How far does he have to go in her hole to be satisfied? Because of his p*nis, which was thrusting frighteningly as if it wanted to enter her womb, the hole was so hot it felt like it was going to burn from friction.

“Open up more.”

He muttered obscenely in a voice mixed with a rough breath in her ear. His hands gripped the underside of her b*tt*cks and spread them apart as if tearing them. Now, her body was completely open, as much as it could possibly open.

The thickly mixed love juice flowed between their private parts and pooled under her b*tt*cks. She wanted to cover her ears from the squelching vulgar sound, but she also felt like she was going crazy with that sound again.

“Argh, uhmm… ugh, uh-huh… uh, ugh! Ah. Ugh.”

How could she be so messed up and only crave pleasure? She bit her lip, couldn’t stand it and shook her head again, then screamed.

At the moment when her mind was bleached white, he pulled out his p*nis, shook it quickly, and ejac*lated on her body. In the end, the sem*n that slipped through his fingers also dripped onto her vag*na.

Sunwoo gasped for air as her thighs moved uncontrollably and her body was filled with his scent. She stared blankly ahead, her eyes blurred and unfocused.

“Just stay there for a moment.”

In the faint darkness, he got up from the bed. His physique looked more massive than when he was dressed.

His b*tt*cks were small compared to his wide back. The muscles on his waist, which bulged next to his sunken spine, twitched slightly with each step. While she was just catching her breath, about to faint, he seemed as energetic as ever.

While he was out of the bedroom, she groped on the bed with her hand, but she didn’t catch the blanket. When she turned her head, she saw the thin blanket that had fallen under the bed.

“Hah… ugh.”

Even a slight movement made the muscles inside her thighs twitch. She moved her aching body like a caterpillar and managed to pull up the blanket that had fallen to the floor. She covered her body with it and crouched down when he suddenly came back with a water bottle and sat on the bed.


Her hand trembled as she took the water bottle.

“You were tearing up the bed sheets like it was your enemy.”

He took the water bottle back and put it ON her lips. As the cool water entered her mouth, Sunwoo drank the water without thinking.

The stream of water ran down her chin, and he bent his waist and licked down the path the water had taken.

“Lift your knees and sit up.”

Before she could open her mouth to say something, his hand went down. It was the place that his p*nis had been filled just a moment ago. Even without touching, she knew how swollen it was from the love juice she had released.

“Don’t do it.”

He must know it, but she didn’t want him to find out.

“You were opening up for me to see earlier, but now you don’t want to?”

There seemed to be a hint of laughter in his voice.

“Then I’ll close my eyes.”

Looking down, she saw that he had his eyes closed. Hesitant she kneeled and spread her legs.

His fingers opened her sticky v*gina and rummaged inside, and thick love juice flowed down his fingers from inside her v*gina.

“Argh… ugh.”

Even when she covered her mouth with both hands, the nasal sound leaked out. Her waist involuntarily twitches. Her spread thighs trembled as if spasming. As his finger entered, the deep part of her private part automatically twitched and released love juice.

“It’s wet as if I’m still doing it.”

He seemed to be searching for something with his finger inside her.

“Ah, hghn.”

She even cried. How could she feel this way again in less than 10 minutes? It’s all because of Taeju. Because he provoked her so roughly….


Suddenly, the sensation of being poked deep inside made her see stars.

“Do you like it here?”

“There… argh… ah-ah… ngh. Ugh… heut, ugh. Ah… uh. Uh.”

She felt a dizzying sensation run through her body as his finger touched her. It felt both regrettable and ticklish, causing her to swallow her dry saliva repeatedly.

“I don’t, don’t want to!”

Something was spinning inside her tightly closed eyes. Whether it was pleasure or pain. She burst into tears again at the unfamiliar and frightening sensation.

“You’re lying.”

He muttered with a laugh, as he licked her earlobe.

“While you’re sucking it up so deliciously.”

Suddenly, his finger slipped out and he lay down looking at the ceiling. Then he pushed his head between her legs while she was awkwardly sitting with her knees bent.


As he wrapped his arm around her thigh, Sunwoo lost her balance and landed directly on his face. She was startled when her soft private area touched his face, and she tried to get up by using her knees, but he pulled her down harder.

Slurp. Slurp!

It felt like her v*gina was being swallowed.

