Isabelle was astonished that he could move so violently, and she was horrified by how easily he could utter such obsc*ne words.

The straps of her top hanging over her shoulders fell down her arms with due to the intense movement. Richt seized it, and with his mouth, he pulled the straps all the way down, exposing her fair br*asts.

The large br*asts, that were loosely hidden under her clothes, jiggled in front of his eyes as he moved, and the faster he moved, the more they rose and fell.

Isabelle hunched her shoulders in embarrassment, as she had always thought her voluptuous br*asts were too large compared to others.

Richt engulfed her fair br*ast in his mouth. He nibbled on the soft flesh and harshly bit the reddened n*pple.

“Haaah, huh.”

On her upper body, her n*pples were being painfully nibbled, while on her lower body, a huge sh*ft stirred inside her belly. A tingling pain and intense pl*asure swept through her body. The sound of thrusting below did not stop.

Richt sped up his pace, thrusting harder and harder. Finally, reaching his cl*max, he ej*culated. A stream of hollow fl*id poured out of their tightly interlocking parts. His throbbing c*ck stilled.

Breathing heavily and feeling the afterglow of his ej*culation, Richt picked Isabelle up and carried her to the bedroom. Her body was thrown onto the soft bed like an object.

“Undress and lie down.”

The words hit her eardrums like an emotionless command.

Again? No, I couldn’t.

But against her wishes, his freshly ej*culated p*nis swelled to full thickness again, and its overwhelming presence made her gasp.

“No, please stop…”

“Lie down. Before I force you.”

His black pupils gleamed coldly. It was not the look of someone joking.

“You’re not that kind of person. This is not right.”

“Why not? When you asked me for a divorce, did you do it with my permission?”

Isabelle’s mouth gaped open. It was an entirely different situation. It’s not the same problem on the same level, it’s an excessive leap. But he was not someone who couldn’t distinguish that much. She wanted to blame herself.

“I’ve had enough. So today…”

“It’s not enough.”

With a fierce momentum, his c*ck rose up without showing any signs of exhaustion.

Was my husband always this lustful?

She had hoped he would become passionate in bed, but she never wanted a situation like this.

“I can’t do it anymore.”

Isabelle’s lower body was already sore. If she pushed herself further, she would be bedridden tomorrow. She wanted to grab him by the cr*tch and beg, but his voice was too cold.

“Did I ask you what you wanted? Don’t make me say it twice.”


“Get on your stomach. So I can see your lustful hole.”

Richt showed no signs of backing away. The faint hope she held onto was shattered. Isabelle removed her dress soaked in bodily fl*ids. She moved her n*ked body and took on a cat-like pose, wobbling unsteadily.

Richt seemed unsatisfied, so he grabbed her by the pelvis and forced her into a pose with her b*ttocks thrust skyward, her upper body and head bent low.

Isabelle squeezed her eyes shut tightly as she felt a strange squirming sensation down there, ashamed of the way her p*ssy had been exposed. When her weakened lower body wavered after the previous affair, Richt pressed his hand against her a$s.


“Stay still, Isabelle. Unless you want things to get even more difficult.”

“Please stop.”

“Stop what?”

Despite her pleas, his voice remained cold. She had a strong feeling he wasn’t going to relent.

“It seems like your hole needs my c*ck.”

“Uh, no.”

“If you really want to stop, you shouldn’t be leaking.”

Her p*ssy clenched and unclenched, spilling her juices in response to his words. Richt smirked as he probed her entrance.

“Look at this, your hole’s begging for it. Wanna wrap my c*ck inside.”

He wasted no time, thrusting deep inside. Isabelle let out another grunting moan. Her v*gina was stretched open to receive his c*ck.

The two of them fit perfectly, as if it had always been so. Richt clasped his hands around her taut, juicy a$s in front of him and slammed his hips into it.


“With you devouring me so deliciously, are you saying no?”

The sounds of thrusting and lewd smell filled the room. Drops of fl*id fell from Isabelle’s p*ssy, soaking the bed sheets. The w*t spot grew larger and larger.

 “Say you like it.”

“Ah, huh, I don’t like it…”

“You talk well for someone who eagerly devours my c*ck.”

Richt put his hand under Isabelle’s belly. He rammed his c*ck into her, squeezing her swollen cl*t as hard as he could.

Isabelle twisted her body and let out a new moan. Her lower body trembled as if it were electrified. It was an intense sensation that made her wonder if every nerve cell in her body was concentrated there.

“I love the way you wiggle your a$s to take my c*ck, b*by.”

“Ah, huh, please don’t say such things.”

Richt wasn’t one for whispering his love when he f*cked, but he moved slowly and gently, satisfying her. It wasn’t violent or vulgar like this.

“Beg me. Say you won’t leave. Is this why you wanted a divorce, because I won’t f*ck you like this?”

“Haah, huh.”

“Answer me.”

“Huh, no.”

Although she said no, her v*ginal walls automatically contracted and squeezed him. It was an undeniable fact. She wondered if she really was a lustful woman just as he said.

No, she couldn’t admit that. She wouldn’t be this aroused if it were any other man, but it was Richt, and he was her husband.

“You’re already addicted to my c*ck. Where are you trying to go?”


“We can’t get a divorce. Your body is too lewd, and if I let you go freely, it’ll be a big problem.”


“I can’t let you go out there and leak all over the place, so I have to contain you.”


“You don’t want the world to know what a lustful hole you have.”

Isabelle’s eyes moistened with embarrassment. But her body continued to chase after pl*asure. It was a constant barrage of intense stimulation that threatened to melt her whole body.

Her head went white. Isabelle had given up trying to make sense of her husband’s ridiculous behavior.

He must have gone crazy from drinking. Yes, he must be insane. There was no other way to explain his decadent language and savage behavior. Isabelle clutched the sheets tightly in her hands as her cl*max washed over her. She didn’t want to feel as he desired, but her body couldn’t overcome her mind.

After a while, Richt reached his cl*max as well. After a few residual thrusts, he withdrew his c*ck, and a thin stream of c*m rushed out of her v*gina. It was hot between her legs. Even as he withdrew his c*ck, Isabelle’s hips bucked from the sheer pl*asure.

Her hole was so sore she couldn’t even close properly. Richt looked satisfied as he watched the s*men dripping down and smeared it on her a$s.

It was obsc*ne to see her a$s smeared with the pungent, sticky c*m. Richt’s lips curled upwards with immense satisfaction. He couldn’t have been more pleased.

“Quite a sight.”

Even after that, Richt relentlessly ravished Isabelle’s insides until he reached his satisfaction, and their acts continued throughout the night.

By the time the exhausted Isabelle had passed out, it was morning.


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