle was located at the eastern end, was a young boy who turned fourteen this year.

His younger sister, Aelia Elgar Yuriana, who would turn thirteen this year, has been taking care of the housekeeping of the Yuriana Castle since her father died in battlefield two years ago.

Now that Aelia was leaving her castle, she was giving the necklace that she loved so much to her older brother, Cyril.

With a red ruby ​​in the center and surrounded by some beautiful diamonds, it was a rare item that did not suit both the shabby boy and girl.

“Give this to the third child, Sophie, when she turns thirteen, brother.”

“Okay, Aelia.”

Her mother, who had been lying in a hospital bed the entire time, and her younger siblings who did not yet have the strength to help her.

Her father, Ron Elgar Julianna, who lived a life of integrity, left his children only an old castle that would be difficult to maintain if not repaired, and a small amount of land given to him by the emperor.

There was a castle and territory that was acquired through meritorious actions in the war, but it was recently reoccupied and taken away by the enemy.

Cyril and his younger sister Aelia, who became lords of the castle following the Teniac tradition of the eldest son inheriting the title unconditionally, regardless of age, were more desperate than they could have been at their age.

However, no matter how hard this thirteen- and fourteen-year-old boy and girl struggled, their lives became increasingly difficult.

One day in front of the Elgar family.

A letter from the Emperor of Teniac, Murray Theresa de Caligée, arrived.

The letter stated that he was betrothing Aelia Elga Uriana, the daughter of the great hero who saved Teniak, to his crown prince, Rollins Theresia de Caligee.

It was the best reward for a hero who saved the country.

On the day Aelia left, a festival was held at Yuriana Castle.

That night, Aelia told Cyril that he had to take on the burden of protecting this castle even after she was gone. She told her older brother,

“You must not think, That this household will change much just because I am betrothed to the Crown Prince. Our father wasn’t the kind of person who was greedy for power. Even if Sophie gets married, I won’t be able to give her any more jewelry. This is the last one. You know right?”

There were times when Cyril felt that his young sister, who was one year younger than him, was more like his older sister.

Cyril shrugged his shoulders as if he was used to this nagging.

“I’ll take care of it, just worry about yourself. Don’t live in this small castle your whole life and then go to the imperial castle and be rudely surprised.”

“How can I leave my mother in the hands of someone so picky…”

“Aelia, I am Cyril Elga Yuriana.”

The boy patted his chest depicting his trustworthy nature towards his sister.

“My father protected this country, so does it make sense that I can’t protect my family?”

“Wow, my brother is all grown up.”

“I will take care of the house, so don’t worry about it. You can go to the castle and live happily, you old woman.”

Aelia smiled and nodded as Cyril pushed her back.

Fearing that her sick mother and younger siblings would be sad to see Aelia leave, Aelia only said her goodbye to Cyril and then secretly left the castle late at night.

As she climbed into her carriage, she looked back at Cyril, whom she might never see again, and at her homeland, Yuriana, until the very end.

Her heart ached terribly.


Seven years have passed since then.

During that time, the only time Aelia was able to see her family again was when her mother passed away.

For the first five years, fourteen-year-old Cyril could not afford to come to the imperial castle leaving the Yuriana castle all alone, and for the past two years, Aelia, who had become ill, refused to let him come.

Aelia, who would soon turn twenty, was alone in her empty castle, was looking at her white dress.

She was residing in the imperial castle. It was place where she had to run for an hour on a fast horse carriage to reach from Yuriana.

Her surroundings was just like a wasteland, and the few maids she had with her had long since run away for the fear of contracting the contagious disease.

“But time flies.”

Aelia looked at the dress, which looked even whiter compared to her black hands.

When she entered the palace, she saw all kinds of beautiful women showing off.

A young girl from the countryside could not capture the crown prince’s heart.

And in the winter of sixteen, she got sick, causing black spots to spread all over her body.

Because of the illness, the Crown Prince, who had planned to marry Aelia on May 15th of the year when she turned eighteen and came of age, postponed the marriage without any explanation.

Today, two years later, Aelia’s wedding dress was finally arrived.

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