It felt like she was being sucked into his mouth. When he spread her deeper with his tongue and gritted his teeth on her sensitive skin, she adjusted his face with her thighs.

“Argh! Ngh.”

Panting and gasping for breath, she didn’t know what to do and covered her mouth. She couldn’t escape, thinking the position was too embarrassing and vulgar. Not knowing where to put her hands, she floundered and grabbed his hand that was holding her thigh.

“It’s too w-weird, this.”

“What is?”

“The, the position. It’s w-weird.”

“People normally do it too.”

It didn’t seem like it.

She wanted to argue more, but as his tongue licked down, her hips automatically tightened.

“Ack!… Ugh… ngh.”

She shivered at that sensation and twisted her body because it was tickling inside. She could feel his laughter mixed with his breath from below.

Lying down, he now held his p*nis in one hand and shook it slowly up and down. His large hand was curled round it, and the thick p*nis with veins popping out rose and disappeared into his hand.

Even though she tried not to look, her gaze kept going that way. While sucking on her cl*toris, he was shaking his p*nis as if to show her. Her mouth was dry, and she wet her lips with her tongue.

“After reaching org*sm once, it takes a considerable amount of time to be ready again. If I were to penetrate you immediately, it may cause discomfort due to my er*ction being firm.”

As if he knew she was looking at his p*nis, he said from below. She felt his lips moving in her v*gina and shivered.

“Just do it tomorrow….”

She didn’t understand why it had to be done so many times at once. Now, she was almost sitting with her legs spread on both sides on his face.

“It keeps waking up. Because of Sunwoo-ssi.”

At the end of his words, he probed her hole hard with his tongue.

“Uh… ugh!”

Something popped into her head. Barely holding herself up, she lost her strength and hunched forward.

Her chest was crushed on his firm belly, and his p*nis was wriggling right in front of her nose. It felt natural for her to suck his wriggling p*nis into her mouth.

Just putting half of it on made her cough and tears welled up.

“Ulk, ugh.”

The pre-ej*culate sem*n went thickly down her throat while she kept swallowing her saliva.

The two of them were entwined on the bed like snakes, sucking on each other’s private parts. Their bodies moved up and down in synchronization. Their breathing and moans were all messed up. Her mouth salivated uncontrollably during the act and mingled with his love fluids. Afterwards, his semen flowed out.

“Why are you so hot? You’re going to be cooked.”

His low growling voice couldn’t reach her. Whenever she twisted her body due to the overwhelming sensation coming from her private part, she just sucked his p*nis like crazy. She thought she could handle it this way.

The shadow of him looming over her body felt frighteningly huge.

His p*nis went straight into her already open v*gina. The glans poked into the deepest part of her v*gina and made a squelching sound as it came out again.

“Ack… ugh… hgnh!”

For a moment, only the p*nis were stuck in her v*gina. She pushed down and squeezed him. When he stayed still, she squirmed and bumped her b*ttocks against him.

“Lee Sunwoo.”

She didn’t know that his slow voice calling her name would sound so lascivious. When their eyes met, her eyes reddened.

“Do you like being penetrated?”

Why did she feel like she was going to die, why was he pushing her to the limit? Her chest tightened. She nodded her head.

“I like, I like it. I like it.”

She trembled as the pleasure of his p*nis sliding deep into her washed over her, and she jerked her hips. Now, she felt like anything would be fine.

She rubbed her heated body against him and hugged his shoulders.

Tears streamed down, smearing her face. Even though she hadn’t drunk any alcohol, her head was blurry as if she had been drunk. There was a hot heat in her eyes and in her exhaled breath.

It happened again. Heat rose throughout her body again.

So obscenely vulgar, even though she thought she was going to die, shame brought more dizzying pleasure. She clung to him and rubbed her body against his.


In her blurry vision, she saw him licking his lips with his tongue, smiling as if he was enjoying it.

“Shall we speed it up?”

“Do it, put… put it in.”

She clung to him, shaking and collapsing. She liked it.

“That, I like it.”

Thump, thump. Thud.

After slowly thrusting for a long time and then speeding up, she cried out his name and tore at the sheets.

“Please… uh, argh… Hgnh,ugh. Taeju-ssi. Ack… ah! Ah!”

His p*nis, which were inside her, wriggled continuously as if responding to her call.

“When you call me like that… ugh, it’s driving me crazy.”

He began to thrust his waist down as if he was going to bury even his t*sticles deep inside her.



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