Chapter 6

Even his brown eyes, which everyone says are unhappy, looked very pretty for her. When she met his light chocolate eyes, she couldn’t help but feel his sweetness. It was much better than Raphael, who made her shiver down her spine when she looked into his eyes. Eyes like those were proof that he was only half a Siegfried.

“You are the heir of the Siegfried family. There’s no reason for you to hear such words.”

She wanted to tell him right away that he was so lovely and there was no problem at all, but she couldn’t. She knew better than anyone else how Amelia treated Leonel. It was pitiful to see the child unable to accept the current situation and just rolling his eyes1“눈알만 도르륵” is an idiom used to describe someone who is only rolling their eyes without taking any action or expressing their dissatisfaction nonverbally..

His milk chocolate-colored irises made my heart flutter just by looking at it. And the unique smell of a baby’s powder and milk. She had to hold back from crying several times.

“I…Is it because I couldn’t handle it well enough…?”

“Ah, that… What did you just say?”

Although her face pretended to be calm, Amelia was surprised by Leonel’s expression, which was full of tears.

“I did something wrong.”

“…Are you thinking that I’m scolding you right now?”

“Aren’t… you?”

This was definitely not a situation where Leonel was at fault. So she couldn’t understand why he kept blaming himself. It was also strange that he thought she was going to scold him whenever she said something.

“Leonel, I’m not scolding you.”

Even when she said she wasn’t scolding him, he still looked like he didn’t believe her. She didn’t know where to start clearing up this misunderstanding.

“I was angry at May for what she did to you.”

“…Yes, I understand.”

Given Amelia’s previous behavior, it’s not surprising for him to react like this… She didn’t know it would be this serious. He wanted to be loved by his mother more than anyone else, but Leonel was so scared of Amelia.

But the terrible event had not happened yet, and she thought she could change that if she took it slow.

“I’ll tell His Highness, so you won’t have to go on patrol in the future.”

“I don’t want that.”

She was completely mistaken to think that Leonel would be pleased with her words.

“I’m fine, I can handle it.”


“Thank you for worrying about me.”

As if to shatter her expectations, Leonel looked at her straight in the eye for the first time and expressed his refusal, even if he was scared of Amelia.

“It’s not that hard. It’s just something I should do because I’m a Siegfried.”

After going on patrol, he would be sick for at least two days… Amelia looked at Leonel, who lied so casually as if nothing had happened. It seemed like he was doing it because he was afraid of being caught by her or Raphael. Leonel tried again and again to become a proper Siegfried.

For some reason, Leonel’s awakening did not come until much later. To the extent that succeeding the position of the head of the family is at risk. If it had not been for Raphael’s support, it might have been impossible for him to succeed the position. She knew why Leonel was called a half-breed Siegfried.

“That takes some time, but it’s never too late, even as you get older.”


“We’ll talk about going on patrol later.”

They say that once a child is stubborn, he’s unbearable, and that was exactly the case with Leonel. Amelia swallowed hard as she watched him clamp his mouth shut, unable to say no again. They say that the power of the Siegfried family surpassed human power. Strong physique, excellent magical and swordsmanship skills. In every way, Siegfried was perfect. 

Above all, this family was untouchable, even by the imperial family, because of their ability to wield magic. It was not just a rumor that even the emperor was wary of the Siegfried family. Their ability to unleash magic varied greatly depending on one’s strength. And Raphael was the strongest head of the Siegfried family in history.

“We’ll decide what to do after discussing it, so there’s no need to make that face.”

Amelia smiled to ease Leonel’s face, which was crumpled with possible anxiety. But her behavior had the opposite effect. Her stiff mouth and eyes were undoubtedly filled with fear.

“Don’t worry too much.”

“I know. My mother wouldn’t make me do anything bad.”

Amelia’s chest tightened at the way Leonel smiled slightly and said he believed her. Leonel’s face, which resembled Raphael’s, was outstanding from a young age. He was already so good-looking and perfect. He could have made the girls cry. Amelia was angry that such a pretty and perfect child had to be treated like this.

She should tell him not to trust anyone and that he would have to live alone from now on, but she couldn’t. When she realized that she had become Amelia, her first thought was that she had to escape from here. That’s why Leonel was not a welcome presence for her. If she wasn’t careful, he would be of no help to her escape.

“I…trust my mother.”

Leonel’s courageous and shy words made Amelia realize that she had to make this child happy.




Regardless of his fear of Amelia, Leonel loved her as his mother. His strange, excited eyes were proof of that. There was no way she could have left him and run off on her own.

Amelia left the room after telling Leonel that they would eat together from tomorrow, he nodded his head in disbelief. She wanted to stay with Leonel, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t bother him anymore because he seemed genuinely exhausted. She waved her hand slightly to Leonel, who saw her off with an unbelieving expression until the end.

“He waved at me…”

It was all he did, raise his hand awkwardly for a moment, but it was cute enough to make her want to bite him. The people of the Siegfried family were undoubtedly strange. How could they do such things when they saw such a child?

” …….”

The moment Amelia saw May, who had been guarding outside without entering, the smile on her lips disappeared. Even though she had clearly issued a ban on approaching him, it was unpleasant to have her sticking around until the end.

“I’m going back to my room.”

She couldn’t stand the people in this house except for Leonel. It seemed better to not meet anyone inside the room.


“Oh, and from tomorrow, I decided to have meals with Leonel.”


“If you understood, prepare accordingly.”

Amelia left, leaving the confused maids alone. She was powerless in this house, but if she met Leonel every day, things might change a little.

“Your Highness…!”

“I’ll rest in my room. Don’t come in.”

“That’s not it…”

Not knowing what else she could say to convince her to stay, she ignored the hands that tried to grab her and walked towards her room. It was a mistake to open the door wide, fearing that someone might follow her.



Even when the door closed behind her with a thud, Amelia couldn’t say anything. She just stood there looking straight ahead, forgetting to breathe.

“Are you just going to keep standing there?”

No one told me Raphael was in here. Wasn’t this her room?

“Why…why are you here…?”

“Do I need permission to come to my own room?”

She was so out of it that she thought she had entered the wrong room. If not, there was no way Raphael and Amelia would share a room.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I must have mistaken the room.”

“It’s not a mistake.”

Clink. She tried to open the door, but a big, sturdy hand closed it again. Amelia froze, sensing Raphael’s presence behind her. She couldn’t even turn her head and could only hold her breath.

“This is weird.”


She wanted to ask what was weird, but even she knew that she shouldn’t say anything in this situation. She felt a chilling gaze on the back of her neck, even without lifting her head. She could feel his fiery golden eyes, like the eyes of a beast, watching her. Sizing up his prey.

Just looking at the hand on the door was enough to make her feel that way. His large hand, which looked twice her size, could easily crush her skull. His huge body was so well-built with muscles that she wondered if this was what the incarnation of the god of war Ares would look like.

In front of Raphael, she was like a mouse in front of a cat, no, a rabbit in front of a lion.

“Who are you?”

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    “눈알만 도르륵” is an idiom used to describe someone who is only rolling their eyes without taking any action or expressing their dissatisfaction nonverbally.
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